Play some funky music! *chuckles*

Well I didn't play anything 'funky' in my opinion, but after getting some help from [ profile] regek (Dylan) I got my music keyboard hooked to my mac and some cables that Amberlee advised I get and can now make some music quite easily with Garage band! ^_^

I am thinking of perhaps doing weekly "ramblings"... Perhaps going like 5 - 10 minutes straight... even with mess-ups and see what I can create as most of my songs and good melodies get spurned from ramblings. So... without further ado...

Nameless Song #1 of 2008, with more to come soon hopefully...

I know this will make some happy and I need to try to let the real minstrel out who has not made music or really who hasn't recorded music in quite some time... I need to set the music free, especially the music in my heart, as my moods and emotions really do change how my music flows... This can easily be told by one of my first songs that has a title "Heart of Frost and Ice", and is actually one of the 'completed' songs... I plan on making more and possibly actually getting around to getting them "finished"...

Hope you all enjoy... Comments/critiques welcome.

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