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( Jun. 4th, 2008 12:03 am)
This con was huge… It has certainly grown the 8yrs I have been attending it. I was looking at all my badges and I am still blown away how long I've been going to this convention! I've seen many things change, like hotels, and everything else. One thing I am not so happy about changing wise has been things dealing with costumes and weapons. I also changed how I did things at the con. I usually just "attended" and I got into dressing up and cosplaying like so many there thanks to the work of my roomie and Amberlee. I started doing that about 3yrs ago actually. It's just interesting looking back… :P Ahhh good times and stuff. That aside The long and short of it all this con was pretty good. There were over 15,000 attending here in Dallas and it seems that A-kon has gone more from an anime con to many things like Dragon Con and such…
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So there is my con report... My next update is going to be a more introspective one I do believe...
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( May. 17th, 2008 10:51 am)
I just got my tax return and the incentive check. It seems I got the tax return before the incentive. I meant to do direct deposit, but it is always nice receiving paper from the government saying we owe you money and things like that. I already knew ahead of time what most of my tax refund was gonna pay for (LASIK) and it covered more than half the procedure, but the incentive check I am gonna use that to get me some renaissance boots and some other sundries.

I'm still waiting for a sword to be shipped to me and I plan on contacting Strongblade to find out where it is, as I was hoping it would get to me before Memorial Day coming up.

Am a little concerned after gaming last night... I am hoping things are ok, but will have to see what's up after I get off work. Other than that I've been practicing music for the con as I'd put that off after getting LASIK, but with my eyes now feeling better things are going to be fine for that I do believe.

I am going to post a couple other pics with my Leon S. Kennedy costume and am so glad that it was so well received. I even asked a friend who is an actor (I so would love to be one btw...) his opinion and he said it looked very close and he just recently finished THAT game a couple weeks ago! ^_^ I know there are a couple little further fine tuning tweaks that could be done to fully get it proper. Maybe next year I'll tweak the outfit and go as another version of the same character, but another outfit like others have done. I wanted to do the bomber jacket look, but couldn't find one at a decent price. So I have a total of 4 costumes I could wear to A-kon this year, but more than likely will only be wearing two, possibly 3.

Not sure what I'll be up to after work. I don't know if there is a movie meet, but more than likely I'll be going home and practicing music for at least an hour or so if there isn't anything else going on. This is just the latest on what has been up with me.


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