Well I don't know if I put all of them in there, but for those of you who celebrate things around this time of year I am wanting to wish you, your friends, family, and loved ones, the happiest of holidays! I know me and my immediate family (my parents and sibblings) usually have a tradition of celebrating starting tonight, Christmas Eve, going through Christmas Day. Others have different traditions and practices and may not be of the same, but in my opinion that is irrelevant. I just want to wish good tidings to all regardless.

I still must give kudos to [livejournal.com profile] 2_gryphon for his rant on Christmas.

May you all be safe and things be bright this season and that next year yields better things than this year. May it be a year of change, and hopefully that will be for the better.
I've been enjoying Christmas with my family here and even though missing one member of the immediate family we enjoyed things. I arrived last night after work and if I had been able to arrive earlier we would've done our usual "traditional" opening of gifts and some "christmasing" that evening, but did do some just family stuff. Then today Christmas Day we definitely enjoyed our family time and all that jazz. Even watched Stardust with the family which was most enjoyable. ^_^

Everyone else is gone, and I'm staying here as I have something planned for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy a lunch get together with my grandmother who wasn't able to attend graduation as she was under the weather. The gathering of my mother's side of the family is going to be this Saturday and if I wasn't working I'd definitely try to attend. I'm still here at my parent's, and they've gone to bed.

Hope the rest of you enjoyed today and this holiday season. Here's to hoping that next year is better than this one for everyone.

Oh... and Happy Chrismahannaquanzica! :P *snickers* (that almost covers them all)
I recently got a CD that was part of a gift package from someone very dear to me who lives in the UK. The CD part was mostly in part from [livejournal.com profile] celyddon who got in touch with [livejournal.com profile] arakinuk and the CD was included along with other stuff. As most of you may know I've been enthralled with the movie Stardust and recently picked it up as it just came out on dvd (If you haven't picked it up, do so... The movie is awesome!). The song at the ending credits of the movie I fell in love with and wasn't included in the cd soundtrack that was released and only was released just now in this single that is in the UK. The cd though came with a bonus song that has grown on me, but mostly the lyrics and the meaning behind them.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. There really isn't anything 'physical' I want for Christmas, and money can't or won't buy it either. I can't wait to get off work tomorrow and spend time with my family.
Now I am completely done with family stuff, well until like the 1st of the year after some new years party fun stuff with friends. My father's side of the family is wanting to hold a gathering on Jan 1, but I'm not sure if I really want to go to that. A lot of my family on that side work retail in some form or fashion, upper end, and other things and unfortunately I've dealt with working retail too and I know the perils... Last night hung out with my cousins for a little family get together, unfortunately with working I missed seeing my grandmother and my older brother and his wife. I still did have a good time. Heck we even watched another version of a "Christmas Carol"... So this holiday I saw like 3 versions... One from way long ago, I think in the 1930's, another that was called Scrooge, a musical with Albert Finney (this version of a Christmas Carol I feel is the best), and then another last night with the cousins that was I think in the 1980's but nowhere near as good as Scrooge... *shrugs* They could've done so much better, but meh...

The gathering was fun and spending time with family is always enjoyable as I don't spend time with them as often as I would like. Other than that things are going ok for the most part. I even showed the family some of my spinning tricks I've learned with my beanbag poi that I got from Scarborough Faire. They were very impressed, though I still need to learn more fun tricks and stuff. That and I also need to practice in suit before FC after learning new tricks...

Still this Christmas even though it hasn't been the best was still ok overall... Yea there are things I wish were better and whatnot, but *shrugs* Not much that I can really do on those ends. I need to worry about what I can fix and not what I can't. In any case I wish everyone a good rest of 2006 and can't wait to have fun with friends and ring in 2007!

    P.s. I also can't wait for stuff I ordered in the mail from some places. Got some glow sticks and other things... ^_^
Just got back from some happy holiday gatherings with my mother's side of the family and my immediate family. Spent Saturday over at my grandmother's which was awesome and spent the night over at my parent's. Christmas eve did our usual family tradition, though wasn't able to celebrate with my older brother or younger brother. My older brother was out of town with his wife's family and my younger brother is up in Alaska. Other than that had a good Christmas... Did have a little bit of a downer, but *shrugs* hopefully things there aren't as they seem and I'm not going into it here on my journal. The holiday overall was great, even though it didn't feel fully like "Christmas" as things just didn't feel in the spirit... *shrugs* Perhaps it's just me. I know I said it before but I will say it again as today is actually the day............


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( Dec. 24th, 2006 10:35 am)
Meant to post this Friday during work, but never got around to it. Well it's time for the holidays after tonight. I will go home. Wrap up some gifts and try to find some small little trinkets for my mother, father, and grandmother. (They all want nothing, and I already donated to charities in each of their names as my mom said not give any gifts but give to charities). I just want to give something small. I got everything else and even presented my gifts to my roomies last night as I will be heading off either tonight or tomorrow for my parent's place for Christmas with my mother's side of the family and will have another one with my mom & dad Christmas Eve/Day.
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Hopefully this week the OT will stay off, but the following week I bet it will start up again... *crosses his fingers* Lets hope it doesn't.
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Unfortunately this year will definitely be scattered as my older brother won't be around, and my younger brother is part of the army and being moved to Alaska and out of harms way. In any case have a


But if you would like to stuff my stocking...
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