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( Jun. 7th, 2008 02:18 pm)
Work today was horrid right from the get go. When I first got in @ 8am, we had over 250+ in queue and it seems there was some kind of outage, but I bet most calls were being routed to our center. I couldn't believe my eyes at that... *grumbles* No use in really whining about it... I just gotta take calls one at a time and all that... Speaking on work though... I’ll be starting my new schedule this Sunday with weekends off. working 12pm - 8:30pm most days, and working 39.5hrs a week... :/ Lame, but hey at least I'm not working mandatory OT like the full time people... I like having a life thank you.

In other news… today is also my last day of taking the steroid drops for my left eye. Since I got off @ 4:30 yesterday I hung out with Storm for a while. He was nice enough to offer to pick me up at my apartment after me helping drive him home a few times. We had a few hours before our usual Friday night D&D gaming session so we went to a mall and tried going to a gaming store that I bought some dice at a number of months back and turns out the store wasn't there anymore and closed. :( Quite lame, but at least I knew the direction of the store and where it SHOULD have been. *shrugs* I guess I'll have to find another store to pick up dice and stuff.

Gaming last night was pretty fun, nothing out of the ordinary, though the fluff was getting over being sick from getting con crud from A-kon. Other stuff I've paid off the LASIK surgery and after today I can start swimming! I've also been putting together a project with my brother for another fursuit that is going to be "just for fun" with a group called the [ profile] drinkfoxes... ;) Will have to see what comes about with this as I've been working with [ profile] joecifur on this...

So that's kinda what's been up. I've also been kinda wondering about some friends of mine as I haven't heard from a few in quite a while... Hope things are going ok.
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( Mar. 28th, 2008 09:46 am)
Yesterday was just a normal day... I went and had my eye appt... I am still highly contemplating getting LASIK as I've been thinking about having it done for years, but our family eye doctor I've been seeing for the longest time before moving out and getting my own vision insurance said to wait until after 25 and have been told by my current eye doctor that my prescription hasn't really changed much at all. It bodes well... I'm thinking of having it done if I can relatively soon... I'm just gonna have to work out with friends or family on taking me to the place when the surgery is gonna take place and thing like that.

I think I'd get it on a Tuesday so that way I'd have Wednesday and Thursday to recover following the surgery. From what I've read the corneal cap heals quite fast, and reading over the literature... The only thing I'd have issues with is the constant drops for the first few days after surgery. :/ *grumbles* I hate drops in my eyes, but I'd just have to grin and bear with it.

I'm still conteplating making this journal completely friends only. I've had others who have urged me to do that... I am still wanting those who I haven't friended back yet who I possibly don't know to say something to me so I can decide on adding you or not.


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