I was woken up EARLY this morning by my roomie about some domestic disturbance happening upstairs adjacent to our apartment. A woman was yelling and screaming "HELP ME!" and we heard lots of noise, at one point the lady even ran outside her apartment, but before that after hearing the first yells for help I called 911 to let the police know about the disturbance... It looks like they came rather quickly and got to the scene very fast unlike how I've heard cops react in a timely fashion. I'm not sure what all went on as I remained anonymous, but after the ordeal as I just haven't been able to get back to sleep yet. When I saw from afar outside that the cops were finished questioning the lady and what I guess is her "boyfriend" or probably he isn't now... *shrugs* I dunno, don't care, but when the cop was walking by I said something to him and remembered one other time there was when the guy was outside the apartment banging on the door and someone inside wasn't allowing him in and yelling from the inside to the guy saying "you're drunk", or something to that nature. I went out to tell them to quiet down, but wow... something like this happening? First time really something of that nature in the time I've been here... *grumbles*

I'm gonna try to get back to sleep...

Oh... and Happy Valentine's Day... to those who celebrate it or whatnot, and best of wishes to all the happy couples out there... *sighs*
khyle: (Sexy Wolf)
( Feb. 14th, 2008 04:13 pm)
Today I definitely shocked all my co-worker friends! *snickers* I made sure to take the time and styled my hair properly unlike yesterday when I went to visit Amberlee over at her arpartment. Yesterday did some laundry and hung out with them... But back to what has been going on today...

People at work have been shocked, and everyone here has actually rather liked the new style. They were actually more noticing the nice business attire I was wearing and semi noticed the hairstyle change afterwards. I've loved many of their reactions though... ;)

*grins and chuckles... "evily" *

It has been great just to see how people were amazed at the total change of look, though I've not been the only person to do something drastic like this. Another friend lopped off his hair here at work and I've known the guy for over 3yrs... :P Just unfortunately another older gentleman here may not be happy with me, who is a sterotypical "hippie" guy... Awesome guy, I hope to keep in touch as may see about going through him for a wolf/dog hybrid later in life...

Oh and again Happy Valentine's Day to people, to those who celebrate it or not. All it is, is just a posterboard/greeting card holiday anyway. In truth, all it is, is just another day of the week. If one wants to really celebrate being with their loved one they really don't need a certain "day" to do it, but that's my opinion. Showing someone they are loved in little ways each and every day if always something in my opinion, showing the person that they are important to you, even something as small as just communicating, but then again what do I know? :> *chuckles*

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