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([personal profile] khyle Dec. 1st, 2008 12:02 pm)
I know this report is a little late. I’ve just been busy with Thanksgiving stuff, and things of that nature dealing with getting ready for this holiday season. I also worked “Black Friday” even though I had it off last year, but truthfully 2.5x pay isn’t so bad you know. I really did enjoy MFF and here is my recounting of the experience. Oh and if I forget some names, please remind me as it's been a while... I can't remember everyone... It was an awesome convention!


I flew out to MFF, got up early after packing the day/night before. I had everything all packed up and was good there, didn't forget anything, but… this being a free flight one thing I didn’t check as thoroughly was the airport code. I know I chose the airport I usually fly out of, but they chose the second airport in the area. The good thing and I thank my roomie for putting up with me… I sometimes have a tendency to be a bit scatterbrained at times. So, we made it to the airport and I was able to get through security just fine as we had more than enough time. I still feel bad about that though.

The flight was uneventful and I was picked up at the airport by my friend [ profile] trufahlan. My brother also called me about the time I was getting picked up, as he got in earlier than me and was having transportation issues getting to the hotel. At first I felt there wasn’t going to be enough room in the car as Tru said he was going to have at least one other person in the car and we were going for breakfast. Turns out the other rider didn’t end up occupying the car, and there may have been room, but we weren’t able to pick up my brother. We got into the hotel, and I got my stuff settled and then went to IHOP for breakfast. We then got back to the hotel I got registered, and met up with lots of friends many of whom were not exactly expecting me to be there. :P *chuckles* I even saw one friend who was over here from the UK, [ profile] klepsydra. Later my brother got in after walking from a train station, and he was very soon followed by the main person I was rooming with [ profile] raganzi.

I then went into the Dealer’s Den and got my completed sketchbook from BlackFrost. This was my sketchbook that I started in 2004 after the previous book that I started in 2001 was stolen in 2003. This book is now finished front to back with 4yrs. of art. It has plenty of memories of good times, for the most part, and I plan on possibly having the spine cut out so I can put the art in a binder with plastic sleeves to make things easier to scan and things like that. I still can’t believe it… 4yrs… I’m amazed myself.

I already picked up a new sketchbook for Oklacon and that is the new book of memories I’m starting. Will have to see what happens now as I have two books I usually float around at conventions. One is the black book that is pretty much the “Whatever” book, or “Theme of the Convention” book, the other is a smaller blue faux velvet covered book that has the theme of “On the Road” with a Wandering Minstrel. It wasn’t until a year ago I started carrying two books, as shown to me by a couple of friends.

Later that evening I went out with a couple friends of mine [ profile] goggremlin, Topher, and a few of their friends wishing a friend of theirs a happy birthday. We ate at a real cool Oriental restaurant, and then when we got back we found fire trucks outside the hotel. It seems someone smoked in the stairwell and caused this to happen. :/ I also heard about something else happening concerning the hotel’s hot tub and could only roll my eyes and groan thinking “What the hell people…” *shrugs* Cest la vie.

I also attended a bit of an Improv Panel that Tru was at and wanted me to join and I even joined in on one of the games. That was fun, and later that evening I put on my fursuit partial, and went dancing. I had some help getting into it from my friend [ profile] krahnos. All I have to say is that the kind of dancing I usually do spinning poi / glowsticking is a bit easier in partial, but some moves I need to be a bit more careful as dropping to my knees in partial I don’t have the same padding I do in my full suit. I did kinda hurt my knee, but not all that bad, just was very tender especially Saturday.

When I was done dancing I went up to a room party on my floor and enjoyed myself. Saw some familiar faces there like [ profile] farraptor, and [ profile] jilduck, and met someone new [ profile] furball2k who came in wearing a Pappa John’s shirt and hat on his fursuit. *chuckles* That was quite a fun party and very eventful as Jil was dressed as Sarah Palin! :P She did a totally awesome job of it too. Eventually the party wound down and I went to bed after working out some bed arrangements with my brother.


Second day of the convention and it started off rather well. I went to breakfast with a couple good friends, [ profile] brokkentwolf, and [Unknown site tag]. We ate at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Actually if I remember correctly I think it was roughly lunch time. My memory is horrid. It was a nice meal regardless with great company.

From there I went to the dealer’s den and spoke some with Dark Natasha and Mitch DeLeguardia, finding out that Mitch is local and will have to hang out with him very soon! ^_^ I did get suited up for the fursuit parade, though after the parade I got out of suit and had forgotten what time the fursuit games were going on so I missed those. I also found out from [ profile] galen that there was something else at an overflow hotel and he won a cool prize! Durn I always seem to miss out on some things, but ah well… I had fun regardless. Later I went up to the consuite on the 15/16th floor with Tru, his bf, and the friend that was rooming with them. The suite was great, had some chili, and a little bit of food, though after that I wandered around the hotel lobby floor a bit and went out to dinner with [ profile] akseawolf, Uck, and a couple others to a nearby Mexican place. Had some very good food, and then eventually was dropped off back at the convention.

I did go to the dance, but before going I was up with my friend [ profile] darktiger77 and had a lil room party as it were with her, her mate, and myself. We watched some fun internet videos, I had me a pomegranate mojito. It was all good, I even received my first tip of the night from [ profile] semjay! :P *chuckles* I went to the dance afterwards.

This dance though I went in full suit to help a little on the knee if I were to drop to my knees doing any spinning moves. I found one fox friend I met at MFM this year was there, and he was spinning up a storm. He even started a little bit of a “Rave Circle”! I got in on some of that action, even borrowing some cool glowsticks he had. They were very long orange ones. I went into the circle twice. My first run I didn’t do so well and tangled the strings a couple times, but the second I did much better. I still pale in comparison to other people like Uck… He can do the behind-the-back weave and I haven’t learned that yet… I’m still learning though. He is also a lot more comfortable doing some moves while in suit that I am not like going behind my head and stuff because I am a bit afraid of damaging my suit. I am still learning though and want to get way better. I hope to see some videos of my second run in the circle. I know there was one lady who was videoing me at one point and I also spun outside the circle with my flowtoys just for her on the dance floor. I took frequent breaks, and also did go dance with a couple people like [ profile] dingybatty, we tried a bit of “blues” dancing at one point, and even danced with a friend from Oklacon, Noir. I had a very fun and energetic dance with Tru, he did pick me up and spun me around while in suit... *chuckles* That was interesting to say the least. I was also going to dance with my friend Topher in suit, but the dance ended as soon as we were getting back from cooling off outside. *grumbles* Ah well… Cest la vie, but did get some very fun photos with him and Codex afterwards. ;) *snickers*

I did want to try to go to a room party or something, but seems a lot of them at the time the dance was over around 2am, were already over and done. Did hang out with Noir, [ profile] pistolpup, and a couple others, including a Doberman fursuiter. Tried out some pomegranate vodka, and then was just out in the lobby talking and stuff for quite a while. Then I eventually went to bed.


The last day of the convention unfortunately. I got up semi early, and met my friend Gog in the lobby. It was his birthday so I had to give the traditional b-day spankings… *snickers* I believe Codex even got a picture! I can’t fully remember what I did for breakfast, or if I had any. I went around the dealer’s den and artist alley dropping off my books.

I’m fairly certain I had lunch at one point, but not sure where, or who I went out with. I didn’t get to fursuiting after dinner though as for dinner I went out with my brother, Brokken, and Johnny and had a light salad, because I never like getting into suit after eating a big meal. It’s kinda like swimming… Don’t go right after eating, wait an hour or two.

I eventually went to the dead dog dance that was going on, and I did teach one person the underhand 3bt. Weave, though he had the forward one down pretty well. He also knew some wraps, but in my opinion before you start doing wraps and stuff you should have the basics down, and he didn’t. Other than that I did some dancing on my own including doing the Time Warp. I also ended up at a cool room party with some other friends. Unfortunately someone committed a party foul on my fursuit. I had the head sat down on a table and someone spilled a drink and got some alcohol on the neck flap. *grumbles* I got it washed out quickly, and it didn’t do any damage, but that annoys me to no end. So I got out of suit, then hung out a bit with Tru and Bushycat was in his room, and we both gave her a bit of a back massage. I then went back to the party, but unfortunately they were quite full and wouldn’t let Tru in. :/ I wish some things were handled a little better. It was a nice party overall, though eventually was shut down as there were lots of people there and the noise was quite loud. I did stay around a bit with some other friends before leaving the party as it did kinda “re-open”. I then went out and hung out with a fellow fursuiter Zeke / Fox Palmer, and then hung out also with Tzup, and my Mohawk wearin buddy Skandranon. We were up talking for quite a while, and then eventually went to bed.


The day everyone, well most everyone was leaving. Raganzi headed out early to get back home and paid his portion of the room. I also got my portion of the room from my brother. I got packed up and am also glad I went through a second look around and luckily found stuff that my brother was about to leave, so made sure he got that stuff. I also had breakfast with Pistolpup and a couple others, and was sitting right near Brokken & Johnny and had a nice waffle before heading out. I said my goodbyes to many good friends though while waiting for a taxi.

My friend Tigerwolf tried helping me find someone to split a cab with, but I found a fellow artist friend of mine. It was good talking with him on the way to the airport and we both paid our share of the taxi.

From there I got on my plane and got back home and was picked up by [ profile] celyddon. My brother also was able to get an earlier flight and got there to the airport a little before me, so we both were taken home. I then unpacked and the rest is pretty much history.

So there you have it my belated con report. I've been doing lots of cleaning and I’m currently in the process of sending out Christmas gifts and other things like that and all the preparations for this Holiday season.

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Was alot of fun. I enjoy getting to hang out with you at cons Khyle. Your a great guy. And you still owe me a dance!

From: [identity profile]

I'm sorry! :> It was good hanging with you. I now have your contact info. It'll be good to keep in touch.

From: [identity profile]

Hey it was great to get to meet you and hang out for the time we did ^_^ and I hope to do it again soon!

THE picture:
Gog beatings:


From: [identity profile]

Was wonderful seeing you there, buddy! Give me a jingle anytime. :D


From: [identity profile]

Don't worry I defintitely want to keep more in touch my friend. ^_^

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Oh I forgot:
and you can PROBABLY friend me here now :P

From: [identity profile]

Friended and glad we got to know eachother better at this con! :)

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