Perform this lovely piece. It is different from other things I have made... The reason being is in the description on FA, as I made this with more "major chords", and not in a minor key like most of my songs have been. I'm quite pleased with it, and the other song I posted yesterday.

Please let me know what you all think on both songs as I would love the feedback... I'm slowly getting better playing wise, and getting to know and understand how to record with my mac and garage band. Perhaps I'll find another music instrument pack to add to this... Who knows... I hope to get lots better in music making as well... Hopefully maybe... getting somewhat close to Foxamoore's level on FA...

I envy many other people's skills like for spinning poi... and in music creation... It helps me with wanting to improve myself and reach for higher heights... So here's to continuing to work and get better, and I have also printed a lot of music for the AME stuff I'm gonna be working on for Project A-kon... I'm gonna have to check and see if I can hit some of the VERY low notes that were on the cello parts... it's been months since I've practiced...

Also, yesterday had a nice lunch with family as my little brother was in town, along with his wife, and then hung out with the usual Tuesday group. I may hang out with my brother late, not sure...

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