Hey people, just letting you all know things are fine for the most part. I’m getting prepped for having company this coming weekend, but that isn’t the real reason I decided to post here. I wanted to give some exciting, and interesting information.

I just became an UNCLE! On 12/11/08 @ around 5:16pm. My younger brother (who is in Iraq currently) and his wife gave my parents their first granddaughter. This is also the first great granddaughter for my mom’s side of the family.

Other good news… My twin graduated finally over this past weekend. We spent the night in a hotel after getting off work on Friday, as his graduation ceremony was in a far off place Commerce TX at 8:30am Saturday. The ceremony was relatively quick compared to my own graduation. After things were over, we stopped off at the campus book store because this was the first time my brother had actually ever stepped foot onto the actual campus, having taken classes elsewhere more local. From there we had an awesome lunch at a local restaurant B.J.’s Brewhouse with some family that couldn’t make it and friends that were not able to make that gawd awful early graduation ceremony. Then after dinner spent time with friends as they live nearby where we were eating lunch. It was nice to hang out for a while as I’d been the one driving and stuff… It was a nice break.

Yesterday I went to the Arlington 2nd Sunday meet at a park after talking with a couple good friends I met at Oklacon, Imperial Lion and his mate Kurisu. I found there were a few other people that I kinda knew at the meet as well. It was most enjoyable and I wish I had brought my fursuit, but the head is currently out to be repaired. The only annoying thing is that a cookie was left on a seat that I didn’t see (left by someone’s kid I bet), and had to clean up my black leather trench coat. Other than that was a good meet and one I’ll have to return again to at some point, but with fursuit next time. I then went back to my apartment, had semi been hoping to chat with one or two people, but didn’t stay on long as I had plans that evening for a Christmas dinner planned out by [livejournal.com profile] celyddon.

The dinner last night was stupendous! It was all made by her as her present to us all. Other gifts were passed around. It was a really nice day in general, and had a nice end to it as well with that dinner.

I’ve also just had a lot on my mind here, some wish things weren’t so distant from some friends of mine, but then again there are varying levels of friendship and closeness and things of that nature. I’m going to try not to take things so personally as I believe can be said for many, and also try not to invest too much emotionally into things as some it only helps to just set one up for a fall, especially believing things are at a certain level when they aren’t, or having too high standards on some things (including people, friends, etc.). I know I tend to hold myself to a high standard, and a lot of times don't meet what I feel I should be capable of.

I end this with a quiz I took, and I really like my results. From here I go back to other things, might not be around much, but I want to thank everyone for their support. It means a lot.

Your Spiritual Number is Six

You bring communication and empathy into people's lives.

You are very open and understanding. You can accept difficult people.

Right now, your life is about being understood. You have trouble with your own vulnerability.

You end up playing the role of therapist in relationships, and it's hard to get people to ask about you.

You will take time out for those you love, even if you don't have much time. You can't help but be nurturing.

You are very responsible and ethical. You deliver on your promises.

I scheduled two of these using the last of my vacation/personal days. I already spent the first one with a new friend of mine. This past weekend went on a road trip up to Oklahoma to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] okidokicoyote. The only annoying thing was the 3hr. drive… :/ *gruffs* That was really my only gripe. He was going to come down the weekend after Thanksgiving, but had some car troubles. I had scheduled this a month or two ago and wasn't sure how to spend that first weekend and so I did that road trip. He and I have plans for something fursuit wise for the up coming convention Furry Fiesta here in the Texas area. I also recently heard some good news that their room block is close to full which is awesome. I'm glad I got my room reserved already!

This coming weekend I plan on being at my brother's graduation, and that will be another long drive… *grumbles* I wish it wasn't so far away, but *shrugs* cest la vie… I at first heard from someone it was a 3hr. drive, but seems from where I work/live it is only an hour and a half. I'm happy he's going to be graduated he's been chomping at the bit to be done with school. I may eventually go back for a master's degree, but not just yet. I have been enjoying this year of freedom from school.

I have plans next weekend trying to work out with a friend to come down to visit as I have another 4day weekend and he's been wanting to visit. He is also one of many I plan on visiting outside of a convention.

So… Here is my trip recap!

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A thunderstorm blew through last night and seems we're in for some colder weather. I want this week to be over already. I want to have it be my brother's graduation time and give him a royal celebration for staying the course and finishing and not settling for that inferior degree and getting his Bachelors of Fine Arts. I'm very proud of him. I just wish things weren't so hard on him, he's been struggling to get a job in his field and I've been having a hard time myself finding a job in my course of study too.

Well I thank you all for reading… I know it was long, but I like to keep this journal and write things like I do to try to preserve memories and to let you all know what is going on in my life. I sometimes am not the most attentive to everyone in LJ I know I don't comment as often as I should but I do try to read… I had a lot of things to catch up on as this past weekend I pretty much was making sure NOT to be on the internet.

Take care! *hugs* I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!
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( Nov. 27th, 2008 08:25 am)
Doesn't keep the doctor away, but is a good start to this holiday! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving that celebrate it. I will be heading off to enjoy time with my family followed by a gathering of friends at my apartment later this evening. I wish those who are traveling a safe and pleasant journey. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and the company therein. I know I'm thankful for those close to me.

I also want to wish a belated birthday to thanksgiving whelps like [livejournal.com profile] farraptor, [livejournal.com profile] akseawolf, and [livejournal.com profile] goggremlin. I know a lot of you I wished it in person and others I've missed here in LJ as I've not been very diligent in posting.

All in all I hope everyone has a great holiday and with Christmas coming up hope things go well there too.

**EDIT**: I also wish to give a Happy Hyena Day to [livejournal.com profile] baja_hyena! :)
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to a silly raccoon by the name of [livejournal.com profile] nightflurry who turned 22 today! Gaaah... I feel so old sometimes...

Work was just the usual dullness, but I'm looking forward to this coming Wednesday... I hope to get my new fire poi in because I want to go fire spinning again. Lately I find myself doing a lot of things, mostly to keep my mind off things. At least one cool thing is from the party I was at here recently I met a few new people, one of which who is into contact juggling actually called me up and wanted to hang after work. He said there were fellow people who were spinning at White Rock lake... So I got off work @ 6pm and tried hurrying my butt there, but unfortunately by the time I got there the people spinning poi were gone, just the drum circle... So listened to the drums for a bit, and then decided to go catch some food with him and his girlfriend (who I was teaching poi tricks to at the party). We ate at a nice Indian restaurant and then I was homeward bound. They both seem cool and hope to hang out with them more... and other people in my other non-fur circles of friends.

I talked with my mother and found the date of my brother's graduation... Unfortunately some she was quite stressed out with a few things in trying to plan on the whole graduation thing as it is a nice drive away to get to the college where the ceremonies will be held. I think she's over-stressing, but then again perhaps some that is where I get some of my tendencies... I know I have a tendency to over stress and things like that too.

In any case it's late... I'm gonna catch me some shut eye... I don't know if I'll be online much here the next few days/weeks... I've kinda been a bit lack-luster... I'm also thinking of taking a bit of a hiatus from lj as well... I mostly only keep it up to date for those that I don't keep in touch with on a regular basis... *shrugs* I may check online here and there for some online auctions for costume pieces, but I do have things I should get on like practicing music for the upcoming anime convention as well as scheduling my LASIK surgery... I think I'm gonna get that for April 22nd, so my dad can take me to and from the clinic and my mom was wanting to "pamper" me again like when after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I won't object... *chuckles*
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my friend [livejournal.com profile] atmanryu! Hope things are going well for you. Have missed talking and hope to keep in better touch. You have been missed my scaley friend.

In other news... My little brother is in town! He and his wife both are in the army and are in on leave. I had lunch with them and some other family on Tuesday and enjoyed time afterwards with my grandmother and great aunt before hanging with the usual Tuesday crowd.

I also had my younger brother over to my apartment. Haven't had him over in forever. Had him over Wednesday night, he and his wife. We watched the newest Studio Ghibli film that I had recently received in the mail, along with a few other anime titles/series.

I also had a very nice dinner Thursday night with my immediate family, excluding my older brother and his wife. So it was me, my little brother, his wife, my twin, and my parents. We ate at a very authentic Spanish restaurant called Cafe Madrid. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed good food before my younger and his wife had to leave... They are both in the army, have been married for over a year now. I semi envy my older brother and younger brother in some respect... I worked yesterday and went gaming and we tried out the new 4th edition things that have been put out on the internet for people to try. It was pretty fun actually.

Today I've just been working and it truthfully hasn't been too horrible today call volume wise. I was talking with my mother on the phone during a break. I won't be able to join my family for Easter, because I work... I wish I could be there with them, but can't unfortunately. The only real big thing that did get on my nerves though, was my mother started laying into me on finding a someone... *sighs* More specifically, a lady to settle down with... I just really wish sometimes that particular topic/subject wouldn't be brought up... Granted it's been a while since her last bit of "hinting" (more like hitting me with a shovel)... I've been with guys and girls... I'm bi... I'm just, still kinda right now unsure on the whole 'relationship' thing in general... *lowers his head*

Not gonna go any further there...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter early! Be mindful that after today though that the easter bunny hates you! :P *snickers*
I've been enjoying Christmas with my family here and even though missing one member of the immediate family we enjoyed things. I arrived last night after work and if I had been able to arrive earlier we would've done our usual "traditional" opening of gifts and some "christmasing" that evening, but did do some just family stuff. Then today Christmas Day we definitely enjoyed our family time and all that jazz. Even watched Stardust with the family which was most enjoyable. ^_^

Everyone else is gone, and I'm staying here as I have something planned for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy a lunch get together with my grandmother who wasn't able to attend graduation as she was under the weather. The gathering of my mother's side of the family is going to be this Saturday and if I wasn't working I'd definitely try to attend. I'm still here at my parent's, and they've gone to bed.

Hope the rest of you enjoyed today and this holiday season. Here's to hoping that next year is better than this one for everyone.

Oh... and Happy Chrismahannaquanzica! :P *snickers* (that almost covers them all)
Well it finally happened. I got my degree and graduated. I got up early, had my brother spend the night and drove up and picked up my grandmother who was needing to be taken to the graduation. We got there around 10:40am and we were the first to the reception. There was one graduation before mine @ 9am. I guess the reception is technically for "after" the graduation, but my mom wanted to be at the reception first before the actual graduation at 1pm to kind of "speed things up". My mom and dad got there shortly after we got there. They were supposed to pick up my grandmother, but had car trouble and I'm so happy that they got a rental car that same day and QUICKLY at that. I got my UNT Exes pin and some memorobelia. I had my picture taken by family there at the reception and after eating some "breakfast" which consisted of the free food at the reception I went to get ready for the graduation at 1pm.

I had to be at the colleseum at 12pm to get ready. I got in line between some nice ladies and while there it was pretty cool seeing other people I knew from a few other classes graduating, though the most interesting thing was how people had done designs on the tops of their hats. The only thing I did was put on a different tassle than the black one I got as with my graduation invites I got one that had my school colors. I was between two ladies that had done stuff to their hats and to my family I was easily found as I was between those two designed hats from afar. I know a few people from my job were there, but one person in particular I should've given my cellphone # as I was wanting my parents to meet her as at my current job she has been instrumental in me being able to get back to school while working. Maybe another time outside of work perhaps. In any case I do hope to list her as a work reference...

After the ceremony we went out to The Magic Time Machine. Before that though did hit the reception for a little bit just to converse with friends that weren't gonna go to the restaurant. Then met up at a gas station as some people didn't know how to get there and did a kind of car caravan to the place. We all got there and were sat in a room that was themed as a library. The place is very special. You walk in and the waitstaff are dressed as famous characters like Superman, Caesar, Jack Sparrow, and others as I forgot to mention ladies like Cinderella, The Tooth Fairy, etc. Every booth has a different theme. We were sat in "The Library" which I think is very appropriate for the occassion. We were served by Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (dressed in a half/half outfit and half makeup). He was quite cool and lots of fun was had by all. We had a veritable feast as 7 of the 10 that attended ordered the "Roman Orgy" that included bread, fruit, meat, veggies... It was a ton of food. Once we ate, we just talked and had fun. Eventually had to leave, but not before doing a little ddr me vs. my brother and the DDR machine wasn't working so well. I won though. :P (by technicality).

Eventually went home and that was the end of that... It was a good day. Now looking to the future and not sure what to do, but at least right now I don't have school to worry about. The sky is the limit though. Thanks to all for the well wishing. Now for Christmas stuff!

    P.s. I got my final grades in... So I made 1 A and 2B's... *grumbles* Not what I was really wanting, but it is acceptable... I was really pumped and thought I was gonna get higher... Ah well, cest la vie...
This post is going to be long, but I'm going to put my work schedule (As I have like 3 weeks of schedules) and some song lyrics behind cuts.

This weekend definitely wasn't one of the best. It started out nice as I went home to visit family on Sunday and get to be with my younger brother who got back from Iraq. I also got to meet his fiancee. Got to spend time with other family members like my Aunt & Uncle from my mom's side, My grandmother, another Uncle, and cousins. Had a blast. I drove down with my brother as we usually carpool to my parent's, but on the way back I had an extra passenger, one of my cousins as she lives real close to me and she wanted to stay and visit longer as she drove down with my aunt & uncle... I took her back and stayed for a little dinner, and Sunday night was when things happened and the breakup with me and [livejournal.com profile] hydra_velsen. I'm glad Rick was home... He and I stayed up a nice bit and talked for quite a while... I really needed it, needed someone there for me. My brother had to go to bed as he works fairly early in the morning, and with when it first happened around 11pm it wasn't like I could really go anywhere or be with friends. I was also up till like 5am that night... :/ *groans* I haven't been sleeping well since around Christmas time.

Monday... I was feeling a bit better from last night. I'm still not totally 100%, but hey this time around I wasn't as devastated. I was kinda prepared for this, and had been for a little while. It still doesn't change the fact how much things hurt. I spent some of the morning talking with a few people online. Some on SL... I really should pay more attention to the MUCKS again I used to be on them and stuff more often. Amberlee offered to come over and the company was definitely appreciated some. Wish I could've had a few people over, but eh... No biggie. I showed her how much I had been practicing, as with last night before Rick got home I was out in the cold and needed to do something... *shrugs* She was fairly impressed with how quickly in general I've been learning these poi spinning tricks. Later on though, my brother also came over, and we all had some pizza and watched Ice Age: The Meltdown, and then when Rick got home I just wasn't in the mood to kick everyone out and go work out so we all watched another movie, Aeon Flux. Talked a nice while and then eventually had to tell people to GTFO (get the f@*k out). I eventually got some sleep. Still haven't been sleeping the best. That will pass and things are going to get better. I'm not going to let this get me down. Still unsure of a few things though... Questioning if I want to be in a relationship again and other things... *shrugs* Meh, just gona live life as it comes and stuff.

Today's been "so-so" at work... though here is my tenative schedule for the upcoming weeks... I so can't wait for FC though...
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Here are some other lyrics that I have posted to this journal before, about a year ago, but are still fitting some...
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Now I am completely done with family stuff, well until like the 1st of the year after some new years party fun stuff with friends. My father's side of the family is wanting to hold a gathering on Jan 1, but I'm not sure if I really want to go to that. A lot of my family on that side work retail in some form or fashion, upper end, and other things and unfortunately I've dealt with working retail too and I know the perils... Last night hung out with my cousins for a little family get together, unfortunately with working I missed seeing my grandmother and my older brother and his wife. I still did have a good time. Heck we even watched another version of a "Christmas Carol"... So this holiday I saw like 3 versions... One from way long ago, I think in the 1930's, another that was called Scrooge, a musical with Albert Finney (this version of a Christmas Carol I feel is the best), and then another last night with the cousins that was I think in the 1980's but nowhere near as good as Scrooge... *shrugs* They could've done so much better, but meh...

The gathering was fun and spending time with family is always enjoyable as I don't spend time with them as often as I would like. Other than that things are going ok for the most part. I even showed the family some of my spinning tricks I've learned with my beanbag poi that I got from Scarborough Faire. They were very impressed, though I still need to learn more fun tricks and stuff. That and I also need to practice in suit before FC after learning new tricks...

Still this Christmas even though it hasn't been the best was still ok overall... Yea there are things I wish were better and whatnot, but *shrugs* Not much that I can really do on those ends. I need to worry about what I can fix and not what I can't. In any case I wish everyone a good rest of 2006 and can't wait to have fun with friends and ring in 2007!

    P.s. I also can't wait for stuff I ordered in the mail from some places. Got some glow sticks and other things... ^_^
Just got back from some happy holiday gatherings with my mother's side of the family and my immediate family. Spent Saturday over at my grandmother's which was awesome and spent the night over at my parent's. Christmas eve did our usual family tradition, though wasn't able to celebrate with my older brother or younger brother. My older brother was out of town with his wife's family and my younger brother is up in Alaska. Other than that had a good Christmas... Did have a little bit of a downer, but *shrugs* hopefully things there aren't as they seem and I'm not going into it here on my journal. The holiday overall was great, even though it didn't feel fully like "Christmas" as things just didn't feel in the spirit... *shrugs* Perhaps it's just me. I know I said it before but I will say it again as today is actually the day............




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