Been back to the apartment after a real awesome party last night with friends. Met a few new people which is awesome meeting new people and making friends. There was good food, fun, and merriment had by all and even was surprised by some late arrivals. Watched lots of fun videos including internet oddities. Lots of laughs, and drinking, there were some memorable moments, but the best thing was just the fun time with friends.

I do have some things I want to accomplish this year though...

  • Find a new job

  • Play more music with my musical instruments

  • Learn more poi moves

  • Get in better shape

  • Find happiness?

I hope that this year will turn out to be a good one. For the most part even this past year was a semi-decent, excepting a few things. This is a new year with more possibilities to explore with the knowledge gained from this past year. I just hope that things look up like I envision... Just with some recent stuff at the homestead, things may not be as upward looking as I first thought, but this all remains to be seen.

From: [identity profile]

Happy New Year Khyle, and best wishes to you in attaining your goals for the year.

Heh, I have to question the one about getting in better shape. You work out more and are in better shape than pretty much anyone I know.

From: [identity profile]

Sorry didn't notice this till just now. *blushes* Well... I'm not in the shape I'd like to be, if you know what I mean. I hope at least a few things to fall into place...

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