I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue with updating my journal as often as I try to... It isn't like everyone really needs to know things in my life on a daily basis... I have just usually been keeping this journal around and up-to-date to let people know how I've been, especially those I can't keep in touch with on a regular basis. I try to be frank here, honest and open... Granted I don't talk about "every" aspect of my life and such... There is quite a lot I don't post here... I also try not to defame anyone or cause drama... I'm just I dunno... here and there lately been a little *shrugs* I dunno the word for it... Feeling like not really having the book of my life be so "open" as it were...

I've got nothing to hide or anything like that. Things truthfully have been just fine. I'm definitely thinking of making this journal "friends only" and things like that... I know I also need to do better on reading fully on people's journals and probably commenting, but I've been bad on that part here lately...

So... a lot of you that may have me friended and I haven't friended you back, some I think I might not remember who you are if we met like at a con or something, and if you added me from other places like pounced, or whatnot... If you would please let me know who you are, not necessarily why you're watching me so I can decide on adding you back if I do make this journal friends only.

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