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( Mar. 16th, 2008 02:36 pm)
Happy birthday to... [ profile] bravo and [ profile] sephebonblade! :) Hope you to have tons of "big" fun and all this day! Well... perhaps one of you will have big fun, but I hope you both enjoy yourselves!

Oh and belated birthday wishes to my equine friend [ profile] rozberk!

Oh and happy pre-St. Patrick's... During my lunch break I went to Bennigan's and had their special with corned beef and cabbage. I work till 6pm today, but 7pm tomorrow... I just found out that my little brother is in town and will have to try to hang out with him on my days off this week.
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( Apr. 15th, 2007 04:17 pm)
Well my older brother's birthday is today but my family celebrated it last night. After work I went home, picked up my twin and headed to my parent's. We had an awesome dinner and watched the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. We gave our older brother a very cool and funny card and before going home I did show off my new glowy toys. Everyone was pretty impressed including my older brother. ^_^ He can at times be hard to impress so I'm happy there. I do want to learn more tricks though and continue with this hobby. It's good aerobic exercise on top of just being fun.

Today been waiting for some class mates to get back with me via e-mail to work on and finish up a presentation that is due on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as I work a 10hr. Day... I have my schedule for the week after this.

School is almost over for this semester... I'm gonna get with an academic advisor and work on getting things to finish next semester. I may see about possibly taking a course or two over the summer I don't know. If I stay with my current job I'm not going to go back to full time status any time soon though.

Still annoyed with some online stuff and whatnot but *shrugs* eh... Not gonna let that bog me down.


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