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( Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:35 pm)
I got my car back today and all is well so far. I haven't heard anything back from my insurance as the kid and his parents tried contacting me about a week ago wondering "who was going to take care of their car" after my insurance company had gotten to the point of declaring fault and deemed it as their insurance takes care of them, and mine take care of me. Truthfully I wanted to say on the phone "since you don't have insurance let me call the police and see what happens then..." I didn't, but some I think I should have. *shrugs* Ah well... Hind sight is 20/20.

The damage to my vehicle was less than $1000 and things of that nature. They even did some detailing inside my vehicle... I just now have to clear out my trunk as some of the things I had in the backseat got put in the trunk for them to clean the inside of my car. So I now have my lil blue car back. I'm still thinking of getting a new car at some point, but have been putting the decision off for a while... I wasn't wanting to get strapped down with a car payment and things of that nature.

I had fun the past week, went fire spinning at one point and did some swimming at a pool party and also after gaming last Friday. It's been over 30days since my left eye was fixed so I can now swim! ^_^ It's not summer without swimming you know. Met [ profile] shadow_stallion's mate which was cool and their house is very nice. I hope to own a nice home at some point, just now will have to decide later on where, and all those other things. Had a decent weekend as well, had a talk with someone very close and really came to a few realizations that kinda sadden me... Enough on that though...

I also found out George Carlin died... :/ He was a funny man indeed. His loss was echoed a lot by people on my friend's list. Oh and happy belated and future birthdays to people as I've been kinda out of touch with things.
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( Jun. 12th, 2008 05:53 pm)
I have good news and bad news from my insurance company. They called the kid and his story was he was stopped and putting his car into drive and I backed up into him and I don't think that was the case. They're calling this a "he said", "she said" kind of thing and it's where my insurance takes care of me, his takes care of him. So I'll be out a little money getting my car fixed, but I have rental coverage.

Good news: My rate is not going to go up! That is good... Just annoyed that I'm gonna be out a little money for the repair and all. *shrugs* Ah well... I go tomorrow @ 9:30am to drop off my car and get my rental.

Oh and forgot to mention about getting a new icon! :) I've used it a little, but wanted to make mention of it. Just a closeup of my eye... I wish that the "glowing" one I had made was small enough to work here, but this will have to do.


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