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([personal profile] khyle Sep. 11th, 2008 11:20 am)
I decided to ante up and get the game. It is actually pretty fun creating things. I bet lots of other people with better 3D modeling can make better stuff. I have seen some very well put together animals. This is actually pretty fun. The game doesn't fully live up to the "hype" that they were building up, but it is a fun game regardless and is cool to mess around with building things and whatnot. If you have an account lemme know your name so I can add you. Mine is GeminiTempus as sharing the account with my brother.

EDIT: Yea I know about the DRM crap but I'm not gonna let that crap keep me from enjoying a game that is fun and interesting. I haven't gotten past the Tribal stage yet and cant' wait to get to civilization and space. :)

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You might check with Dylan to see if next Wednesday is a good day for your fursuit pictures. It'd likely be too wet and muddy on Monday.

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Most of the stuff I have seen about Spore is relatively positive, other than the DRM bit of course. However, the general consensus I have seen is that most of the fun ends basically when you lose the ability to further customize your creation...then it basically turns into a rehash of other games. Ah well, everyone likes different stuff when it comes to gaming.

Speaking of gaming, are we to expect you around the 6:30-7PM time frame tomorrow?

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Yea I'm annoyed with the DRM thing and that is what most people are hating on the game for. Other than that it is very cool, though I haven't gotten to the part where I can't customize my creature any further, but seems you can make buildings, vehicles and other things. Still lots of customization.

Yea I'll be at gaming easily around that time, or earlier. I get off work @ 4:30pm on Fridays.

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You may come here directly after work if you wish--I will be home--if you don't want to travel back and forth. I'll be doing laundry.

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my account is hydravelsen. I've currently destroyed half the grox empire, and have found earth :)

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I've boycotted the game. See why.

People that support EA's practices aren't helping the situation but are just confirming that they can do what ever they want to the fans who support them.

I don't care how good the game is. I won't be buying it anytime soon. Sad to hear you did as well. I have already told everyone I can think of not to get it and they read it and agreed.

DMR is basically the company telling us we can rent the game and play it a few times and then thats it. You can't resell it. You can't play it on a new computer in a few years. You can't make a copy of it so you don't ruin the original. No. Its 3 times and thats it forever.

Screw that. And the game isn't even that good anyway. $50 to rent a game? No way.

Return the game now and support the boycott Khyle. If you aren't part of the fight against these companies you just make it easier for them to screw over honest fans who are the ones who are always hurt by these big know it all corporations.

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Actually, that's not quite accurate. It's 3-times you can use it every 10 days. So if you install it on 3 computers and use it and then install it on a 4th, you cannot use it on that new computer.

If you old one breaks, after that 10 days is up, you can use it on the new computer. It's basically only 3 -active- copies at any time.

It's still SecurROM though, so GG EA.

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Hey Khyle. My Spore name is Fallenmoon.

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CalgorBlackpaws will be me. Carnivator was my first creation

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