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( Jun. 4th, 2008 12:03 am)
This con was huge… It has certainly grown the 8yrs I have been attending it. I was looking at all my badges and I am still blown away how long I've been going to this convention! I've seen many things change, like hotels, and everything else. One thing I am not so happy about changing wise has been things dealing with costumes and weapons. I also changed how I did things at the con. I usually just "attended" and I got into dressing up and cosplaying like so many there thanks to the work of my roomie and Amberlee. I started doing that about 3yrs ago actually. It's just interesting looking back… :P Ahhh good times and stuff. That aside The long and short of it all this con was pretty good. There were over 15,000 attending here in Dallas and it seems that A-kon has gone more from an anime con to many things like Dragon Con and such…
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So there is my con report... My next update is going to be a more introspective one I do believe...
This weekend was definitely one to remember for many reasons. I worked most of it, but Memorial Day I was able to get out and do something I've been wanting to do for a couple months now... Go to Scarborough Faire! It is a local renaissance festival that I have been going to for years and years... Actually I've been going there for more than 13yrs oddly enough... *chuckles* A long, long @$$ time...

The Sunday before I had my brother come over and boy did he arrive late... I got annoyed with him, but cest la vie... Another friend Cebelius was in town came with us along with my roomie Charger. We met up at Amberlee's place and met up with [ profile] shadow_stallion, had some breakfast, got changed into costume and left. I changed into the costume that was just finished for me in time for the faire... It's too bad the weather was so hot, but I wore the costume I was only missing two things that weren't able to be hand made... I am missing the boots and sword I need to complete my Tristan costume from the movie Stardust. Even if I had the two articles the only other unfortunately thing is that I don't have long hair so I can't make the look exactly "complete"... :/ Durn job interviews and trying to find another job... I could have my hair long... But then it would hinder my chances of getting a job.... I do plan on growing it out again as I do prefer long hair.

We weren't able to make opening ceremonies like I was originally hoping because I accidentally forgot some eye drops that I definitely needed since the last surgery on May 7th. I'm still having to take the Pred Forte (a steroid drop). My vision though has been getting steadily better in my left eye as it has been healing. I have been following the doctor's orders there. So after stopping off at work then made good time and got to the faire. Got some comp tickets from my older brother who's been working at the fair for many MANY years and has been part of the Corsairs (a singing pirate act). Made it to their first showing and got to talk to some friends I've known at faire and was directed to one new act by someone called Dr. Kaboom. We walked all around and a lot of my friends loved my outfit even though it wasn't exactly "period", it was great and Celyddon dressed as Yvaine from the movie. She really outdid herself with the costumes I must say. We did some eating, and drank lots of water. We saw quite a few shows... We also caught my parents there as well.

Oh and I highly recommend if you go to a Renaissance Festival and Dr. Kaboom is there... He is a must see... He has coined a catch phrase that will stick with me and my friends...


We couldn't stop laughing and it may become an inside joke... We all will also remember to "practice SAFE science" as well... ;)

Unfortunately Storm and Amberlee left early around 2pmish and right before then one girl validated my costume and knew where it came from! ^_^ Other people thought it was a nice costume like Miguel from another of the acts at Scarborough and a former Corsair who was there for the absolute last show because this year unfortunately was the last year for the Corsairs as they are disbanding from here. Unfortunately with at least one member finding a job in Virginia and other things they couldn't keep together still. So after 13yrs. So I made sure to be there for their final show. It was a spectacular send off and the act following the Corsairs let them have as much time as they needed to say goodbyes and things like that. It was through them and my brother I knew so many people at Scarborough. I plan on having some pictures posted of me in costume...

So we left after that last show and some shopping. We then came home and watched the first Back to the Future movie before Cebelius left. Today I got a haircut to shorten the bangs and trim up the back for my Leon costume and gonna get a white wig styled for Chaos from Xenosaga III. I also have been practicing my music as I'm part of a musical panel for Project A-kon. I'm very excited and can't wait! :)


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