Here is my long overdue Oklacon report. I had tons of fun at this convention and more than likely will return next year. The theme definitely has my interest I’ll say that much. This was my first outdoor con and for next time I think I should probably get some sandals for my fursuit footpaws in retrospect and be sure to watch the terrain better. I met a whole lot of cool new people and had tons of fun. I’ll post about my awesome weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival next post.

Thursday 10/23:

I got off work at 4:30pm and from there went over to Teiran’s apartment as we were going to be driving up together. I helped him pack all the Furplanet stuff that he’d be selling in the dealer’s den for the convention. Regek called and wanted to “car caravan” up there just to be on the safe side. We left around 6:30pm – 7:00pm and stopped off at Office Max after almost forgetting a costume piece in my car, and while on the way up listened to an interesting podcast about the state of the economy from NPR that Teiran talked about and that was rather an interesting listen truth be told. We stopped at one point in Oklahoma past the Winstar casino at a McDonald’s for some food, blew through one town that didn’t have any stop lights, and got to the national park around midnight.

The place in the dark was so very confusing to say the least. There was very little visable signage to go by, and then at one point we were greeted by an ambulance trying to find the place as well. We did finally find the main meeting area called the “Turkey Roost” and when we got there, we were not only greeted to seeing the ambulance we saw earlier, but a couple cop cars as well! They wouldn’t allow us inside until things were taken care of and there was one person taken away in the ambulance. I still wasn’t sure what exactly happened, but in the end we met up with who we needed to and were given the keys to the cabin we were staying at as I was staying with Teiran in a cabin from Friday – Sunday, and then rooming with Regek Sunday night.

Finally did get some sleep though. That was a very interesting first night to say the least.

Friday 10/24:

First actual day of the con. I tried sleeping in as much as possible from the rough night previously and being up so late. It didn’t really work as I was in a new bed, and other things like that, but I tried. Teiran got up and left to unpack all the stuff he was getting for the Dealer’s den. I eventually got up and started walking off to the Turkey Roost and while walking was picked up by their shuttle van. I unfortunately missed the breakfast that was being served, but got in to see that there was a fursuit meet & greet going on and said hi to lots of the people I knew there like Jase and Joy / Delilah. A lot of the others I didn’t know actually. I had to wait to actually get in suit because Guardian was the one who brought it up and he was doing shuttle for a while.

The Turkey Roost was quite the center for a lot of things. The charity the con was running for had brought lots of animals like a very beautiful bobcat. Other people had their dogs with them, saw a german shepherd, a couple mastiffs, and a few mutts. The most interesting animal though was a baby kangaroo brought by one of the patrons! It was the coolest and most docile thing I’ve ever seen. It was curious about everything, and quite lovable. It was smart too, wanting out the front door, and I even heard from Guardian it got out the back door that no one was guarding at one point, because most people were good about watching the little joey and making sure it didn’t get outside.

Met up with friends like Jase, Joy / Delilah, Pistol Pup, and other people like Chrys, Skyler, and Corsi and number of fursuiters had lots of fun with a skateboard that was provided by rolling down it either sitting down or on their stomachs. If I had my suit I would have joined in this little fun random thing, but didn’t. Corsi was the funniest by far doing the skateboarding. I got with Guardian who was running the shuttle at one point to help me with getting my fursuit to the cabin that was the fursuit lounge so I could fursuit later.
Lots of people brought their pets. Many had dogs (german shepherd, red husky, etc.), and unfortunately some people did not clean up after their animals… Corsi had a run in with that unfortunately.

Went back to cabin and while walking to get to Opening ceremonies I was passed by Guardian who also had Teiran & Regek as passengers. He was playing around, and on my end playing back I kept on walking, as I bet they had to drop off stuff at the cabin. On the way my friend Zephyr passed by and picked me up, and took me to the lodge where opening ceremonies were being held. Guardian was going to pick me up, and was being playful and *chuckles* I would’ve taken the ride, had I not been picked up. I was partly trying to show by continuing walking that I was playing along. I know Guardian felt bad about the little prank but I wasn’t mad or anything with him. I found it amusing. :P

Opening ceremonies were pretty cool. Even met the guest of honor Jeff Goode! I did try out for the radio play 7 Santas, but didn’t make the cut. :/ Ahh well… cest la vie… After that went back to the Turkey Roost, had some food! This was my first actual meal of the day. I had some chili and bought some Fritos to make it a Frito Pie w/ cheese… MMmmmMMmm good eatin! *chuckles* Then after letting the food digest and settle I finally got into fursuit and had fun. While suiting I met some of the others who were fursuiting. Only a few of them I knew, but met some new friends like Imperial Lion, his mate Kurisu, and one awesome Coyote Hybrid by the name of Oki-Doki. I did participate in the late night fursuit games which consisted of a lighted Frisbee toss, and some limbo with a partner. Corsi won the limbo contest, but Jase and the partner he had did really well.

I also had a little to drink at a party in one of the A-Frames and was going to take a shuttle to the lodge where the dance was being held, but Nexxus wanted to show off his new car, a sporty Crossfire. The dance was pretty fun, and there was even a fursuit dance competition. There were only like five or six people who signed up. I was one of them. I thought I did fairly well, but in the end I placed third where the person who got second I felt I had done a bit better than that. I didn’t expect to get first place because the one who rightfully deserved that was Oki… He did a really cool staff spinning routine, that I found out later he actually choreographed and practiced a routine for over a month… That’s dedication for you. My spinning was more “off the cuff”, I didn’t have any particular routine set beforehand… I chose one of my favorite songs “Book of Days” by Enya. I just go with the “flow” as it were, while spinning, with the moves I know, and this was the first real time using my new glow toys. I got to talk a nice bit with Oki there at the dance, which was cool, and unfortunately had a fursuit emergency hitting my nose while dancing after the competition and had to fix it with hot glue! Thank you Foxglove!!! He had the stuff to make the repairs right there. I was not a happy wolf, but got it fixed and went dancing some more after that.

I did eventually get back home after getting out of suit and got to bed.

Saturday 10/25:

I got up earlier than Friday and was able to make it to the Turkey Roost for breakfast. I walked the entire way up there, which wasn’t really ‘too’ far, but it was a bit of a walk. I didn’t know of a more direct path so I was following the blacktop and had some good exercise walking all the way from the cabin I was staying in with Teiran to the Turkey Roost. I got there for breakfast and was joined by Threetails and his mate. Breakfast consisted of some cereal and some eggs, and while eating breakfast met up with Threetails and I believe his mate was sitting next to him. The charity people had some animals there, a lemur that was pretty cool and a de-scented skunk. They both wanted on the table and the skunk especially seemed to like cheese nips. I got finished with breakfast and had some leftover eggs and let the skunk have them. It was rather cute watching that animal eat scrambled eggs w/cheese.

After breakfast I hung out with people and then got into fursuit. I dressed up this time around as “Leon Kennedy” from Resident Evil 4. Specifically the tactical vest look, because of the theme of the con “Mark of the Beast” I felt it was a scary / Halloween kind of theme and it fit. The parade was quite fun, though there were a lot of latecomers like Delilah (Joy), and others. There were lots of fun antics that happened after the parade. Like Oki-Doki and a squeaker... *chuckles* Reminded me of Jase & Paddlefoot at MFM one time. Some of which I wasn’t a part of as I heard that Corsi revved a 4wheeler and it wasn’t supposed to move and it did! *chuckles* One of the most memorable moments was giving another new friend made Imperial Lion one of my many guns as he was a fellow police officer. We held up his mate Kurisu at gunpoint! *snickers* That was a fun photo op. There was also someone dressed up as the Joker, and an artist from the artist alley Hazard dressed up as Harley Quinn! That was total awesomeness! I still wish I had been a part of other fursuit frolics like some pics that were taken out in the wilderness around the park that I saw with Foxglove, Keegan, and Oki… Perhaps another time, not sure what day those were taken. There was a talk of possibly having a late night fursuit “zombie” gathering, and I was looking forward to killing said zombies.

I did go to the artists alley and commissioned Hazard to deflower the new sketchbook I purchased before the con, as my other sketchbook was completely filled out at MFM. I had her do a Leon Kennedy pic for the first one. One side note it was either Hazard, or an artist near her that commented about my blue eyes which I was taken back by, wondering if I was wearing contacts or something as they liked how my eyes look. *blush*

I didn’t make it in time for the next set of try outs for another little production by Jeff Goode, but did get to hang out with him later in the con. I did wander around, hung out with people after getting out of suit, and got peer pressured into playing Predator & Prey. I was doing pretty well for the most part, unfortunately I was playing as an herbivore. They had an auction for who could get immunity from fire and disease, which I didn’t bid for, though I had to bow out when I hurt my foot a bit when racing away from someone chasing me down a hill. I think I twisted my foot a little bit, and felt it best not to continue. I did help out for a bit afterwards, and also had dinner which I think consisted of spaghetti.

I didn’t go to the dance or concert that was being held as I was waiting for the “zombie” gathering that unfortunately in the end didn’t happen. It got very late and just didn’t happen. At one point I had a talk with Romani on a couple issues, and then unfortunately I had one other accident happen while in fursuit though… It was very dark and up near the Turkey Roost there was a large puddle near some water faucet, and I stepped in it… *grumbles* I want to give much thanks to Regek for his assistance in helping me get the footpaw cleaned. Good thing is that it looks like there was no staining from the red dirt/mud, and that took a good hour at least of going over the foot multiple times and using a fine toothed comb to get all the mess out of it. I got out of suit then and let the footpaw dry, and give much thanks to Corsi for allowing the use of a fan he brought to dry the foot.

Since I didn’t get to the dance and unfortunately took up a lot of Regek’s time I gave him and a couple of his photographer friends a private spinning light show, which also allowed me to try different light modes of the flowlights I have. Pistol Pup also helped provide some music to spin to at one point which was cool. After that I went to the party that was going on in A-frame 2 and had a little to drink (not that much, but did try a new drink called hot butter bawls), met some new people there, and then was trying to find a shuttle to get to my cabin and Jase was kind enough to give me a ride in his Scion Xb. ^_^ That was quite cool as he has tricked out that box to the max, lots of blue lights, a video system in the console and the works! O.o He setup the Family Guy Star Wars parody and we watched that, and *chuckles* the husky fell asleep during the ‘movie’ a couple times. :P Well I kinda helped as I gave him a neck/shoulder massage which definitely melted him.

After that I went to bed, and he went off to his own cabin. When I got in I found the roll away bed set up in the living room and slept there for the night, only later finding out that someone else who didn’t show up was supposed to be sleeping there for the night.

Sunday 10/26:

This was my cabin mate Teiran’s last day of the con, as the dealer’s den was closing and he had no real reason to stay. I made sure to make a purchase of the Dog Days of Summer before he left though. I packed up all my stuff as he went to the roost to get his stuff packed up. I got all my stuff packed and waited to be picked up to transfer all my stuff to Regek’s lodge room, because we had arranged since Teiran was leaving early I’d stay the last night and ride back with him. We got things moved to the room and then went out for breakfast at a Pizza Hut that was one of those stand alone places, with a buffet inside. The food was ok, though there was a funny incident that happened with some people were causing a ruckus and even the police got involved. We just left and Teiran went home.

Got back to the convention and found that some other people were leaving like Oki… Well I got back in suit, and seems I missed some of the fun antics that some of the fursuiters had with Nexxus’s new car, but did get to have fun with a group of suiters including Foxglove, Oki, Imperial, and Keegan. We found some red nerf rocket launchers outside the fursuit lounge and just started shooting each other! *snickers* It was a total blast. I believe there is a youtube video of this. I like to call it “The Red Rocket Incident”. The next thing to happen was a lot of fursuiters got up around Jase’s car and there is a video of that also on youtube. We tried to stuff as many as we could into that Scion! :P People piled out and the few that were left inside got a little drive around the parking lot with Jase driving (while in fursuit mind you). That was pretty fun all in all. Corsi had lots of fun with the Scion after that though… and Oki too *chuckles* Ahhh… the memories! Good times and all.

There were other people having to leave and Oki was one of them… : ( So… had to say my goodbyes. It would’ve been nice to hang out more with him there at the con, but cest la vie. Is never easy to say goodbye and all that jazz. Other people had to leave too, and said goodbyes and passed contact information. I did make sure to check up on other commissions I got. I had one put in my blue velvet book and another put in the big black sketchbook. This convention I didn’t get as much art in my books as I have at other conventions… I was having too much fun doing other things. I did hang out with a number of artist friends though. I did attend closing ceremonies and had kinda wished I’d been able to be part of the variety show, but that happened Saturday and I hadn’t practiced anything and had that accident with the puddle so wouldn’t have been able to attend.

I did go to the closing ceremonies and that was a riot. Awards were given and one in particular given to Jeff Goode, a lifetime membership to Oklacon. After closing ceremonies there was going to be a pie fight. I wasn’t about to do that and get my fursuit dirty with shaving cream pies so I made sure not to attend or be anywhere near the antics. I did attend a really awesome dead dog party that was being held in A-Frame 2. There was lots of alcohol there, I did drink a little, but not much. Jeff Goode was actually there at the party and there were card games being played like poker, blackjack, and such, even Bucktown was downstairs and brought his keyboard that he played on some, and I did as well, and a nice lady by the name of Raven I met Saturday night. She wasn’t bad on the keyboard either. I also met Jase’s mate Starwind and he seems like a generally cool guy. I didn’t make it to the dance, but I did get some spinning in, as I had talked about poi to people including Jeff as he wanted to see, so I showed stuff both in and out of fursuit. He was impressed, though also gave pointers on being a performer because after I was done spinning I was grumbling about messing up a little and he said he didn’t notice me messing up. So… Gotta work on that, especially with my music too. I’m just hard on myself in general. So the party was very fun in general. I did get a ride back to the lodge from Guardian who was so very helpful to me this entire con, bringing my fursuit up and helping me get back to the lodge as the shuttle was pretty much shut down. So I packed up all my stuff and got back to the lodge. Regek was still up and we talked about a number of things, looked over pictures and eventually went to bed.

Monday 10/27:

The day of leaving… It is never easy leaving good people and all after having lots of fun. I got packed up and got everything into Regek’s car. I did get to say my goodbyes to many people there at the lodge like Joi and Jase, as well as Keegan and Shesta. We did drive up to the Turkey Roost to say goodbye to many people there before heading out.

The drive home was VERY interesting. Regek definitely likes to drive fast, and I have no problem with that as he does try to keep safe distance, but it was definitely a different experience driving with him in the car, rather than following behind him on the way to Oklacon. We did stop off for food once and got back to the Dallas area in record time. It was roughly 4pmish so I stayed over at their apartment waiting out the rush hour traffic time and helped him with identifying fellow fursuiters in various pictures.

I eventually went home, a little later than expected and met up with my brother at my apartment and showed him some Fable2, and then eventually went to bed, and then back to the grindstone…

So… That is my con report! I hope you all enjoyed.

Sorry about the time it took me to write it, as I got busy and had some other things come up like going to the Texas Renaissance Festival before fully writing this out. I know it’s a lot to read, but I like to be thorough and even then I still forget things, people, and other stuff so I apologize in advance.

From: [identity profile]

Meeting you

I have to say, I'm so glad to have you as my friend...I had no idea when I came to a very new fur,what to expect. My fears were soon alleviated as you and a few select others made me feel so very welcome. Thank you seems lacking some how, you above all made my trip so very memorable. As a fellow fursuiter, you looked amazing, and we had such a great time at the dances. Furry Fiesta is a few months away, but I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation, knowing I'll get to see my new friend again, and have more adventures to write about I'm sure.
One love, Oki

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