The past few days have just been fairly regular actually. Received some stuff I ordered from ebay, and did receive something from a new friend made @ FC. I was a little surprised especially considering only barely meeting the person. Though FC was truthfully the first time for me meeting quite a few people who I definitely hope to keep in better touch with and get to know better friend wise and such.

Yesterday was just another "SSDD" at work... I don't look forward to coming in, and things like that. The only "good" thing you could say was that my direct supervisor called me in for a "coaching" going over my month's stats, and looks like I'm doing well actually. Looks like I've been bringing down my AHT (average handle time), but still not happy about how work has been in general. I don't like the idea of having to brush off customers and get them off the phone in 13min. or less. At least it was a bit over an hour off the phones and we did talk about some interesting philosophical/religious stuff... Anything to keep off the phones... I so am looking forward to hearing back and getting interviews from companies I put my resume in with at the recent job fair I was at. I at least have one interview with one of the companies on campus February 26th. If they are the only ones offer me a job right here quick... I'd take it in an instant just to get away from my current dead end job...

I spent last night after work with friends at the usual movie meet that I've not really been able to attend with my current crappy work schedule. We watched Casino Royale. It was good hanging and being social on a Saturday night. Did get to speak lots with Amberlee on a few things. After the movie we did watch an awesome music video, and then I went home and played a bit more Lost Oddysey. If any of you are RPG fans and have a 360 I'd advise getting the game.

Other than that, can't wait for my "weekend"... I'm not sure about looking forward to Tuesday or not though... :P No real plans or anything... My schedule kinda makes things hard to plan around anyway, as does my brother's school schedule.

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Don't tell me I'm on your mind again. :P I shouldn't be. Remember...low on the priority totem pole.

I will deliver your gift on Tuesday. I would take you to dinner at Outback, but not sure if you'd welcome that.

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I know how you feel in this situation...I'm low on the priority totem pole of a certain Gecko who is not mine, but I love him anyway...

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That was not the sentiment I was trying to get across... >.> I meant that I'm not worthy enough to occupy such a spot.

I work 10-7 on the 6th, so it worked out fine.

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YAY!!! I'm glad that your schedule works out. Hopefully you and Khyle and Dook and I can all go to dinner. I think Dook is picking me up at the bus station.

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Can't wait to see you guys! I hope you can work your schedule out for the night of the 6th.

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^-^ you should look forward to your birthday, it celebrates you coming into this world.

And I do hope they get back to you and you leave that dead end job. I myself am looking for a better job too.

Here's to another year of you being on this world, may many come with memories to cherish ^^

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