Yesterday was quite an eventful day indeed. Just a couple days ago I was told by my brother that his friend Beowulf would be in town and arriving on Thursday. I was definitely overjoyed at this as he is a very good friend of mine and so cool he was going to be in town, just the only snag was that this same weekend I also had my friend [ profile] cassen_grrrl coming in on her way to Mexico. The other big thing that happened was that here in Texas we had a very freak snow storm come through on a severe winter weather warning. I got to work just fine at 8am, and it was my short day so I worked till 12pm. I found out that Beo already got into town and had breakfast with my brother so I let him know when I got off and he was surprised I got off early so we made plans to meet at a Jason’s Deli near my apartment.

The weather was very trying to say the least. Around 12pm it was more wet rain than anything else, but while we were eating that rain turned to snow. I ate lunch with Beo and his friend Cebelius who drove him in. Those guys were driving for over 30hrs, coming down from Maryland. Cebelius has actually lived in Texas and had some other reasons for coming as he may be looking into trying to start up classes, Beo, wanted to visit my brother, and me as well for his birthday which is tomorrow. So yea this weekend definitely got jam packed in short order.

After lunch we stopped off at my apartment. I took Beo there as Ceb wanted to stop off at some of his stomping grounds and talk to some of his friends. He joined us an hour later. While at the apartment I showed Beo a number of things, and we exchanged interesting stories and then Ceb joined us, and instead of going to dinner with us he had made other plans which was fine as well. We watched other videos and I was totally surprised by his reaction at one point to something I wanted to show him, but hey… I guess some people are just a little “scared” of things… It took me a bit to get him to actually watch it as he at first thought I said something odd. *shrugs* He liked the vid and stuff and showed me a number of vids as well. Then he left for Denton and my roomie Bob got in and I invited him to go out to eat with us, which he did. My other roomie we invited, but he wasn’t able to attend, mostly due to the weather.

We had an awesome time as the restaurant we chose was the Magic Time Machine. I made the reservations originally for 8pm hoping that Cassen would be in on time, but her bus was delayed. My brother picked her up as he works in downtown Dallas and he waited for her and got to the place as quickly as he could. We got to the place at 8pm, and just waited for my brother. While waiting we walked around the place as every single booth has a theme. Some booths are small, some large. There are places like you can eat inside a lunch box, or a pumpkin, or themed rooms like the illuminati room. :P (one of my favorite rooms) We got seated around 8:20, after receiving a call from my brother that they were almost there. We were seated in a tiki hut that had crayons as posts as well as wooden posts and were served by Jack Sparrow, and we were visited by other fun characters in passing like the Mad Hatter, Wonder Woman, Sinbad, Napoleon Dynamite (who scared the heck out of Beo, along with the Mad Hatter), and Woody. The place is just an experience one has to enjoy at some point in their life and before I knew Beo was in town I wanted Cassen to experience this place and seems as though she had been wanting to after hearing me describe going here after my graduation.

Five of us split a Roman Orgy, which is a wondrous feast and they had a fanfare and the staff seemed to love playing with us and we joked back as the servers are supposed to “play” with the guests while “in character”. If I were to ever try for a part time job… I’d love to work there just for fun. *chuckles* We even had them sing happy birthday to Beo and Amberlee even though their birthdays aren’t until Saturday/Sunday, but since we were celebrating in general, might as well and they even sung their renditions of “the birthday song”. After dinner Amberlee left for home as she worked early at 6am and was thinking of calling in as with the bad winter weather the roads might ice over. The rest of us went back to my apartment.

At my apartment Cassen got to meet my other roomie. Then before I turned in we played a bit of Rock Band to have a bit of fun, and then Cassen crashed on my couch. I helped with getting her a cab as with my work schedule changing a couple weeks ago from 2pm – 10:30pm to 8am – 4:30pm I wasn’t able to drive her there myself as originally planned and the roads were not slick so I am here at work. I called her on my first break and found she had gotten into the cab and was on her way and by now should be on the bus and on her way to Mexico. She wants me to visit, and I will at some point, but I have a whole bunch of people I need to visit.

Beo is still in town and after work I’m gonna pick up my friend Teser from work and take him to [ profile] savrin’s apartment for gaming. I may be late as I will be going for dinner with Beo and my brother at The Cheesecake Factory, that they planned on going to tonight.

So far this weekend definitely turned out to be jam packed… that’s all I gotta say! I’ve not had a weekend like this in quite some time… Quite a lot of it off the cuff, something I’m not really used to and spur of the moment. I’ve managed ok, but *sighs* I don’t think I let my roomies know about these plans, and I thought I had when Cassen first planned coming through here on her way to Mexico staying the night… I think I may have gotten [ profile] guardlion mad at me… Perhaps I’m just over thinking… *sighs* If my head wasn't screwed on properly I think I'd even leave that behind sometimes... I can be such a scatter brain sometimes...

Other than that things have been going great! ^_^ The weather shaped up nicely after I got to work and stuff. I can't wait to get off... I have to pick up my friend Teser, since his car is in the shop. Then I have those dinner plans and gaming. Yea... definitely jam packed.
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