That is some how I really feel right now... *sighs* I'm not gonna go into any details here on my lj, suffice for those that I know care and do read it I haven't been in the best of sorts the past few days. Things have been just a slew of ups and downs... Some here and there as we are human beings we can be very emotional at times... Sometimes overly so. I'm just feeling rather defeated right now, like nothing I do will ever make things right for anyone, let alone myself... Though enough on this... It isn't like anything I do or say can change that has happened. All we can do is take what has happened, learn from mistakes made on our end, and even if some mistakes weren't made by yourself and move on...

I had an interview today with a company called Nationstar Mortgage. They do have a website... I scoped them out... I was actually called by a lady yesterday and setup the interview for today @ 9am. I got to the place on time, almost got lost on the way. I met up with the recruiter lady I spoke with and she had me go to one of their interview rooms right off the main lobby. She and I spoke a bit and she left the room at 9:11am... I waited around and nobody came to actually interview me... I waited over half an hour after 9:11, making that 9:41am and I left, telling the front desk receptionist that I could not wait any longer. I got home, took care of a few things, and while out to check the mail I come back to a voicemail from the hiring manager apologizing and she gave her direct telephone number. I haven't called it yet, not sure if I want to... Someone could've been courteous to me and at least let me know something instead of just waiting around. My time is very valuable to me and I changed my sleep schedule around for them. I may call them back and reschedule...

Work wise I go in today at my normal shift, but I plan on talking to my supervisor, and the manager over RMG as I was called on my birthday about earlier shifts and even told the person who called about me being part time and I was told that it was ok, only to find messages on my cellphone later saying... "oops... sorry", to that effect. I so can't wait to get away from here... *grumbles*

Last night had a wonderful dinner with the family at Outback. I was called by my older brother on Tuesday who wished me and my brother a happy birthday, though he wasn't able to make this dinner. It was nice... All in all things dealing with my birthday were pretty good. I want to thank everyone again for the lovely birthday wishes and everything... I was very touched and quite surprised to say the least. :)

Speaking of birthdays though I want to wish [ profile] uckticoonox a very happy one! You go you poi spinning tigger! I also want to wish [ profile] oats_a_plenty (Hyenagirl) a wonderful birthday as well. *hugs*

    EDIT: Well I sent an email off at work to the manager over RMG and someone came by my desk to talk to me. Looks like currently with my work I am gonna start working 8am - 4:30pm (No more 10am shifts available) starting this Sunday so at least that is a step in the right direction!

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