I dropped off my resume at many places yesterday at the job fair. A few would be with insurance companies as a claims rep. It would pay quite decently and at least it isn't a sales job with commission and whatnot. The two coolest jobs in my opinion would be a marketing position, some of which would be coming up with writing stuff about home automation products for the general public and not make things "technical" for them. Another would be a project manager for a company that does market research. I am feeling very hopeful that at least one of these jobs will pan out and there are a lot of advancement opportunities with any and all of those jobs.

Oh and I want to thank those who have already given me some valentines from my previous post. *hugs*

I will be going to the second job fair thing today and see if there are different companies, if so I'll stay around. If they are the same then no point in staying there. I got me some Devil May Cry 4 to pick up and have fun demon slaying later... ;)

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