I know I haven't posted anything with real substance so here has been what's been up with this wolf... I know the past few days I haven't really posted anything of note except for a few birthday posts. I've been kinda busy. I'm getting ready for FC, and been dealing with work and stuff. Yesterday went out with Stargazer and went car shopping with him. He's been looking at a Jeep Compass which looks nice and I could tell he really liked the car from the get go when he got in the driver's seat. Just little things like him touching the console, and stuff told me a lot. I guess buyer behavior class wasn't a waste! :P I also spend time with the usual Tuesday crowd which was nice. We watched some strange British comedies like Black Books (I believe it is called) and Spaced (which is quite weird).

Today I woke up late after being very late talking with a very close friend. Other than that hopes that I've had for 2008 being great have kinda been slightly dashed... With thoughts on the horizon of the homestead and company I've been living with for the past few years, and some other recent developments. I don't have really high hopes right now for 2008. I can't wait for FC though, as that will help being around friends and having fun because right now I definitely don't feel like a strong wolf. The past year I've just been living life as it comes... Just hoping for things to get better. I know that it will, eventually in time.

Songs can speak volumes and listening to them can evoke emotions, sometimes very powerful ones. Sometimes I guess I'm a romantic at heart... I at times have had a tendency to try holding onto things even long after things have been over. Hoping and dreaming... Hoping, even when the chances are slim... This is true friend wise as well as relationship wise. Here and there though, a few of my friends have said I have been a little 'bitter' or jaded lately. In truth perhaps I have been, because of all that has happened. I learned a lot, some very painful lessons of that to be sure. I've been kinda closed off and definitely not sure on letting anyone or anything that close to me again. I don't even know what I want, or what would really make "me" happy... I thought I did. I'm working on this, as it takes time.

This song goes out to all of you who have had friendships and even relationships. Here's to those of you in a relationship, if there is deep love there, even though there may be troubles, don't let those destroy what you have. Things can be worked out, even in trying situations. Just don't lose sight or lose hope...

In truth memories both good and bad are what help shape who and what we are. I will always treasure those that have touched my life, as some really special friends have been such a great bastion of strength for me.

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In the end I don't really now feel these lyrics are proper, but wanted to post them as this was an extra track on a CD I recently got. I meant to post these lyrics before, but now is as good a time as any, though the music in my heart has changed some. This song came from a single CD as a bonus to the one song I wanted "Rule the World" by Take That, that was the final song from the movie Stardust. I currently don't feel like I can rule the world, but that will change in time. The world is not full of storm clouds and there are silver linings, even then... It just sometimes takes a while to see that things aren't that bad. As such life continues it's never ending flow, and we must all move forward...

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