khyle: (Sexy Wolf)
( Mar. 27th, 2008 01:39 pm)
To a feline with the voice of a nightingale... [ profile] merryjest! :) I hope you enjoy yourself today and hope to talk with you soon. :)

I also had an appointment today with the eye doctor, was also making sure to ask about contacts and the possibility of LASIK as my family eye doctor for years said to wait till after I was 25 to get the procedure. I went Tuesday to one that has been highly advertised the Boothe Laser Center, and did not like their "high pressure" sales tactic to try to get me to try to have my surgery done this week. I was only wanting information and had not made any plans on getting surgery done... The Boothe center said if I wanted to have their lowest price I had to do it this week, as next week it'd be higher... So I was like "NO thank you", and and looked at my options elsewhere and this other center looks like if I go for LASIK they will get my business. So... after all their eye exams and stuff... I have a lot more understanding of the procedure, though currently my eyes got dilated and today was really bright so I'm staying inside for a bit. At least I have games and other stuff to amuse myself with in the dim light and darkness... :P

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