khyle: (Beach Sunset)
( Feb. 20th, 2008 11:26 am)
I want to first and foremost thank each and everyone who wished me and my brother a happy birthday yesterday. *hugs* This birthday was not a real big deal. There wasn't a big "to do" about it and I wasn't expecting such. It was nice though for the most part. Had a friend over and my brother got off work early and we spent lunch with some Chinese food and watching the movie The Fifth Element. Later went to the usual Tuesday gathering with some local fur friends. My brother was also able to attend after school so both "birthday boys" were there. After the gathering spent some time talking and was up not too late, not like the 18th I didn't get much sleep at all, though as Amberlee can attest to I was regardless a "ball of energy" the entire day. I had quite a lot of people call and text me, and truthfully wasn't really expecting much of that... *blushes* I didn't really hear from one person, but then again... *shrugs* cest la vie... I was surprised by at least one person I wasn't expecting to hear from though... Odd as it was. I was also surprised by a friend or two with some gift art for my birthday... *blushes* One was in email form, and the other can be found here on FA.

Yesterday also, before eating lunch I met up with that co-worker and helped her out... She had been trying so hard to not need my help, but am glad to have been able to help. Helping her was the one "chore" I had to do. She went out of her way to come up to near where I live and got a little "lost" on the way. We did meet, and I wrote her a check for the full amount she was needing. We talked about work woes and things like that. Like I said before it isn't about the money... I personally right now don't feel any use for it, and if I can use it to help those I care about, then so much the better... Money can't really buy happiness or love or anything... It is unfortunately a necessary evil, as for without it one can't really survive in today's society and such.

I will be heading out later this evening and meeting up with my parents at a nearby Outback Steakhouse as we weren't able to meet up on the actual birthday because of my brother and school. It'll be good to see them, and this will be the first time they've seen my new hairstyle in person... I sent them and my grandmother that pic I posted in an email. They like the new style... Some they weren't the fondest of long hair so they're happy... I still miss it, but ah well... *sighs a little* I haven't gotten any calls for interviews yet except for next Tuesday an on campus interview... If that is the only thing that bites... I will jump on it to get away from my current dead-end job.

Enough rambling on this end... Things are fine, and even with the beginning stuff of this year not exactly being the greatest there is still more of this year to come, things are unwritten and I won't let things currently taint my outlook on the years to come.

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