Just wanting to wish everyone a fun All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain!

I have plans to hang with friends this evening and watch movies. What better way to spend it... Well I can think of one or two other good ways, but being with friends is always awesome.

Oh, saw some other people posting this meme and I decided to bite... So this is my "Halloween Treat" to you all. :)

    "Get to Know Me" Meme

Ask me a question about anything you want...love, life, hobbies, whatever. All answers will be posted in the comments section of this entry unless you leave me an email address and ask me to respond privately to the question. This is totally open, and pretty much everything is fair game.

Comments are unscreened... if you want to ask something in private just PM me

From: [identity profile] zephyrpanthur.livejournal.com

Where do you live?
What do you look for in a mate?
What is your favorite food/drink?
Wine? type?
Do you prefer fursuits or humans?
Last question in a sexual sense?
Who do you have a crush on?
What is the sexiest fursuiter out there?
Gay Bi Straight?
What is your biggest fantasy?
Sexual fantasy?
What is your earliest happiest memory?
Whats your most sentimental personal possession?

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

WOAH!!! Many questions... Ok... I'll tackle them one at a time. :P

1. Texas
2. I look for many things, well not that many, it is more about that is inside someone... Not what is on the outside. A lot more on the emotional/intellectual side, caring, being there for the one you love... It's hard to explain... I'm a real big romantic at heart, some perhaps what I'm looking for doesn't even really exist I don't know... Have been doin lots of soul searching really trying to figure out what I really want in that regard.
3. Favorite drink --> water, but if you're wondering alcoholic drink: Khalua Mudslide. Favorite Food: Oriental / Thai
4. Wine... I have tried a few, a nice cabarnet is good.
5. Favorite desert... hmmm.... Tiramasu.
6. I'm not sure where you're going there... Fursuits are fun and all, enjoy interacting with people, but if you think about it we're all humans underneath it all, clothing and such.
7. Um... we can talk about that in private? :> Though mostly I refer to previous statement.
8. Crush in general? Hmm... I could name some movie stars, and other people, but would rather not name names.
9. Sexiest fursuiter... Lace would be one of the first names to come to mind.
10. Me? Bi... I've been with both and all have their baggage, including me.
11. Well I definitely know what one of my biggest dreams is, to be self sufficient, not really need any money and be able to be with friends and those I care about.
12. Um... we can talk about that in private.
13. When we first got our cocker spaniel while living in spain and she had puppies. That was around between when I was 2 - 4.
14. That is a tough one... that'd be a toss up between a nice framed picture that sits above my computer, a nice swept hilt rapier,

From: [identity profile] redstar918.livejournal.com

Because I'm too shy to ask anything serious :P

How snugly are you?

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

I tend to think I am a very affectionate person. If I know you I can be snugly, if I don't... not really.

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

Well if there is something you wanna know. :P I hear where you're going though.

From: [identity profile] darktiger77.livejournal.com

1. what inspires you to create music?
2. do you miss your long hair?
3. would you describe yourself in suit as an extension of yourself or another personality?
4. if you could change one thing about the furry fandom what would it be?
5. if you could not be the species you are currently what would you be?
6. would you like to have dinner with me at some point? *blushes*

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

You also ask a lot of questions... Ok... here goes...

1. Usually my emotions, how I'm feeling at the time... A lot of times I just play, ramble and then come up with things I like and try to refine upon those things that I like.

2. I do miss it... Though I do like the short hair look too.

3. I would say both... Sometimes as another personality, like for the dances, and more like myself during the day.

4. The thing I'd change about the fandom would be the bad press that it's been given.

5. Hmmm.... I'd have to say if not a wolf... possibly a feline. Maybe one of the big cats.

6. I'd love to! :) *bows*

From: [identity profile] cassen-grrrl.livejournal.com

How important is it to you to be emotionally close to someone?

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

Hmmm.... I'd have to say that everyone I know there is an emotional attachment and the closer the friend the closer one is.

From: [identity profile] tomi-d.livejournal.com

Totally unseriousness

Just dropping a line in the middle of the night because the party let out and goodness and that..
How many 'useless' talents do you have, or think you have, please list if possible? Enjoy! =^.^=

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

Re: Totally unseriousness

I'd say a few... One is definitely knowing random movie quotes and other silly useless things like that.

From: [identity profile] celyddon.livejournal.com

If you could choose to become any character from TV shows, movies, anime, videogames, and novels (in other words, any form of media), what would you choose?

*fluff has taken a double dose of patience this time*

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

That's a tough one because there are a lot of characters I like. I mean comic book wise my favorite character is Gambit... Video Game wise I kinda already have that costume chaos. Anime... *hms* Zelgadis or Xellos from Slayers. As I said it's a very tough choice.

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

Long time ago... parents dressed me up, as what I am not sure. I think everyone has their parents dress them up for Halloween. :P

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

Making music.
Spinning Poi (glowsticks & fire).
Gaming (tabletop and video games).
Fencing (not practiced and need to take classes again).
Martial arts (need to get back into this).
Lots of others too. :P

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