I got a whole lotta errands taken care of today. I mailed off a number of things like a letter to one of my aunt's, something for an ebay auction, and shipped off something to WhiteWolf for some fursuit stuff. I also returned RockBand and the stupid Circuit City right near me said yes I could return it, but had to purchase the new one at another store so I drove to the one in Denton. So I have the new set of instruments that I haven't opened yet. Had a good time though before doing errands talking on the phone. Had a good talk with someone very close and special to me. :)

So I'm back home and things... I'm gonna try out the new RockBand and see how the guitar works. Other than that the past two days have not been anything "exceptional", but not bad either. Yesterday had Amberlee over and we watched some Elfen Lied. Then later we got food at Ban Thai and went to the usual Tuesday meet. Nothing real special. I do rather enjoy hanging with friends... I'm working on finding other stuff to occupy myself with as well for sake of stuff to do really...

Oh and here is a funny meme thing I saw being passed around...
bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Toy

I don't think I'd ever charge for such, but this little quiz was a riot and funny to take. I probably got a lower score because it was me judging myself and I am a very harsh critic. :> In any case I'm gonna keep this short... Take care people.
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