Friday night after work I followed some of my roomie's advice. Get out with friends and such. So... I was called by a friend who wanted to hang out after work and go see a movie. I hadn't seen this friend in a while so I decided to do so. We met up at the theater and picked a foreign film called "The Orphanage". It was a really interesting ghost story to say the least. I liked it, and my friend was a little taken/freaked out by the movie as he said it had themes and elements that kinda really got to him. It was a cool movie none-the-less. We also stayed in the parking lot and just talked for a while as it seemed he really needed to get some things off his chest on dealing with some friends he knows and I tried giving my best advice to him.

I also want to wish [ profile] arakinuk a belated birthday and glad you made it here to the states fine. I'll see you on Thursday this week and all my other friends who are going to be at FC. Depending on how long I stay at my current job I'm looking at vacation stuff and definitely going to cut AC out of my trip schedule because I'd rather make a different trip instead, and have more time this time around. Though it depends on the job too and vacation time.

Oh and cellphone wise I've been very lazy and finally switched over to the Razr that was given to me... It was so annoying getting all the contacts moved over and I think I'm gonna get with Dylan about seeing how to sync things with my mac as I know my brother used his mac and razr together to transfer files via bluetooth. I want to thank people for the well wishing and want you to know that things are going ok, just taking things one step at a time here, and continuing to move forward.
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