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( Nov. 27th, 2008 08:25 am)
Doesn't keep the doctor away, but is a good start to this holiday! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving that celebrate it. I will be heading off to enjoy time with my family followed by a gathering of friends at my apartment later this evening. I wish those who are traveling a safe and pleasant journey. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and the company therein. I know I'm thankful for those close to me.

I also want to wish a belated birthday to thanksgiving whelps like [ profile] farraptor, [ profile] akseawolf, and [ profile] goggremlin. I know a lot of you I wished it in person and others I've missed here in LJ as I've not been very diligent in posting.

All in all I hope everyone has a great holiday and with Christmas coming up hope things go well there too.

**EDIT**: I also wish to give a Happy Hyena Day to [ profile] baja_hyena! :)
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 09:01 am)
To an awesome blue-maned feline that I know by the name of [ profile] zeiroslion! Hope you have a fun one my good friend.

I also wanted to wish a happy whelp day to someone I haven't seen in forever... [ profile] dogzrbarkn. Hope you are doing well my friend.

Oh here is a personality test thing I took... I do kinda like the result and think it does represent me well.

My personality type: the dreamy idealist

EDIT - 6/6/08: I'm gonna edit this entry and not spam people with just a single birthda post... Wishing [ profile] tygercowboy a happy whelp day as well.
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to a silly raccoon by the name of [ profile] nightflurry who turned 22 today! Gaaah... I feel so old sometimes...

Work was just the usual dullness, but I'm looking forward to this coming Wednesday... I hope to get my new fire poi in because I want to go fire spinning again. Lately I find myself doing a lot of things, mostly to keep my mind off things. At least one cool thing is from the party I was at here recently I met a few new people, one of which who is into contact juggling actually called me up and wanted to hang after work. He said there were fellow people who were spinning at White Rock lake... So I got off work @ 6pm and tried hurrying my butt there, but unfortunately by the time I got there the people spinning poi were gone, just the drum circle... So listened to the drums for a bit, and then decided to go catch some food with him and his girlfriend (who I was teaching poi tricks to at the party). We ate at a nice Indian restaurant and then I was homeward bound. They both seem cool and hope to hang out with them more... and other people in my other non-fur circles of friends.

I talked with my mother and found the date of my brother's graduation... Unfortunately some she was quite stressed out with a few things in trying to plan on the whole graduation thing as it is a nice drive away to get to the college where the ceremonies will be held. I think she's over-stressing, but then again perhaps some that is where I get some of my tendencies... I know I have a tendency to over stress and things like that too.

In any case it's late... I'm gonna catch me some shut eye... I don't know if I'll be online much here the next few days/weeks... I've kinda been a bit lack-luster... I'm also thinking of taking a bit of a hiatus from lj as well... I mostly only keep it up to date for those that I don't keep in touch with on a regular basis... *shrugs* I may check online here and there for some online auctions for costume pieces, but I do have things I should get on like practicing music for the upcoming anime convention as well as scheduling my LASIK surgery... I think I'm gonna get that for April 22nd, so my dad can take me to and from the clinic and my mom was wanting to "pamper" me again like when after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I won't object... *chuckles*
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to a cool blue husky named Banshee, and also to the dancing wuff Vincent([ profile] draco751). I hope you have fun... Think... One more year and your car insurance will go down drastically! :P *snugs*
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my friend [ profile] atmanryu! Hope things are going well for you. Have missed talking and hope to keep in better touch. You have been missed my scaley friend.

In other news... My little brother is in town! He and his wife both are in the army and are in on leave. I had lunch with them and some other family on Tuesday and enjoyed time afterwards with my grandmother and great aunt before hanging with the usual Tuesday crowd.

I also had my younger brother over to my apartment. Haven't had him over in forever. Had him over Wednesday night, he and his wife. We watched the newest Studio Ghibli film that I had recently received in the mail, along with a few other anime titles/series.

I also had a very nice dinner Thursday night with my immediate family, excluding my older brother and his wife. So it was me, my little brother, his wife, my twin, and my parents. We ate at a very authentic Spanish restaurant called Cafe Madrid. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed good food before my younger and his wife had to leave... They are both in the army, have been married for over a year now. I semi envy my older brother and younger brother in some respect... I worked yesterday and went gaming and we tried out the new 4th edition things that have been put out on the internet for people to try. It was pretty fun actually.

Today I've just been working and it truthfully hasn't been too horrible today call volume wise. I was talking with my mother on the phone during a break. I won't be able to join my family for Easter, because I work... I wish I could be there with them, but can't unfortunately. The only real big thing that did get on my nerves though, was my mother started laying into me on finding a someone... *sighs* More specifically, a lady to settle down with... I just really wish sometimes that particular topic/subject wouldn't be brought up... Granted it's been a while since her last bit of "hinting" (more like hitting me with a shovel)... I've been with guys and girls... I'm bi... I'm just, still kinda right now unsure on the whole 'relationship' thing in general... *lowers his head*

Not gonna go any further there...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter early! Be mindful that after today though that the easter bunny hates you! :P *snickers*
I wanted to wish my friends [ profile] celyddon and [ profile] dark_natasha a very happy birthday! I hope that today is fun for the both of you. I wish I could be there for the lunch thing with Amberlee, but ah well, cest la vie... I'm stuck at work. I can't wait to get off work and will be picking up my copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl from my local gamestop.

Wow... this weekend was very VERY jam packed... I've hardly even been online when I'm at home. I've just been posting things here while at work during some downtimes/breaks. Sorry to people that I mostly talk to online, as I've been busy with company and things like that. At least right now I have a little down time to relax a bit... And deal with other things...

After work yesterday had a decent dinner with [ profile] teirandragon and had a good chat over a few things. Rather saddened hear a few things he had to say and truthfully rather disappointed in other people. There are some ups though... It's good to know that things shouldn't really be finger pointing,(unfortunately some people are) because some people can't see themselves as being problems, or part of a larger problem. I'm not perfect myself and always working on that. Like everyone else should try to be better in many aspects. Friends should really act like they are instead of how things have been. *shrugs* Enough on that though.

Spent last night while Beo was still in town. We watched Stargate, and then played some Rock Band. We even got Guardian ([ profile] guardlion) to sing for a little and he enjoyed it! ^_^ Said my goodbyes and such. I then went to bed and set my clock an hour forward... I didn't get as much sleep as I would've liked, but ah well... Work today has been busy, but just a normal Sunday all truth be told, nothing special. I wish I could be at Amberlee's birthday lunch thing, but will have something later on. I'm wishing Beo a safe trip home and hope to see him back down here soon. :)
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( Feb. 29th, 2008 10:48 am)
Just wanted to wish a very special birthday to [ profile] grey_jackal! ^_^ Yours only "technically" comes once every 4yrs. so have yourself a birthday celebration that makes up for the other lost 4.

I can't wait to get off work today and enjoy time with friends and things of that nature. Hope everyone else has a good weekend as well.
Well I want to wish [ profile] fuzzwolf a Happy Whelp Day... on his actual birthday. May you get spankings and other things you wanted. Today after work I stopped off at Best Buy and picked up Guitar Hero III for my Wii, and Bomberman Land. I love Bomberman and had to get it, now the other I know people will say... Get Rockband and all, but I don't have enough people to play with... I may get it as I could just take it over to friend's places at times, but lugging my 360 around isn't always the most fun ya know...

I did go out to eat tonight with my other roomie as kind of a late birthday thing. It was fun actually and quite enjoyable as the place we went was actually quite a nice restaurant called "La Hacienda Ranch"... It looks like they were the first to create frozen margaritas! :P I found that interesting being their claim to fame. The food was good and service was excellent. I also got a free pie for my birthday... ;) Yes I know it wasn't cake so it isn't a lie.

Just been enjoying things as they come... Oh I wanted to get to the art... I commissioned a lovely and talented artist that drew something for Amberlee and got a themed pic... I got two versions of the same pic...

Here is the first of the two. Hope you all enjoy! I know I enjoy this piece. ^_^
I was tagged by [ profile] ichi_black... So... here is a meme.

Seven quirks/facts about me:

1. I have been dubbed with having "icy cold paws of death" especially in the mornings.

2. I'm very chivalrous, to a fault.

3. I have a small collection of plushes that I have been giving mostly geological names, kinds of rock and things like that.

4. I do have arachnophobia, but mine isn't the screaming run away kind... I am more the kill the spiders kind of person.

5. I love swords, ninjas, and piratey things.

6. I almost was a were before I came into the furry fandom.

7. I still wear my highschool ring, even though I should probably get another to wear on that finger.

I think I will let this die with me here on my end... I will not tag anyone.

I do want to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes and was so surprised with some birthday art I have received. *hugs to all* I also want to wish [ profile] dook a happy birthday here on my lj as well. My birthday has been good for the most part. I will be celebrating things with my parents tomorrow. I want to hurt my scheduling people at work though... I was called at one point to try to change around my current work schedule and almost was able to get an earlier shift and seems after I agreed to coming in earlier that it gets yanked from me, like other things in my life, but no use focusing on things. There is so much more to look forward to and have fun.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 04:52 pm)
On a note from the previous lj post... I wanted to wish a very special pirate captain [ profile] calgor a very happy birthday. I've been all out of sorts lately and had almost even forgotten the day as I had some strange idea in my head that it was tomorrow! :/ Very odd indeed...

Good thing is that I did call him and wished him a birthday in person, or as close to in person as possible. Was good talking with him. I want to wish him well on his new endeavors though with winning an interview and obtaining a new job. I hope everything else goes his way as well. Only wish him the best... and want him to be happy. :)
Friday night after work I followed some of my roomie's advice. Get out with friends and such. So... I was called by a friend who wanted to hang out after work and go see a movie. I hadn't seen this friend in a while so I decided to do so. We met up at the theater and picked a foreign film called "The Orphanage". It was a really interesting ghost story to say the least. I liked it, and my friend was a little taken/freaked out by the movie as he said it had themes and elements that kinda really got to him. It was a cool movie none-the-less. We also stayed in the parking lot and just talked for a while as it seemed he really needed to get some things off his chest on dealing with some friends he knows and I tried giving my best advice to him.

I also want to wish [ profile] arakinuk a belated birthday and glad you made it here to the states fine. I'll see you on Thursday this week and all my other friends who are going to be at FC. Depending on how long I stay at my current job I'm looking at vacation stuff and definitely going to cut AC out of my trip schedule because I'd rather make a different trip instead, and have more time this time around. Though it depends on the job too and vacation time.

Oh and cellphone wise I've been very lazy and finally switched over to the Razr that was given to me... It was so annoying getting all the contacts moved over and I think I'm gonna get with Dylan about seeing how to sync things with my mac as I know my brother used his mac and razr together to transfer files via bluetooth. I want to thank people for the well wishing and want you to know that things are going ok, just taking things one step at a time here, and continuing to move forward.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:47 pm)
To a cool wuff named [ profile] brokkentwolf!!! Hope you had fun today and whatnot wuff! *administers traditional b-day spankings +1* :P
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 02:46 pm)
Just wanting to wish [ profile] baja_hyena a Happy Birthday! I know it's one day late, though I wished it to ya 'in person' yesterday via im's. I just didn't post about it here. Hope you had fun m'friend. *hugs and stuffs* I did a presentation yesterday, and have one today. I think we're gonna do fine. Semester's almost over! ^_^
Wishing my twin [ profile] dook a very happy birthday. Since it is now actually time. I'm not sure about doing something with friends tonight or waiting till a later time like next weekend. Next weekend is the movie meet. *hrms*

I know this is short notice but any of my DFW friends wanna meet up at some point tomorrow perhaps like at the Main Event in Lewisville? Or perhaps go to The Magic Time Machine again? I already spent time with my family celebrating a little early on Saturday and received some gifts and stuff.

I would love to have some fun that isn't by myself tomorrow. I know it's a week day, but if nothing else will try to track me down a Wii as my lil gift to myself. I don't need presents, just enjoyable company and all will do.
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 12:54 pm)
To [ profile] ysengrin! :) Hope you have a fun one bud!
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 12:15 am)
To an awesome black/gray lion I know by the name of [ profile] navajo! Hope you have a good one m'friend!
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( Feb. 5th, 2007 07:45 am)
To [ profile] yakeo! :) Hope you have a fun one!
To a very special Captain Cat that lives in England by the name of [ profile] calgor! I do hope you had a very enjoyable day. *hugs* I didn't forget and have been thinking about you lots. Just remember... You're not getting older, just wiser! :)
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( Jul. 24th, 2006 10:36 am)
To my good friend (and roommate)

[ profile] guardlion!!!

Wish you didn't have to work today, but hope that the anniversary of the day of your birth has at least some fun!
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( Apr. 19th, 2006 01:38 am)
To a the oh so awesome [ profile] charon2! :) Hope you have fun bud!


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