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( Nov. 11th, 2008 09:37 am)
I know I haven’t posted in the past week I’ve been a little busy… I just wanted to post about the fun weekend just had going to the Texas Renaissance Festival! It was a fun weekend and camping trip. I’ll need to make sure to be a bit more prepared next time around camping wise though…

I bought a sleepingbag that was pretty interesting with an inflatable pillow that has a felt cover so that you’re not exactly sleeping on slippery plastic. I left after work @ 4:30 and got over to Celyddon’s apartment. We got things packed and left with Savrin in tow, we spent the night Friday and Saturday and came back Sunday. The traffic was horrible getting out of Dallas , and unfortunately even though we left first another group consisting of Guardian and Jen got there before us. *shrugs* We met up with Neil, a friend of both mine and Celyddon’s, who was already camping there for the weekend. We got our tent setup by car headlights and where some people went to sleep I went out with Neil to the bonfire that evening and spun fire. He is a fairly accomplished staff spinner and we had some fun spinning and even doing one move together that set the crowd wild. We couldn’t get near the bonfire at all because of the crowd around it. Had some fun, gave the crowd a show, and then went to bed. It was cold and a bit uncomfortable, but did finally get to sleep.

Saturday morning got up, made some breakfast and got ready for the fair. The rest of the group that was going to join us that didn’t arrive the previous night were joining us today. It was also the birthday of a person in Neil’s group and we wished her a happy birthday. We then split up for the day. I was primarily with Guardian, Savrin, Jen, Celyddon, and some here and there got split up from them when looking at a shop here or there. Met up with my other roomie and roamed the fair together. We did meet up with the other half of the large fur group that was coming and met up at a booth that is also run by furs as well, a tail shop of all things. *chuckles* We even had a group photo done. I did bring my camera and tried taking interesting photos of things for a couple friends who wanted me to photo the experience. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but did of some things like an interesting dragon costume, a centaur, and things like that. The Texas Renaissance Fair is very fantasy oriented, and a lot of costumes people come up with are amazing.

We did some shopping. I picked up a tankard holder that has a pewter wolf on it, as well as a wolf necklace to add to my collection. I also tried out a new pair of boots that will be shipped to me shortly. I was allowed to wear the boots the day to see how I liked them, and all. They are part of a costume that I wanted to wear, but one major piece didn’t make it. :/ *shrugs* Cest la vie, the outfit I was wearing was one I have constructed out of years of buying bits and pieces of costume pieces. I’d kinda say it is a mix of lower class noble, bard, and pirate/swashbuckler. I even have a replica flintlock pistol that I forgot that I plan on adding to that costume. We did make sure that Savrin and Jen were subjected to the Dead Bob Show. *snickers evily* We had some food and drink at the fair. I did try a new concoction that I think was part of the theme of the fair this year, called a “Romantic Drink”… It was tasty and all, but nothing all that “special”. Not like anything of that nature is “real”… I don’t believe in a lot of silly things like that, like love potions, or much on the whole “love” thing in general. *shrugs* :P It came in a souvenir cup and I left it with Amara… and forgot to bring it home. I’ll have to see about how to get it sent to me. We attended a cool pirate auction, and I won an item with a raffle ticket and got a real neat oriental fan! I did attend a bit of a joust and took some pictures, and accidentally missed seeing one side of the fair because we got informed that our campsite had been messed with. So we left and found that it was most likely wind that did it, nothing was stolen, and went back in. We missed the raffle for another giveaway, but no biggie. I went back to the boot store and gave them back to put on a new sole, and got my old boots back. I re-laced my current boots up and got out in time to watch the fireworks and then went out of the fair, got back to the campsite and the large group of us got food going.

It was nice hanging out with the large group, even though I hardly knew anyone. Once we were well fed, Neil, Celyddon, another poi spinner, and myself went to go spin fire at the big bonfire. We first stopped off at the next door campsite who helped Neil take such a large area for all of our group. We gave them a private fire spinning show and then all four of us went out to the bonfire and had a lot of fun. I posted two videos, one of me, and one of Celyddon spinning. I haven’t posted the group spin though. When we first got there, to kinda dazzle the crowd we all four went out at once, and that got everyone away from the bonfire and watching us. That was quite fun, and then we each individually spun here and there. There were a couple of other fire spinners out there, one with a staff, and another with a fire sphere for contact juggling. One of the guys did not know his own limits and definitely should not have been doing fire at all… *shrugs* We had one last group spin before calling it a night for the fire spinning. I stayed around the bonfire played some percussion adding to the drum circle there, and then eventually went back to the campsite, talked with people before going to bed.

Sunday got up early, which was weird. I slept fairly well, better than Saturday night, as I learned a vital secret to keep warm, and had breakfast that was prepared by people there and packed up, tent and everything. Said goodbyes and left for home. We made one stop off and then got back into town around 2-3pm. Then eventually went home, met up with my brother for a bit… Definitely found his weekend wasn’t the best for him. *grumbles and growls* We spent some time talking about things though over pizza. I just wish things would go right for him, and for myself in some regards… In the end, such is life and life goes on.
Well yesterday I actually took the midterm during the day and after the test I spent lunch with some school friends of mine from school at an oriental place called the Oriental Garden that is right off campus. One of my friends is in my 5pm class and was just giving me his assignment as he didn’t want to be there today since our spring break is this coming week and he wanted to start it early. After school though, ate Thai food with my brother and roomie and did pick up Wii Play as well as Casino Royale. The great food and mood of yesterday was destroyed by things today though... Work does it again!!!. :/ *grumbles*

Work’s getting annoying yet again… I have next week’s schedule and have been going round and round with the new lady doing schedules and I’m being worked 39hrs. Next week. The legal “maximum” they can work me is right at that but I told them from the beginning that this had better not be a regular thing. Hell recently I had a 38hr. schedule and whatnot… I thought we were getting in more regular hires and the overtime situation for our full time people would go down, but nothing ever seems to go that way. I really don’t want to quit… I’m gonna try my best and stick it out till the end of this semester, but I hate having to battle with the schedulers… I shouldn’t have to…

Here is my tentative schedule for next week, though I hope to get it changed here real soon.

  • Sunday: 2:00pm – 10:30 (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 6:45am – 3:15pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:15am – 12:15pm (1 - 30min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 30min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:00am – 5:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

This schedule is absolutely ludicrous… I’ve never had one this horrible. It’s “technically” not 40hrs. only because they subtracted lunch from Wednesday/Friday. They’re also trying to have me work 2hrs. OT this Saturday and didn’t give me 36hrs. Notice and I’m making sure I have stuff planned after 5:30 or just going to make sure I get off at that time… I’m not gonna do anything helpful for this company as they continually seem to try to screw me over schedule wise. *grumbles* Just a little longer and some more part timers will be on the floor, but this is still ridiculous.
    EDIT: I got my schedule fixed and not working 39 hours, but man it was almost like pulling teeth. That and here at work they're wanting us to try to sell services as well as do tech support...
Just got back from some happy holiday gatherings with my mother's side of the family and my immediate family. Spent Saturday over at my grandmother's which was awesome and spent the night over at my parent's. Christmas eve did our usual family tradition, though wasn't able to celebrate with my older brother or younger brother. My older brother was out of town with his wife's family and my younger brother is up in Alaska. Other than that had a good Christmas... Did have a little bit of a downer, but *shrugs* hopefully things there aren't as they seem and I'm not going into it here on my journal. The holiday overall was great, even though it didn't feel fully like "Christmas" as things just didn't feel in the spirit... *shrugs* Perhaps it's just me. I know I said it before but I will say it again as today is actually the day............




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