That much is very true… Since my last post I did say I was thinking of taking a hiatus and I did from posting, but I did read lj and tried keeping abreast of things that were going on to the best of my ability. I tried replying to some people’s posts even while I wasn’t updating on my own life. I am kinda saddened that it seems not many people really noticed… *shrugs* Truthfully… I was expecting as much… I may take another “break”/hiatus, but the next time I do it will probably be for a more extended period… It was to sort of see who would really notice or really go out of their way to see what has been up with me and my life… Or really cared about things and things of that nature... As I really just keep this journal up for people that I don't keep in regular touch with so people know how things have been in my life.Read more... )

So that is a rough summary of what I’ve been up to… Oh yea and the day after PRK I also saw Iron Man! Go see the movie it is awesome. Now I can’t wait for the Prince Caspian movie… Now onto more practicing music and I also wanted to mention I got an interview coming up on Tuesday after my eye appointment and a dental appointment this coming Wednesday... No rest for the weary... :/

Also wanted to say... Happy Mother's Day! :) I know I certainly appreciate my mother for many things, including bringing me and my brothers into this world.

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