khyle: (Beach Sunset)
( Jun. 13th, 2008 03:18 pm)
Car is dropped off and now have to wait for it to get fixed. I have my rental car. So far things are fine on that front. I was called with the estimate on repair cost and will have to pay the full deductible... :/ Nothing real big here to report really. Things are just the usual work/eat/sleep routine... *shrugs* Here and there feel kinda "distant" it's just hard to describe... I may expound on that later, just don't feel like it right now... It isn't like anyone can really change things.

Everything else is all good. Also didn't mention some of the other stuff I've been up to, like going to see Kung Fu Panda, with a group of local furs for the first Saturday of this month, as well as hanging with a group for the Second Sunday gathering. I hadn't been to either of these gatherings and just wanted to hang out with other furs in the area... There are quite a few I don't know and lots seem to stick to their own little groups... *shrugs* That is I guess one of the drawbacks of things, perhaps I wasn't as outward introducing myself... Eh...

So car wise looks like I'll get it back this coming Thursday. Nothing major to really report... So... I if anyone wants to know what else all is up feel free to get in contact...

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