And Lassies too!!!

I celebrated yesterday a wee bit early by eating out at Bennigan's and had their St. Patrick's special which was corned beef & cabbage. I know Catholics celebrated on Saturday... I didn't have anything to drink though over the weekend. I think I'm gonna change that a little bit today and pick up some stuff on the way home and celebrate at home. I know there are going to be parties and all, but I'd rather not be out and about in the drunken revelry that is going to be going on tonight.

I'm part Irish/Scottish and did wear a green shirt today. I will pick up my liquer on the way home... I will also go to the gym, and then have a nice relaxing evening at home...

I wish all of you a happy, and safe St. Patrick's Day!

Oh and Happy Birthday as well to [ profile] nerfcoyote! :) It is interesting when a birthday falls on another holiday... Becomes double the celebration right? :P

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