I know I've not posted in a while... I thank people for their concern over my last post. As I said before things are fine, I just needed a bit of time to myself, have had lots on my mind still even now, but nothing to worry about too much for the time being. Things are good for the most part all truth-be-told. I've just not been much up on "broadcasting" what has been going on in my life in this journal.

I've just been kinda busy, but not that I haven't tried paying attention to things here, becuase I still try to be there for those I care about, for example have tried helping people out like giving a few donations here and there to some friends in need and things like that. Not really a lot has gone on, nothing big anyway, and mostly I've just been busy and had taken a bit of a hiatus from LJ, though have been around online some here and there and have kept in contact with friends and all. I've not been totally incognito. In some people's cases wish others would keep in better contact and communication with me, but that's besides the point.

Some things of note... I was part of a 4th of July parade with the local drummer circle people that I've been hanging with at the club where I've been going to spin fire. I spun my day poi along with one other "spinnder". I'm still trying to learn more tricks as I feel still like a novice at best... I want to get better at so many things. I've come up with some new music, one I've posted to my FA, others I haven't yet. I've also commissioned art that I plan on posting to my FA at some point.

I also want to wish birthdays to numerous people that I missed while on hiatus, including the most recent. :) Hope you all have had fun on the yearly celebration of your birth. ^_^

I've just been working, been trying to find another job still, but haven't had any luck yet. I did have one phone interview, but haven't heard anything back since. I went a little lax here in the job search with MFM coming up and not wanting to miss that con, but goign to get my tail-end in gear and apply even more heavily. I'm going to revamp my resume/cv and things like that.

Speaking of MFM though I am hoping this won't be the case, but a long while back I sent off my fursuit to his creator ([livejournal.com profile] ww_creations), for some repairs and at first when I thought I might make AC could've had it fixed for that, but since I didn't go I let my stuff be pushed back for other things to be finished for that convention, but it seems that I might not have my suit back for MFM due to USPS being stupid... *grumbles* :/ There are still a few days left before, and I'm hoping, but if it doesn't happen it isn't a big deal I will enjoy the con regardless... The worst case scenario is that it disappears in the mail and I don't get my suit I'm wondering what to do if that were to happen...

I really need this vacation... Hope to see lots of my friends there! ^_^

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