I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my friend [livejournal.com profile] atmanryu! Hope things are going well for you. Have missed talking and hope to keep in better touch. You have been missed my scaley friend.

In other news... My little brother is in town! He and his wife both are in the army and are in on leave. I had lunch with them and some other family on Tuesday and enjoyed time afterwards with my grandmother and great aunt before hanging with the usual Tuesday crowd.

I also had my younger brother over to my apartment. Haven't had him over in forever. Had him over Wednesday night, he and his wife. We watched the newest Studio Ghibli film that I had recently received in the mail, along with a few other anime titles/series.

I also had a very nice dinner Thursday night with my immediate family, excluding my older brother and his wife. So it was me, my little brother, his wife, my twin, and my parents. We ate at a very authentic Spanish restaurant called Cafe Madrid. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed good food before my younger and his wife had to leave... They are both in the army, have been married for over a year now. I semi envy my older brother and younger brother in some respect... I worked yesterday and went gaming and we tried out the new 4th edition things that have been put out on the internet for people to try. It was pretty fun actually.

Today I've just been working and it truthfully hasn't been too horrible today call volume wise. I was talking with my mother on the phone during a break. I won't be able to join my family for Easter, because I work... I wish I could be there with them, but can't unfortunately. The only real big thing that did get on my nerves though, was my mother started laying into me on finding a someone... *sighs* More specifically, a lady to settle down with... I just really wish sometimes that particular topic/subject wouldn't be brought up... Granted it's been a while since her last bit of "hinting" (more like hitting me with a shovel)... I've been with guys and girls... I'm bi... I'm just, still kinda right now unsure on the whole 'relationship' thing in general... *lowers his head*

Not gonna go any further there...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter early! Be mindful that after today though that the easter bunny hates you! :P *snickers*

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