I'm definitely feeling better. Just about at 100% I'd say. I guess the antibiotics I was prescribed are doing their job. I mean Tuesday after taking the meds I was able to get my left ear to "pop" as it were and don't feel any fluid there. I haven't had a sore throat. I mean today when I got up I took some Germ MD and Mucinex, possibly only some last remnants of drainage... no sore throat. I bet I'm good, but gonna take the antibiotics the full run of it as per the directions and "doctor's orders".

Yesterday I really didn't do much of anything except try and get better. I played games, chatted online to friends, and talked with people on the phone too. I did have my brother over after he got off work. Had him over to brawl some, as he hadn't played the game yet. I did play with a few friends of mine online. I think one of 'em had a problem with his router and things lagged, though even in another fight things weren't "as" lagged, but I am thinking that Nintendo may need to put forth some more infrastructure for their online play capability, especially if they put other games with online play. I hope it all remains free, but I can easily see them charging to play online... We'll have to see what happens.

Today after work I get off work @ 12pm I'm gonna get an oil change on my car as it's about 200 miles before I need to. I'm also gonna have them do an inspection at the Kwik Kar that I usually go to as I do believe it is just about expired. I'm also gonna do a bit of shopping and pick up some sundries, as I didn't do my laundry yesterday I'll get a quarter roll, and do some cleaning up around the apartment. I know I have been quite lax, and need to really get "off my duff".
They finally did put out new schedules for people, even the part timers... and guess what? They upped the number of hours the part timers are working to 39... When I first went part time it was around 25 - 30, then went to around 32 and stayed that way for a few months, then went to 36 after December. I wonder if we can get together as part timers and possibly say... "hey I can only be available at these times" and have them work around OUR availability. I've been flexible for this company for how long and they only seem to just take take take... never help the employees at all. Well the one good thing in all of this is that on the new schedule is I got 3 days off again. I also will have 1hr. lunches, and won't have a little 4hr day. I guess they realized how stupid it was to do that. I mean at least one thing I'll be making more money... as I'll just "about" be full time.

So here is next week's schedule

  • Sunday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

  • Monday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: OFF

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

  • Saturday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
So there's good and bad with this. I'm still gonna look for another job. I chose this schedule as it was one of the few that had 3days off. It means I may be able to make little "mini"-vacations... I might actually try to visit friends here and there.

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