I scheduled two of these using the last of my vacation/personal days. I already spent the first one with a new friend of mine. This past weekend went on a road trip up to Oklahoma to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] okidokicoyote. The only annoying thing was the 3hr. drive… :/ *gruffs* That was really my only gripe. He was going to come down the weekend after Thanksgiving, but had some car troubles. I had scheduled this a month or two ago and wasn't sure how to spend that first weekend and so I did that road trip. He and I have plans for something fursuit wise for the up coming convention Furry Fiesta here in the Texas area. I also recently heard some good news that their room block is close to full which is awesome. I'm glad I got my room reserved already!

This coming weekend I plan on being at my brother's graduation, and that will be another long drive… *grumbles* I wish it wasn't so far away, but *shrugs* cest la vie… I at first heard from someone it was a 3hr. drive, but seems from where I work/live it is only an hour and a half. I'm happy he's going to be graduated he's been chomping at the bit to be done with school. I may eventually go back for a master's degree, but not just yet. I have been enjoying this year of freedom from school.

I have plans next weekend trying to work out with a friend to come down to visit as I have another 4day weekend and he's been wanting to visit. He is also one of many I plan on visiting outside of a convention.

So… Here is my trip recap!


Thursday 12/4/08:

There was a change of plans right at the end and at first my original plans were going to be getting in Friday, but that changed up and I went in on Thursday after work. I got off work at 4:30 and while at work I was going over in my head wondering if I had missed anything and I forgot to bring a movie that I wanted to make sure that Oki saw that I've been raving about to him. I also needed to gas up and unfortunately didn't start out until a little later than expected. I unfortunately was still inside the normal rush our here in the Dallas area going north and there were two wrecks past the bridge near where I used to go to school at UNT. So that made for a slow start to getting out there as I wanted to get there as quickly as possible, even though I was told not to rush. :P

Outside of the traffic that I mentioned the drive was very uneventful. Nothing happened, and I was going only a bit over the speed limit like 5 or so miles. I'm not a speed demon like some I know. *chuckles* I got in around 8:30 – 9pm. On the drive couldn't really take in much of the scenery as it was dark, but I got through Oklahoma City to a town a little north of there where the den of the coyote resides. I got to meet the family, consisting of his lovely wife and child, and many animals which included 3 felines and one dog.

I was given the spare bedroom which also was where my friend's fursuit was kept. I unpacked my stuff and we talked a nice bit and then eventually hit the hay.

On a side note: They also found the ocarina application really neat! *snickers* ^_^

Friday 12/5/08:

I got up early as I was in a new place, I was waking up every couple hours. Sometimes even at conventions I do that. Since he leaves for work early like around 5am. I went out to the kitchen waiting for him to say "goodbye" and "have a nice day at work" and he wasn't expecting me there. I scared him! O.o I wasn't trying to… *lowers his head* Well in any case he went to work and all was good.

This day was a fairly eventful day . My main plan for the day was to meet up with another fellow fur that I met at Oklacon, one of the DJ's who hosted the fursuit dance competition as he was going to leave back to Canada, I wanted this trip to also include spending a bit of time with him, and he wanted to meet up and go see a movie that evening. Oki's mate had the day off and I was actually able to be very useful! I got up and at the time nobody was home. I was left a note and a key to the house in case I went out. I didn't really know the area so opted not to really go anywhere and busied myself with further unpacking, showering and stuff like that.

She got home a little later than the note first said, but that was because things were held up at a cellphone store because they were in the process of getting a phone replaced/upgraded. From there I was following her in my car and we went to an auto place called Meineke and met up with Oki, and from there we went to lunch at a nice burger joint called "Flat Tire". I had a cool baja taco salad and we enjoyed a nice leisurely paced lunch. Then I took Oki back to where he worked, met some of his fellow co-workers, and then followed her to another car place and dropped off their second vehicle. Then from there went back to the house, though on the way stopped off at Wal-Mart. I picked up some fuel for fire spinning and we talked a bit, finding out that they have been having some computer difficulties and also needed help getting pictures off their camera to the computer. So we picked up a memory card reader as I was guessing what their camera took without having it there and we went back to the house.

I helped with fixing their computer as they have a cable modem and for some odd reason were using the USB connection to connect to the internet, even though their computer has Ethernet ports. I uninstalled/reinstalled the Network Interface Card, and got that working and even helped with showing how to use their digital camera properly to get pictures off it. I actually guessed wrong on what memory the camera used. I had her pick up a SD card usb reader, and their camera was a Sony with pro duo, BUT… the new phone used micro SD and had a converter to SD so her taking pictures on the blackberry she can get them to the computer, and found out the camera they did have the cable, just things weren't explained to them how to get stuff off the camera to the computer. So I fixed both those problems. Only thing is their computer is slow only having 256kb ram, and really needs more. I explained that to them and if they get more than one computer will need a router as the computer is directly connected to the cable modem.

I definitely felt like I was very useful in helping them out. So their daughter got home and I took the mate and kiddo to where Oki works, packed him into the car too, and then dropped off his wife and daughter at the place that was fixing up her vehicle, then went to get Oki's car, and then went to get his car. We let mine stay in that parking lot and went out to the hotel where Noir was staying. It seems he's been having issues with who he's staying with and relationship issues. *sighs* So we got there, at first were wondering where to eat and then eventually decided on outback. I did try showing off the urban spoon application, but then used the map feature. We almost went to a wrong place, mostly due to user error as I only used the word outback, and seems there was an outback shoe store that I was directing us to first, but we got to the restaurant eventually and it was near the theater we were going to.

There was at first going to be a large wait like 45min, but we had lots of time actually. We did get seating at the bar, ordered some drinks and a blooming onion. Then a vibrating coaster to let you know when your table is ready went off, it wasn't ours, and seems someone left theirs there. So… Noir went to see if we could "claim" it as ours and we did get a seat which was good. The horse was being a gracious host, as the dinner and movie were all on him, for both Oki and myself! *blushes* It was much appreciated. We got to the theater, with me also missing one turn off as I read the map wrong… *grumbles* I made it up to Oklahoma ok, but I'm still getting used to this new phone and the navigation features on the iPhone. They playfully teased me about tossing the navigator out! *chuckles* :P

The theater we went to is unlike any other I have ever been to. It was absolutely HUGE… I've never been to any theater like it, ever. It is called the Warren Theatre. From the site looks like there are a few in Kansas and one in Oklahoma… This is how a premium movie theater should be. They take service to the max. There is even fine dining upstairs, some people come and don't go to a movie, just for the dining experience. There is a diner downstairs as well. We got in for the Disney/Pixar movie Bolt in 3D! I've never really been to a 3D movie like this before, but have been to 3D things where you get the cheap glasses. These were quality glasses, that you were not allowed to keep. I must say that seeing a movie like that in the quality of it's presentation was spectacular… Even the previews were stellar. I mean I've seen things in DLP that were crisp and clear, but this was a different level of experiencing a movie. There were many times in the movie, the level of depth from just the grass to trees, and transition sequences the 3D Glasses and experience made a big difference. I'd highly recommend seeing this movie in that same 3D way. I was really amazed. The movie was made of total awesomeness and win! I'd probably go see it more than once as Noir did as that was his 3rd time seeing it.

We went back to the hotel after the movie, and it was connected to a club, so we went there. Had a few drinks, listened to some nice techno remixes and other cool music. I so had wished I had brought my glow spinning poi toys, but wasn't sure if we'd be doing anything after the movie so forgot to bring them. Oki was almost stalked by what they call a "cougar" a lady little older than him, but seemed to be looking for something other than dancing. Also Oki is a lot more open about the whole showing his fursuiting side than I am truthfully… Even showed a couple people, more for his sake pictures off my phone and a youtube vid or two. The club was nice and all, but way too smoke filled… I mean Noir was wanting me and Oki to go fursuiting to a club, but a smoking club we told him way ahead of time was a no go… I mean getting the smell out of regular clothing is hard enough. So after the club scene we stopped off at his room, talked a nice bit. Went over things with him and just talked on things with life in general… I just wish things with his relationship weren't going downhill. I'm really sad and sorry to hear things like that. *sighs*

Then we made it back home and put our clothing out to air and get smoke free, showered and then eventually went to bed.

Saturday 12/6/08:

This was our actual practicing day. We got up, and Oki's mate made a wonderful breakfast! After breakfast she took the kiddo out to a sleepover at a friend's place. Oki and I went out after I spoke with my brother also last night and got him to send me a letter to include on something going out. Got my main errand taken care of, then went back to the house, I helped with dishes and cleaning off the big tv screen and we watched the movie I had brought and nearly forgot… Stardust He really enjoyed the movie, and I was happy to share that with him as I fell in love with that movie. Then we moved furniture around and got to practicing for our routine that we are trying to work out for the convention being held in Texas in February… Furry Fiesta. Seems he envisioned us being able to do a number of things that would truthfully work out of suit, but putting them together in suit would take a lot of work, some doable, but yea… it will take lots of practice… and timing and things like that. I truthfully was hoping we'd practice more during the weekend, but this was the one day we actually had dedicated to do this. I feel we got a lot of work done, though should have practiced more, but people started coming in for a gathering that goes on at Oki's place every two weeks. The mate was home first, preparing dinner and food. We did have an awesome dinner… TACO SOUP! That was delicious and full of awesome. Oki and I went out so as not to disturb the gathering and were truthfully waiting till after dark as I had my fire spinning stuff with me and he wanted to show this to people.

While waiting we stopped off at a couple places, one Starbucks for coffee and just talked over many things. I mean we met only in October, but we've become very fast friends and we think a lot alike, even though come from so very different backgrounds. Everyone has layers, and truthfully even here on my journal I am honest and open for the most part, but don't necessarily share my innermost thoughts and stuff. I digress though… We waited till after 9pm as that was when the gathering should've been over, though when we got back one of Oki's next door neighbors was outside waiting for the halftime show for a football game to be over and asked for me to spin fire for his neighbors… I agreed and gave them a better halftime show than they would've seen on the TV in my opinion. *grins* They rather enjoyed it and then I went and gave another fire spinning for the group of friends that were gathered. I perhaps came off a little too over zealous as with them especially since I knew Oki had drums was wanting them to give me a nice kinda drummer circle beat to spin to, but it ended up only being Oki and his mate… *shrugs*. I did spin fire for them, and they didn't really even seem all that impressed or anything. In my opinion very rude and ungrateful… I found out later they thought I was being "pushy"… *grumbles* I just wanted them to be involved as well. I felt a little hurt after the performance. Yea perhaps I was a little enthusiastic, but I wanted them to be a part of things too… *gruffs* Ah well… cest la vie.

After everyone left Oki and I went out again and hung out just the two of us which was awesome. He showed me around the coyote stomping grounds. We toured around some of the area around Oklahoma City. I was shown a tattoo parlor and body piercing shop, as he has friends there from a long while back. We also went out to a few different areas like an art district that he had thought of moving to once. We stopped into a Hookah bar that was Egyptian themed and I rather liked that place, even tried out their signature drink called "Isis's Blood", that had like pomegranate in it! ^_^ We then went out to one club he really was wanting me to see called the Hi Lo, though it wasn't bustling or any live band there at all. It wasn't what he was expecting at all. I did play one game of Galaga before leaving though and we went back to the art district as there was one place called Galileo that was had a live band. We stayed till the end of their set and then went back to the hookah bar that was next door. We had a very nice conversation on many different things in general. There we also met some other friends of his interestingly enough, though then eventually went back home and to bed.

Sunday 12/7/08:

This truthfully wasn't my most enjoyable day… truthfully because of things at the end of the day and other issues. It did have one good highlight and I'll get to that. It seems after hanging with Noir there was some annoying crap going on with him breaking up and things of that nature, and constantly calling Oki… I'm glad I didn't give him my phone number so as to be woken up like early in the morning and such. I'm not going into details here, but wow… :/ *grumbles* Please learn people to try to keep others out of your squabbles unless it's really needed ok? Kthxbye I did though want to be there as much as I could for Noir, be supportive through all he's done and gone through... I'm not meaning to be mean on the situation that was happening at all.

Breakfast wise had leftovers from the Outback. I didn't eat much Friday night, and didn't finish it fully this morning and let Oki have the rest of it. Some of his friends from the gathering the previous night were over and going to be setting up residence at least temporarily in the room I was staying in, but would not be starting to move in till after I was gone. I'm glad Oki's helping out his friends and all and that is so nice of him. His mate left and Oki and I went to pick up his little one from where they were staying at and brought her back to the house. I helped with wrapping up a birthday present she was going to be giving to a next door neighbor as there was a party being held as well.

Oki talked to his neighbor and setup for me and him to be the surprise "entertainment" for the birthday party! *chuckles* There was also going to be before the drama going on a fursuit bowling thing that I was looking forward to, but that didn't happen and I had brought my suit so did get some suiting in. ^_^ We made sure that his daughter did not spill the beans on us being the entertainment as she went over to the party. Before going over we burned a CD of some kid friendly dance music and went over stuff we'd do for them. I of course was going to do some day poi spinning, and we also talked over one song for a group dance of sorts.

We got suited up, then got the call to head over. The kids were definitely surprised by us in fursuit. I was dressed in renaissance attire and Oki was in his partial. The kids were delighted and definitely excited to see us. I was the first to entertain spinning to a Duran Duran song… "Hungry Like the Wolf" *snickers* I mean c'mon… I found he had that song… I don't think I need to go into any detail why I wanted to spin to that song. The kids found that quite awesome. I cooled down some, drinking water and then we did a group dance to the "Numa Numa" song! We even have video!!! *cackles with laughter*

We mostly improved it… and happened to do most of the movements from Caramella Dansen actually. I spun to one other song, using the blue sock poi of mine, and even started giving a little lesson. During the party though I kinda went into "role model / teacher mode". It was fun and all I enjoyed the party. The hosts were cool especially the mother is more like the "neighborhood mom", gave all the kids a going away gift and was so nice and everything… I was certainly impressed. There was one little issue that happened with Oki's daughter, but other than that the party was absolutely awesome. I enjoyed what we did for the kiddos.

We got back to his house, and he came up with another idea for us to do in suit, tussling over trash. We also have a vid of this. It was his idea, but my little "catch phrase" at the end.

I mean coyotes are known to be dumpster divers at times… I was just having to keep him from what "he" wanted. *snickers* We wolves are not dumpster divers… *brushes at his chest and chuckles playfully*

Afterwards we had dinner, which consisted of the last remnants of the taco soup. We were going to watch a movie I had in my backpack Across the Universe that I had been wanting to see that I borrowed from my brother, but Oki wasn't really a big fan of The Beetles, so we stopped watching the movie. The place that his kid was staying their family brought their kids over for babysitting as they were going out for the evening. This was the point at which I was really feeling out of place and was contemplating heading home that night. I didn't, and on him insisting, ended up sleeping one more night staying till my original planned leaving day though. I also gave one last fire spinning performance for all the children though. They seemed to like it. :)

I did also get a couple drawings from Oki in both my sketchbooks… I loved the one he put in my blue velvet "themed" book the best. ^_^ We also talked a bit and he was going to check where he worked if he might have a box large enough to ship my head off to [livejournal.com profile] ww_creations to have it looked at and fixed.

We talked some, then he went to bed and I finished packing up getting ready to leave on Monday.

Monday 12/8/08:

I, like previous nights, was waking up every couple hours because I was in a new place, new bed and all and was actually up woke up as I had asked him to make sure to wake me before he head out to say goodbye again. He took his daughter to daycare before she the bus goes there and takes her to school, since both parents work early shifts. I had a bit of coffee that he made, even though I usually don't drink coffee. I packed up all my stuff. I wasn't able to find my ipod for some reason… That delayed me from leaving for a while and I decided to just "screw" it and left.

On the way I called Oki and picked him up some coffee from a nearby 7/11. I met some others he worked with that I didn't beforehand. They did have some boxes large enough for me to ship my head in so I took those two home, one was smaller than the other, just in case.

From there I drove home, around 10am actually and made good time. I made one stop off and got in actually around 1:30pm. On the way down I called the local place I have been going to for hairstyling and set an appointment for 2:30pm. I also wrote down the information to send off my head so I could do all that in one go. I did pop online to get said address information… I was even messaged out of the blue by someone I wasn't expecting, but wasn't able to talk as I had my appointment. The haircut lasted a little while as I also had a little color put on the side of my hair that is longer than the other. I had a little copper/reddish hint that was called "bonfire"! *grins* Since I spin fire that was in my opinion very apropos… *chuckles gleefully*

I went to the post office and mailed off the head to White Wolf. The two day shipping cost only 5cents more than regular 5day shipping so I went for that. I hope to get the head back before FC. Once I was done with that I went home, and pretty much vegged the rest of the evening. I did go through my stuff and found I had packed the ipod so I didn't leave it @ Oki's. *breathes a sigh of relief* I thought maybe one of the girls possibly had picked it up… I did ask him to look and he did before I got through looking through my stuff so it's all good.

A thunderstorm blew through last night and seems we're in for some colder weather. I want this week to be over already. I want to have it be my brother's graduation time and give him a royal celebration for staying the course and finishing and not settling for that inferior degree and getting his Bachelors of Fine Arts. I'm very proud of him. I just wish things weren't so hard on him, he's been struggling to get a job in his field and I've been having a hard time myself finding a job in my course of study too.

Well I thank you all for reading… I know it was long, but I like to keep this journal and write things like I do to try to preserve memories and to let you all know what is going on in my life. I sometimes am not the most attentive to everyone in LJ I know I don't comment as often as I should but I do try to read… I had a lot of things to catch up on as this past weekend I pretty much was making sure NOT to be on the internet.

Take care! *hugs* I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

From: [identity profile] shadow-stallion.livejournal.com

Cute videos! :)

I gotta be honest Khyle, hated the music on the first vid but everyone has their likes and dislikes in music eh?

From: [identity profile] khyle.livejournal.com

I'm not the biggest Numa-Numa fan either, but felt it was a kid friendly song. I think the kids liked it. :P I say judge by the kid's reactions and stuff. I'm glad you like the vids though. There will be a vid soon enough of me spinning to "Hungry Like the Wolf"... ;)

From: [identity profile] shadow-stallion.livejournal.com

*nods* It was probably a good choice for the kids and they certainly seemed to enjoy. I was simply voicing my thoughts on the music as that style and sound just don't hold much appeal for me.

*earperks* "Hungry Like the Wolf" huh? Now there is some music from my teenage years that I can really get into. I have always been a fan of them and I am a huge fan of a lot of 80's music. :)

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