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khyle: (Glasses)

khyle's Journal

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Created on 2009-05-03 14:12:21 (#244594), last updated 2009-05-16 (431 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:Texas, United States of America
So you want to find out a little bit of information about the mind behind the written words... Well since you have asked, I guess that the least that I can do is satisfy your curiosity. Let me know where you're from too though. :)

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The wolf known as Khyle is like me in many ways, though in other cases he and I are very different. There is much to him that I wish I could be, though because of physical impossibility can never be. Though that is why we have imaginations right? So that we can dream of being things that we are not? The wolf's personality is very much like mine. He has been through quite alot and there is much to him behind the face of a wandering musician he shows. If you have questions feel free to ask, because he has a very large past. Like Vash the Stampede (Trigun - Anime)

Now if you want to know about me personally... I am in my mid 20's and have been around in the whole furry community for probably a little more than 8 years. Before I got into the fandom I'd have to say I had an affinity for anthropomorphics... Mostly because I've always been quite avid about werewolves since before I got into the "fandom". I'm not a popular person persay but I'm glad to know quite a number of friends, and know some artists personally as friends and feel very touched by some of the "close" friends I have made.

I just recently finished getting my bachelor's degree in Marketing. I'm hoping to find a good job though and utilizing what I have learned... Perhaps something entry level, but am looking to branch out from my current line of work.

I listen to all kinds of music. Ranging from New Age, all the way to Classical, excluding hardcore rap or the new country. I absolutely love music if you couldn't tell. Heck I even make my own either on a piano, or on a musical keyboard. I hope to perhaps at some point play with some friends or heck even be in a band of some sort. Wishfull thinking and dreams, but hey some dreams might come true (those more down to earth ones that you can really achieve ^_^)...

I am a very big addict of RPGs ( video games & group gaming). I like video games, hanging out with my friends. I like games ranging from action adventure - racing, though am not an avid sports game fan, though I am a huge fanatic of fantasy games, especially RPGs. I hardly have time for video games or the net, but I still try to hang with my friends online as much as possible as well as those that I know that live near me.

Friends are a big thing to me in life and I greatly treasure each and everyone of them.

If you found this interesting I have a pounced ad. Though to find out more about me this journal is the best place for that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHARACTER DESCRIPTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Species: Wolf (though not your typical variety wolf)
Coloration: Black & Silver
    Fur Pattern:
  • Black - Main body color

  • Silver - Undercoat, Hair, arms/legs
  • Unique Pattern: Arms/Legs Silver from elbow/knee to foot, black fingers/toes

  • (looks like he is wearing fingerless gloves/boots)

Markings of note: Tattoo on left shoulder (Color: Gold)
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 230lbs.
Build: Athletic
Clothing: Ranges from wearing renaissance clothing to modern styles.
Occupation: Wandering Minstrel or Bard / Adventurer (a jack of many trades, and master of a few as well)
  • Primary - Lute

  • Others include:
    Hurdy Gurdy
    Bass Guitar
    Various Brass - Euphonium, Trombone, Trumpet
    Various Woodwind - Various Saxaphones, Various Clarinets, Flute

    Here is a sample of music that I love and inspires me!

Interests (147):

acting, aerobic exercise, ancient history, animals, animation, anime, anime music, anthromorphics, archaeology, aristotle, art, asian music, band, biking, biology, brass instruments, bushido, camping, capcom, cardiovascular exercise, celtic ancestry, celtic history, celtic music, chinese music, claymores, clubs, composing music, computers, cowboy beebop, darkstalkers, dragon riders of pern, dragons, dreaming, dvds, edgar allen poe, egyptian mythology, enya, euphonium, evanescence, exercise, exsistentialism, fantasy, fencing, free thinking, freedom, french horns, furry, furry art, furry artists, games, geography, goths, greek mythology, guilty gear, gypsies, halloween, hiking, hyper police, ice skating, invader zim, japanese music, jazz, johnny the homicidal maniac, jthm, karate, katanas, kung-fu, lenore, lina inverse, lycanthropy, magic, martial arts, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, mythical creatures, mythology, naruto, native american beliefs, ninjitsu, nintendo, norse mythology, open minds, opera, orchestra, outdoors, pagan beliefs, pern, philosophy, piano, plato, playstation, playstation2, reading, renaissance festivals, role playing, rpgs, sci-fi, science-fiction, sega, sega cd, sega dreamcast, sega genesis, sega saturn, shapeshifting, singing, snow skiing, socrates, sony, sting, super nintendo, sword fighting, swords, techno, theater, theology, therianthropy, thespians, time travel, trance, transformation, trigun, trouble chocolate, trumpets, vampire the masquerade, vampires, vash the stampede, wandering, weightlifting, werewolf the apocolypse, werewolves, whips, white wolf gaming, wildlife, wolfwood, wolves, working out, workingout, writing, xanth, xellos, yanni, yiff, zelgadis, zoids, zoology

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