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( Feb. 6th, 2007 03:00 pm)
For your viewing pleasure... I found a repository of photos taken of me at the con when I decided to pose in front of a "professional" looking setup in the upper lobby area of the con. I've never done this before and wasn't sure what really to expect or what kind of poses to do or anything... :P

Click here for photos!

Enjoy Everyone!

Unfortunately [ profile] arakinuk didn't get some recognition as I think I signed up with my name and his name didn't get put on the roster. Here is me making sure he gets recognition as he is in a few of the pictures. I think I also mentioned in my previous post I believe this happened around Saturday evening.
The post you all have been waiting for... My MFF post... ;) The con was a ton of fun that is all I have to say, but if you want the nitty gritty details... Read more... )
All in all I had a very good vacation except for the luggage bit at the end. I picked it up last night after work. I drove last night to be with the family. Stopped at a WalMart and did try finding a Wii and the lady in electronics tried finding any WalMart in the area that said they had some. We called around and unfortunately nothing. :/ I’ll get one eventually.

So there you have it, my con report!


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