Work just showed me through another co-worker why I definitely want to get away... One of my co-workers had a payroll audit and seems perhaps here and there had messed up on her timesheets here and there, misquoted an hour or whatnot and they are taking away from this paycheck almost half! Her rent is coming up and after talking with her I offered to help with her rent as I know she would easily be able to pay me back later and truthfully I wouldn't be hurting money wise, and it would be helping a friend/co-worker. I was offering to write her a check right then and there... She said she may call me and I gave her my telephone number... I hope to hear back from her as perhaps she may not need my help, but I wanted to offer it in any case...

Some... I just wish I could do more in general... To help friends, and those I care about. It isn't about money, or anything like that... What use is money if not for yourself then use it to help those you can and who are in need.

Some... I am semi 'dreading' Tuesday... I don't know why... I can't wait for my day off, but truthfully it isn't like I'm gonna get what I really, really want this year anyway. Hell I'm not even sure what I want anyway. My main thoughts are on people who are in need... Not about me or what I really want.

EDIT: I was introduced to this bad "Within Temptation" last night by a friend and some this music video on youtube has some emotional imagery... I plan on getting music from them either finding it on itunes or finding CD's. Oh... and new icon. ;)


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