I tried replacing the guitar and they wouldn't let me. They did the night before but I accidentally got the PS3 version. :/ It seems that the RockBand return policy is quite lame... Where even if you buy something from a store that you can't exchange something within like the first 30days. What if you wanted to completely return the equipment? I think I'm gonna tell Circuit City where they can shove it and just return the whole thing and get a new one.

I had Star-Gazer over last night as we kinda celebrated something having to deal with my current job... (more like to celebrate that things will soon be over when I find a new job) We even had Bob along and we all ate out at Romanno's. Had good food and I splurged a bit, but it was all good.

No idea what I'm gonna do for my "weekend" I have off the next two days... Well I do need to send a check or money order for something I bought on ebay, other than that... No real plans...
    EDIT: I just got in my last year work review and I was actually quite surprised by the feedback from my supervisor. It seems he does think quite highly of me, where some I was a bit afraid of my job which has been some of my main reason for trying to hard to find another job. Since I am now able to move about within the company I may also look at internal positions, but I'm still looking to get away from here, and possibly go with another company if a good opportunity arises.

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