Well looks like I don't have a schedule this coming week. I waited till yesterday thinking they would give me a schedule like they have sometimes before waiting till Saturday to give one to me. Though this has happened before I made sure to wait till I was just leaving for the day and showed one of the new supervisors who I knew when he was a CSA fairly well and showed him my schedule. Then went to RMG and showed them. They tried telling me to adhere like to my previous week's schedule and I told them I wasn't gonna work Sunday because seeing no schedule I planned things for Easter and all. I dunno if I will go into work tomorrow... I may do so from 8am - 12pm just because... I don't know... *chuckles*

So that's what I'm gonna get fixed tomorrow...

In other news.....


(to those who celebrate it)
khyle: (Zeiros - Icon)
( Apr. 16th, 2006 10:43 pm)
This Easter was definitely quite a lot of fun. I didn't go to early church with my family which wasn't so bad as I wasn't wanting to get up that early. What I did do was drive out to downtown Ft. Worth to eat at a resteraunt that is much like Fogo De Charo, called Texas De Brazil. I was thoroughly impressed with the place and think of it as better than Fogo now. I would rather go to this resteraunt over Fogo as they are both pretty much the exact same. My younger brother was in town and this was the first time in quite some time that all 6 of my family were together. My mom, dad, older brother, me, my twin, and younger brother. My mother's brother showed up as well, though my grandmother on my mom's side wasn't able to make it as she was feeling a little sick. :( That was the only downer. Had a great and filling meal and tried eating as much as possible as I didn't eat breakfast in preparation for the all you can eat meats that this place serves. After lunch mom loaded all us down with some candy and some confetti eggs... I went out to a little Easter meet that [livejournal.com profile] spiketxtyger & [livejournal.com profile] shadowtxhorse were holding at their place.

I got there for the most part ok, after getting directions from Shadow... just missed one turn, but other than that got there just fine. On my way into the house though. I used both my confetti eggs to shower the hosts... *grins evily* All in good fun! ^_^ The time spent there was just awesome. There were lots of furs there, quite a few of them are actually on SL as well so I've found out. Will definitely have to add some of them. Was talking with Shadow some on things with his new Sim Rainbow Stallion, that is attached to Rainbow Tiger. I'm now a member there which is cool. We painted easter eggs and chatted, played a cool game called Cranium, ate pizza, and also watched the first episode of the newest season of Dr. Who. I just recently got back and am now sitting at home and just wanted to post this on the enjoyable day that I've had. Many thanks to Spike & Shadow for the fun and frivolities that were had and to all the people that there. It was great and hope to have more fun and stuff like that.

Oh and Happy Easter to everyone!


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