khyle: (Azure Eye)
( Jun. 9th, 2008 04:00 pm)
To AC... Sorry folks... :/

I may have gotten a friend to help me with a room, but in looking at my work's vacation schedules I can't get Friday 6/27 off and am not really about to call in sick or whatnot to try to make this convention. I have other ideas on what to do with some of that vacation time. I know I have scheduled for MFM and MFF... I'll just have to use the other days for something else. If I'm still with the current company maybe next year I may cut a few other cons and look at other places to go and things like that.

So... Ah well... cest la vie... I at first wasn't planning on going to AC anyway so it isn't a big deal.

Hope the rest of you all have fun at the con!

Work's only been a little bit annoying today. Nothing horrible. Had a pretty good meeting with my supervisor. We talked about some relevant things like current events. It was a good meeting overall I must say. Really opened my eyes a little to some things. I also am now going to re-double my efforts into looking for another job though... I'm done taking my drops for LASIK and really feel that I deserve much better, but one of the main reasons that lots of co-workers haven't left is the pay/benefits as this job is decent in those aspects. I just hope to find something within my field that is as good if not better. My job prospects within the company here locally are kinda slim-to-none...

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