Today I had an interview with a marketing firm here in the Dallas area. I made sure to leave with lots of extra time just in case and right as I was leaving the parking lot of my apartment complex some kid who was backing out kaddy-corner from me or pretty much directly behind me on the opposite side of the parking lot was backing up and we "car-kissed". I pretty much feel it is his fault as I know I cleared myself before backing up, but while backing up I may have been messing with the radio and should have been a bit more attentive... The kid in the other car (I use kid as a relative term as he looks a nice bit younger than me), said he didn't look and wasn't paying attention. I was in such a hurry to make sure to leave for my interview, we swapped some information like apartment numbers and I forgot to get his telephone number, but this changed my plans for the evening... I was hoping to go fire spinning, but after work I'm gonna go straight home as the other guy gets off work @ 9pm and we'll take care of things like getting his insurance information.

I started a claim through my insurance company and will be dropping my car off with some service people this Friday morning. *sighs* It was just not a great way to start the day.

I think the interview went well and it is with an entertainment and sports marketing firm. The hours look like they'll be more than 40 per week, but even if I was moving up for a management job I'd probably be looking at more than the normal 40hr. work week. I don't want to be an hourly wage slave peon for the rest of my life and don't want to do technical support for the rest of my days. Heck the interviewer was saying they were hoping to look for bright individuals and possibly within 10 months be making 6figures! O.o *jaw drops* Will have to see how this pans out as I definitely want to learn and am eager to broaden my horizons and learn new skills.

Wish me luck people! :)

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