Since there is no gaming this Friday I propose to my fellow local friends the possibility of going out to Screams as this will be the last weekend before Oklacon to do anything for Halloween before the actual Friday of that particular magical and scary night.

I propose we meet at Savrin's apartment as a gathering point to carpool from there and leave around 8pm. I know a couple people like [ profile] guardlion wants to join and he gets off work @ 7pm. Costumes are optional. I'm not sure if I'm gonna dress up.

Any who want to go don't have to carpool with us, and we should be at there around 9pm. I hope to see people there. ^_^

From: [identity profile]

Works for me. Did you intend on going in costume? If so, you may specify in your post whether or not you want others to do the same.

From: [identity profile]

Um, you may want to discourage the costume idea. I was looking over Screams website and you are not allowed to be in costume.

'No costumes, pets or outside food or drink allowed.'

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