Some of the way I am feeling actually started a while ago, with wiping some messages off the dry eraser board from the previous apartment, written by someone I still care very deeply for. They were there for a few years... don’t ask me why I let them stay on there as long as I did… Probably just me being sentimental, stupid, or something… I dunno. Probably shoud have been erased a long time agao, way before the actual moving. The transition of moving into this new apartment today is the final day of the “Old Days”. This isn’t to say that I’m cutting ties or anything like that, but I am definitely done dealing with some issues/people. I’m done with “fair-weather friends”… I only want to keep those in my life that I feel are important and want me in their lives and consider me, my friendship and all important to them.

I know sometimes I question long periods of silence and wonder if the bonds of friendship are still there. Sometimes I may feel that things are drifting apart. If I feel that way then please if I bring it up... just reassure me that things are good. I don't think that is too much to ask. I know sometimes I can be a little high maintenence, but I don't question things without a reason...

On a side note… I’m done with a number of things, and not going to hold onto the past, dead hopes, and stupid things like that. The only thing I will take from the past are the lessons learned, but also one thing in particular… I do know what I want in a more general sense when it comes to a relationship and through what I've been through now have some high standards and expectations. I’m not trying to be self-centered and whatnot though… That standard being... I will definitely measure things up to the ship that sailed away. That "ship" being one of my previous relationships and a bit of a metaphore. That will be the “standard” if you will. I hope to find someone that truly wants me, and willing do whatever it takes to be with me, and in turn I do everything within my power to make things work. I mean that’s what it takes right? Compromising and things and wanting to be there for the other. I’d say that is kinda the bare minimum, but that’s me. I want something special that is emotionally on that deep of a level, like what I had or even better. I hope for something that just blows me out of the water. Will I find it? I dunno… I’m not looking, and some of the closest relationships I’ve been in were ones I happened into while not looking. Even then things didn't turn out... *sighs* Till then though things are just the status quo, and don’t see them changing, but not closing any doors… I may be a little jaded, possibly a little bitter, and a lot more hesitant than I was before… more cautious and afraid… I just don’t like hurting anyone or being hurt. Doesn't mean I am not interested, but neither am I exactly going to be forward about anything. I'm just also not sure how to go about things myself at times truthfully...

I’m definitely not going to be as open with what I post to my LJ or my inner feelings. Even when I make an entry unable to be commented on sometimes it has just seemed to stir up drama, or people misinterpret my feelings, and have even had some people get angered because I posted anything, even when I don’t mention names or anything of that nature… I’m not trying to stir up anything, but at times just letting people know what’s going on with me, and my inner feelings. I’m just done with the drama in general. *sighs* This isn't any kind of plea for attention and whatnot. If people really want to know what is up and really know me then I whole heartedly invite anyone to definitely get in touch with me. I’m semi going to be closing myself off and not going to be as open in general. I’m also going to cull the LJ list here and make things more manageable as well as trim it to friends I do know, and add only those that I do know and vice versa.

I’m just going to go about with a lot of changes in general. I’ve been also looking inside myself, doing a lot of soul searching as it were… I know I’m not perfect, never will be, but hey no one else is either right? I'm definitely gonna make things better, both inside and out.
Hey people, just letting you all know things are fine for the most part. I’m getting prepped for having company this coming weekend, but that isn’t the real reason I decided to post here. I wanted to give some exciting, and interesting information.

I just became an UNCLE! On 12/11/08 @ around 5:16pm. My younger brother (who is in Iraq currently) and his wife gave my parents their first granddaughter. This is also the first great granddaughter for my mom’s side of the family.

Other good news… My twin graduated finally over this past weekend. We spent the night in a hotel after getting off work on Friday, as his graduation ceremony was in a far off place Commerce TX at 8:30am Saturday. The ceremony was relatively quick compared to my own graduation. After things were over, we stopped off at the campus book store because this was the first time my brother had actually ever stepped foot onto the actual campus, having taken classes elsewhere more local. From there we had an awesome lunch at a local restaurant B.J.’s Brewhouse with some family that couldn’t make it and friends that were not able to make that gawd awful early graduation ceremony. Then after dinner spent time with friends as they live nearby where we were eating lunch. It was nice to hang out for a while as I’d been the one driving and stuff… It was a nice break.

Yesterday I went to the Arlington 2nd Sunday meet at a park after talking with a couple good friends I met at Oklacon, Imperial Lion and his mate Kurisu. I found there were a few other people that I kinda knew at the meet as well. It was most enjoyable and I wish I had brought my fursuit, but the head is currently out to be repaired. The only annoying thing is that a cookie was left on a seat that I didn’t see (left by someone’s kid I bet), and had to clean up my black leather trench coat. Other than that was a good meet and one I’ll have to return again to at some point, but with fursuit next time. I then went back to my apartment, had semi been hoping to chat with one or two people, but didn’t stay on long as I had plans that evening for a Christmas dinner planned out by [ profile] celyddon.

The dinner last night was stupendous! It was all made by her as her present to us all. Other gifts were passed around. It was a really nice day in general, and had a nice end to it as well with that dinner.

I’ve also just had a lot on my mind here, some wish things weren’t so distant from some friends of mine, but then again there are varying levels of friendship and closeness and things of that nature. I’m going to try not to take things so personally as I believe can be said for many, and also try not to invest too much emotionally into things as some it only helps to just set one up for a fall, especially believing things are at a certain level when they aren’t, or having too high standards on some things (including people, friends, etc.). I know I tend to hold myself to a high standard, and a lot of times don't meet what I feel I should be capable of.

I end this with a quiz I took, and I really like my results. From here I go back to other things, might not be around much, but I want to thank everyone for their support. It means a lot.

Your Spiritual Number is Six

You bring communication and empathy into people's lives.

You are very open and understanding. You can accept difficult people.

Right now, your life is about being understood. You have trouble with your own vulnerability.

You end up playing the role of therapist in relationships, and it's hard to get people to ask about you.

You will take time out for those you love, even if you don't have much time. You can't help but be nurturing.

You are very responsible and ethical. You deliver on your promises.

I scheduled two of these using the last of my vacation/personal days. I already spent the first one with a new friend of mine. This past weekend went on a road trip up to Oklahoma to hang out with [ profile] okidokicoyote. The only annoying thing was the 3hr. drive… :/ *gruffs* That was really my only gripe. He was going to come down the weekend after Thanksgiving, but had some car troubles. I had scheduled this a month or two ago and wasn't sure how to spend that first weekend and so I did that road trip. He and I have plans for something fursuit wise for the up coming convention Furry Fiesta here in the Texas area. I also recently heard some good news that their room block is close to full which is awesome. I'm glad I got my room reserved already!

This coming weekend I plan on being at my brother's graduation, and that will be another long drive… *grumbles* I wish it wasn't so far away, but *shrugs* cest la vie… I at first heard from someone it was a 3hr. drive, but seems from where I work/live it is only an hour and a half. I'm happy he's going to be graduated he's been chomping at the bit to be done with school. I may eventually go back for a master's degree, but not just yet. I have been enjoying this year of freedom from school.

I have plans next weekend trying to work out with a friend to come down to visit as I have another 4day weekend and he's been wanting to visit. He is also one of many I plan on visiting outside of a convention.

So… Here is my trip recap!

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A thunderstorm blew through last night and seems we're in for some colder weather. I want this week to be over already. I want to have it be my brother's graduation time and give him a royal celebration for staying the course and finishing and not settling for that inferior degree and getting his Bachelors of Fine Arts. I'm very proud of him. I just wish things weren't so hard on him, he's been struggling to get a job in his field and I've been having a hard time myself finding a job in my course of study too.

Well I thank you all for reading… I know it was long, but I like to keep this journal and write things like I do to try to preserve memories and to let you all know what is going on in my life. I sometimes am not the most attentive to everyone in LJ I know I don't comment as often as I should but I do try to read… I had a lot of things to catch up on as this past weekend I pretty much was making sure NOT to be on the internet.

Take care! *hugs* I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 12:02 pm)
I know this report is a little late. I’ve just been busy with Thanksgiving stuff, and things of that nature dealing with getting ready for this holiday season. I also worked “Black Friday” even though I had it off last year, but truthfully 2.5x pay isn’t so bad you know. I really did enjoy MFF and here is my recounting of the experience. Oh and if I forget some names, please remind me as it's been a while... I can't remember everyone... It was an awesome convention!Read more... )

So there you have it my belated con report. I've been doing lots of cleaning and I’m currently in the process of sending out Christmas gifts and other things like that and all the preparations for this Holiday season.
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( Nov. 27th, 2008 08:25 am)
Doesn't keep the doctor away, but is a good start to this holiday! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving that celebrate it. I will be heading off to enjoy time with my family followed by a gathering of friends at my apartment later this evening. I wish those who are traveling a safe and pleasant journey. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and the company therein. I know I'm thankful for those close to me.

I also want to wish a belated birthday to thanksgiving whelps like [ profile] farraptor, [ profile] akseawolf, and [ profile] goggremlin. I know a lot of you I wished it in person and others I've missed here in LJ as I've not been very diligent in posting.

All in all I hope everyone has a great holiday and with Christmas coming up hope things go well there too.

**EDIT**: I also wish to give a Happy Hyena Day to [ profile] baja_hyena! :)
I am back from MFF this past weekend. It was a fun convention and I want to thank the staff and friends who who made the convention a total blast! If there are any pics or vids of me in suit please link me! :)
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( Nov. 13th, 2008 11:28 pm)
Yesterday was a normal day at work, nothing all that special or grand. Things were fine and all, just had a number of things on my mind as soon as I got home. I don’t know what it was, but last night I was definitely hit with a bug to just go walking and enjoy the evening. I found part of the reason though as the night was crisp, felt wonderful and the moon was bright, full and beautiful. I believe it was calling to me. *chuckles* Perhaps it is that time of the month ya know for wolves? :P

I wasn’t exactly alone while walking though, I was talking to a couple of good friends, one fox I’ve known for a few years, and after our long talk and going inside refreshing a little I got online and someone else wanted to talk to me… So… I went on a second walk, talking with a coyote. Both times walked for quite some time, just talking in general, getting things out in the open, getting things off my chest, hearing their thoughts on their own points in life, giving my advice if I could offer any, or just being there as a sounding board and listening as they were being that for me. Sometimes it takes a different perspective outside of the normal faces one sees to help get a clearer picture, because sometimes the closest to you that you see on a regular basis can be a bit more biased one way or another…

Some today... wasn't my day... I at least taught my brother a good poi spinning move!

That was about the only highlight though, was very stressed out and had a lot on my mind and in the back of my head.

I also sent off an email to someone as I was feeling very down and felt things were quite distant... I feel like the world's biggest fool... Like an unwanted piece of garbage, no matter what I do... Like I I can't seem to do anything right... Not like it really matters in any case. I'm gonna shut my muzzle... I'm partly thinking of disappearing for a while online... not like it would matter much or change how things have been especially with one person.... *sighs* I probably shouldn't let things get to me as I do... I try not to focus on certain things, but can't seem to help myself... I should probably stop caring as deeply as I do, learn not to be as open and more reserved with my feelings and not as "open book" as it were, or wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm not even sure what I really want right now... Things are ok for the most part, but some things feel so empty and hollow. At least only on one side of things. In truth everything else is fine and I shouldn't let myself get down and out because of one aspect. There is only so much I can change truth be told... We can only change what we have control over which in many cases is not that much, but we are in control of ourselves and I'm going to work with that... Still just wish things were different...
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 09:37 am)
I know I haven’t posted in the past week I’ve been a little busy… I just wanted to post about the fun weekend just had going to the Texas Renaissance Festival! It was a fun weekend and camping trip. I’ll need to make sure to be a bit more prepared next time around camping wise though…

I bought a sleepingbag that was pretty interesting with an inflatable pillow that has a felt cover so that you’re not exactly sleeping on slippery plastic. I left after work @ 4:30 and got over to Celyddon’s apartment. We got things packed and left with Savrin in tow, we spent the night Friday and Saturday and came back Sunday. The traffic was horrible getting out of Dallas , and unfortunately even though we left first another group consisting of Guardian and Jen got there before us. *shrugs* We met up with Neil, a friend of both mine and Celyddon’s, who was already camping there for the weekend. We got our tent setup by car headlights and where some people went to sleep I went out with Neil to the bonfire that evening and spun fire. He is a fairly accomplished staff spinner and we had some fun spinning and even doing one move together that set the crowd wild. We couldn’t get near the bonfire at all because of the crowd around it. Had some fun, gave the crowd a show, and then went to bed. It was cold and a bit uncomfortable, but did finally get to sleep.

Saturday morning got up, made some breakfast and got ready for the fair. The rest of the group that was going to join us that didn’t arrive the previous night were joining us today. It was also the birthday of a person in Neil’s group and we wished her a happy birthday. We then split up for the day. I was primarily with Guardian, Savrin, Jen, Celyddon, and some here and there got split up from them when looking at a shop here or there. Met up with my other roomie and roamed the fair together. We did meet up with the other half of the large fur group that was coming and met up at a booth that is also run by furs as well, a tail shop of all things. *chuckles* We even had a group photo done. I did bring my camera and tried taking interesting photos of things for a couple friends who wanted me to photo the experience. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but did of some things like an interesting dragon costume, a centaur, and things like that. The Texas Renaissance Fair is very fantasy oriented, and a lot of costumes people come up with are amazing.

We did some shopping. I picked up a tankard holder that has a pewter wolf on it, as well as a wolf necklace to add to my collection. I also tried out a new pair of boots that will be shipped to me shortly. I was allowed to wear the boots the day to see how I liked them, and all. They are part of a costume that I wanted to wear, but one major piece didn’t make it. :/ *shrugs* Cest la vie, the outfit I was wearing was one I have constructed out of years of buying bits and pieces of costume pieces. I’d kinda say it is a mix of lower class noble, bard, and pirate/swashbuckler. I even have a replica flintlock pistol that I forgot that I plan on adding to that costume. We did make sure that Savrin and Jen were subjected to the Dead Bob Show. *snickers evily* We had some food and drink at the fair. I did try a new concoction that I think was part of the theme of the fair this year, called a “Romantic Drink”… It was tasty and all, but nothing all that “special”. Not like anything of that nature is “real”… I don’t believe in a lot of silly things like that, like love potions, or much on the whole “love” thing in general. *shrugs* :P It came in a souvenir cup and I left it with Amara… and forgot to bring it home. I’ll have to see about how to get it sent to me. We attended a cool pirate auction, and I won an item with a raffle ticket and got a real neat oriental fan! I did attend a bit of a joust and took some pictures, and accidentally missed seeing one side of the fair because we got informed that our campsite had been messed with. So we left and found that it was most likely wind that did it, nothing was stolen, and went back in. We missed the raffle for another giveaway, but no biggie. I went back to the boot store and gave them back to put on a new sole, and got my old boots back. I re-laced my current boots up and got out in time to watch the fireworks and then went out of the fair, got back to the campsite and the large group of us got food going.

It was nice hanging out with the large group, even though I hardly knew anyone. Once we were well fed, Neil, Celyddon, another poi spinner, and myself went to go spin fire at the big bonfire. We first stopped off at the next door campsite who helped Neil take such a large area for all of our group. We gave them a private fire spinning show and then all four of us went out to the bonfire and had a lot of fun. I posted two videos, one of me, and one of Celyddon spinning. I haven’t posted the group spin though. When we first got there, to kinda dazzle the crowd we all four went out at once, and that got everyone away from the bonfire and watching us. That was quite fun, and then we each individually spun here and there. There were a couple of other fire spinners out there, one with a staff, and another with a fire sphere for contact juggling. One of the guys did not know his own limits and definitely should not have been doing fire at all… *shrugs* We had one last group spin before calling it a night for the fire spinning. I stayed around the bonfire played some percussion adding to the drum circle there, and then eventually went back to the campsite, talked with people before going to bed.

Sunday got up early, which was weird. I slept fairly well, better than Saturday night, as I learned a vital secret to keep warm, and had breakfast that was prepared by people there and packed up, tent and everything. Said goodbyes and left for home. We made one stop off and then got back into town around 2-3pm. Then eventually went home, met up with my brother for a bit… Definitely found his weekend wasn’t the best for him. *grumbles and growls* We spent some time talking about things though over pizza. I just wish things would go right for him, and for myself in some regards… In the end, such is life and life goes on.
Here is my long overdue Oklacon report. I had tons of fun at this convention and more than likely will return next year. The theme definitely has my interest I’ll say that much. This was my first outdoor con and for next time I think I should probably get some sandals for my fursuit footpaws in retrospect and be sure to watch the terrain better. I met a whole lot of cool new people and had tons of fun. I’ll post about my awesome weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival next post.
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Sorry about the time it took me to write it, as I got busy and had some other things come up like going to the Texas Renaissance Festival before fully writing this out. I know it’s a lot to read, but I like to be thorough and even then I still forget things, people, and other stuff so I apologize in advance.
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( Oct. 31st, 2008 02:42 pm)
Just wanting to wish everyone a fun All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain!

I have plans to hang with friends this evening and watch movies. What better way to spend it... Well I can think of one or two other good ways, but being with friends is always awesome.

Oh, saw some other people posting this meme and I decided to bite... So this is my "Halloween Treat" to you all. :)

    "Get to Know Me" Meme

Ask me a question about anything you, life, hobbies, whatever. All answers will be posted in the comments section of this entry unless you leave me an email address and ask me to respond privately to the question. This is totally open, and pretty much everything is fair game.

Comments are unscreened... if you want to ask something in private just PM me
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( Oct. 18th, 2008 12:01 pm)
Last night was pretty fun actually. Went out to Screams with a group of friends. We had a grand total of 10, 2 shy of the group rate, but I was very happy with the turnout. We got there around 9pm and went through all the attractions minus the one you had to pay a bit extra for. We all had a lot of fun, though while waiting in line for one of the newer attractions the line pretty much went to a dead crawl because it looked like someone assaulted one of the workers. :/ Stupidity abound it seems especially at a place where alcohol is involved because at the concessions they sell beer. It is at the same grounds that Scarborough Fair is and it is legal. I just am annoyed that someone would assault a worker. You go there to get "scared" or whatnot. In the end as I said went through all the rides, it was good hanging out with friends. Going to be doing laundry and whatnot this weekend and get ready for Oklacon next weekend.
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( Oct. 14th, 2008 09:34 am)
Since there is no gaming this Friday I propose to my fellow local friends the possibility of going out to Screams as this will be the last weekend before Oklacon to do anything for Halloween before the actual Friday of that particular magical and scary night.

I propose we meet at Savrin's apartment as a gathering point to carpool from there and leave around 8pm. I know a couple people like [ profile] guardlion wants to join and he gets off work @ 7pm. Costumes are optional. I'm not sure if I'm gonna dress up.

Any who want to go don't have to carpool with us, and we should be at there around 9pm. I hope to see people there. ^_^
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( Oct. 10th, 2008 03:02 pm)
I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to the awesome [ profile] dingybatty!!! :) I hope you have fun today and all the best of wishes. *hugs*

The past weekend was actually very eventful. I hung out with a local group of furs on Saturday for the usual "First Saturday Meet" I even picked up a Wii Fit that I've been searching for. I've been looking for one for months actually. I still have yet to play with it, but I think I'll try to use it to help in the interim of not going to the gym as our apartment still has no deal with the local gym after the gym went 24/7. They have an issue with the gym being unstaffed after a certain point even with all gym members having to sign a waiver and understand that there are times when it is not staffed. *shrugs* I may just up and pay a regular membership as I just want to get back to working out and such.

Sunday I went with a group of friends including one of [ profile] savrin's co-workers, to the State Fair. The outing in general was quite fun indeed, it was a shame though that my brother wasn't able to join and his bf from out of town. We saw lots of people selling wares, ate some interesting foods, including the new "fried" thing there chicken fried bacon. It is just regular fried bacon that is then battered and fried. Nothing all that great in my opinion. Rode some rides, as well and won't soon forget the cramped ferris wheel. *snickers* Lots of fun antics were had by all parties, also had fun with a roller coaster, some bumpercars, and a centrifugal force machine. Then afterwards I ate dinner with my brother and his bf, then watched the movie Iron Man.

The rest of the past month has been uneventful, though gonna hang with friends tonight to wish a local a happy going away. Hope he comes back to Texas soon as he seems to yo-yo back, leaving for a bit and always coming back to Texas. :P This night bodes to be much fun.
I know my last post was mostly fluff, but here is a regular post on what things have been going on here lately. Oh and check out my Fur Affinity account as one of the recent submissions is in reference to my previous talk like a pirate day post about some, visual "treasure". Had photos taken by Regek near my apartment at the lake, trying to make a RL version of a pic I had commissioned a few months ago.

Truthfully... everything else in life? Not a whole lot out of the ordinary. Things are ok. Nothing worthy of note... I wake up, go to work, go home, and the regular routine there. Still looking for another job. I'm going to again revamp my resume again, but current work schedule 8am - 5pm makes interviews kinda hard to schedule. Speaking of jobs and interviews Celyddon got a new job and recently had a friend gathering to wish her well with this new job. On the homestead side, I recently visited my folks with my brother as it had been over a month since seeing them and had a good visit. I have also hung out with the local group of friends here and things like that.

I haven't been able to work out here recently like I've been wanting to as our apartment's agreement with the gym we've been using expired. The gym went 24/7 and there are times it is unstaffed which made our apartment not sure if they wanted to continue their relationship with the gym. So what this means is either go find another gym, sign up as a regular member to the current gym, or just do some workout stuff around the apartment, like a situp, pushup, and that kind of routine. Maybe our apartment will get another workout room... Hopefully some decent equipment and not let kids ruin the stuff and keep tighter security. Means I don't have to leave the complex to workout. :P

One gathering of note was a recent party held at Damien's apartment. The place was packed! Lots of friends, new and old. Lots of fun was had. We were also kinda wishing Spike a fond farewell as he is moving away from Texas (but hopefully only for a little while). He's moving for some good reasons, job & to be with someone. I wish the best of luck there. In the end the party was much fun and next time I'm going to bring my fursuit. :P One other person brought theirs and I'm gonna bring mine next party. This should definitely be interesting. ^_^

I also recently got some new toys from flowtoys to play with. I got a set of crystal poi with flow handles and another set of handles to interchange if I don't want light up handles. I'm still working on trying to get some behind the back stuff, and with Celyddon was teaching my brother the other day as well.

My Xbox360 had problems and I had to send it off to be fixed. I should have done like what Loiosh said and said it was 3red rings, but I didn't... :/ Ah well it's gonna get fixed that's what matters. I've got other things to enjoy besides video games and whatnot.

Con wise I find that I might possibly be able to go to Oklacon, but that depends on rooming arrangements and riding stuff to and from the convention. It would be my first time there at that con. MFF is still a go and I used some of my airline miles for a free trip so all is good. The outdoors stuff definitely appeals to me as I have another friend of mine wanting me to go to Feral. There are some others starting up a new outdoors kind of con in 2009 that people are wanting me to attend as well.

Not much else really... No real big news.
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 02:18 pm)
Work today was horrid right from the get go. When I first got in @ 8am, we had over 250+ in queue and it seems there was some kind of outage, but I bet most calls were being routed to our center. I couldn't believe my eyes at that... *grumbles* No use in really whining about it... I just gotta take calls one at a time and all that... Speaking on work though... I’ll be starting my new schedule this Sunday with weekends off. working 12pm - 8:30pm most days, and working 39.5hrs a week... :/ Lame, but hey at least I'm not working mandatory OT like the full time people... I like having a life thank you.

In other news… today is also my last day of taking the steroid drops for my left eye. Since I got off @ 4:30 yesterday I hung out with Storm for a while. He was nice enough to offer to pick me up at my apartment after me helping drive him home a few times. We had a few hours before our usual Friday night D&D gaming session so we went to a mall and tried going to a gaming store that I bought some dice at a number of months back and turns out the store wasn't there anymore and closed. :( Quite lame, but at least I knew the direction of the store and where it SHOULD have been. *shrugs* I guess I'll have to find another store to pick up dice and stuff.

Gaming last night was pretty fun, nothing out of the ordinary, though the fluff was getting over being sick from getting con crud from A-kon. Other stuff I've paid off the LASIK surgery and after today I can start swimming! I've also been putting together a project with my brother for another fursuit that is going to be "just for fun" with a group called the [ profile] drinkfoxes... ;) Will have to see what comes about with this as I've been working with [ profile] joecifur on this...

So that's kinda what's been up. I've also been kinda wondering about some friends of mine as I haven't heard from a few in quite a while... Hope things are going ok.
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( Jun. 4th, 2008 12:03 am)
This con was huge… It has certainly grown the 8yrs I have been attending it. I was looking at all my badges and I am still blown away how long I've been going to this convention! I've seen many things change, like hotels, and everything else. One thing I am not so happy about changing wise has been things dealing with costumes and weapons. I also changed how I did things at the con. I usually just "attended" and I got into dressing up and cosplaying like so many there thanks to the work of my roomie and Amberlee. I started doing that about 3yrs ago actually. It's just interesting looking back… :P Ahhh good times and stuff. That aside The long and short of it all this con was pretty good. There were over 15,000 attending here in Dallas and it seems that A-kon has gone more from an anime con to many things like Dragon Con and such…
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So there is my con report... My next update is going to be a more introspective one I do believe...
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to a silly raccoon by the name of [ profile] nightflurry who turned 22 today! Gaaah... I feel so old sometimes...

Work was just the usual dullness, but I'm looking forward to this coming Wednesday... I hope to get my new fire poi in because I want to go fire spinning again. Lately I find myself doing a lot of things, mostly to keep my mind off things. At least one cool thing is from the party I was at here recently I met a few new people, one of which who is into contact juggling actually called me up and wanted to hang after work. He said there were fellow people who were spinning at White Rock lake... So I got off work @ 6pm and tried hurrying my butt there, but unfortunately by the time I got there the people spinning poi were gone, just the drum circle... So listened to the drums for a bit, and then decided to go catch some food with him and his girlfriend (who I was teaching poi tricks to at the party). We ate at a nice Indian restaurant and then I was homeward bound. They both seem cool and hope to hang out with them more... and other people in my other non-fur circles of friends.

I talked with my mother and found the date of my brother's graduation... Unfortunately some she was quite stressed out with a few things in trying to plan on the whole graduation thing as it is a nice drive away to get to the college where the ceremonies will be held. I think she's over-stressing, but then again perhaps some that is where I get some of my tendencies... I know I have a tendency to over stress and things like that too.

In any case it's late... I'm gonna catch me some shut eye... I don't know if I'll be online much here the next few days/weeks... I've kinda been a bit lack-luster... I'm also thinking of taking a bit of a hiatus from lj as well... I mostly only keep it up to date for those that I don't keep in touch with on a regular basis... *shrugs* I may check online here and there for some online auctions for costume pieces, but I do have things I should get on like practicing music for the upcoming anime convention as well as scheduling my LASIK surgery... I think I'm gonna get that for April 22nd, so my dad can take me to and from the clinic and my mom was wanting to "pamper" me again like when after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I won't object... *chuckles*
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( Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:59 am)
So... last night I went out with my brother to a club a few of my friends invited me to come to after last Saturday's party. It seems Wednesday nights are when in back they break out a drum circle and want people of all kinds to spin fire. We got there around 9:40 after picking up some food. It was an absolutely wonderful experience I must say and I plan on definitely going there more often. It has definitely given me a lot of inspiration to get even better spinning wise... Met someone who was quite a sight who spun fire and did fire breathing. He was also QUITE full of himself, and some the guy had right to be... He was thin, tall, and had a decent build... He was wearing a set of leather, full arm sleeves held by a ring in the middle... Quite flashy I must say... He even laid his fire staff on the leather for a bit for a bit of show... So as I said, he was very confident... There was also a lady who was getting over being sick, but wanted to be there to spin fire and she was quite a sight indeed. I still have to say Amberlee was the best poi spinner there that we saw... Some of our group left early and the lady and fire staff spinner let us use their can and oil lamp to fuel and light up. We didn't stay that late and other people who do fire or glowsticks came right as we were leaving around 11pm. I still semi wish I had stayed later, or gone back, but after getting home I didn't feel like driving back out there again.

So... Here is a video to go along with the pictures taken last Saturday!

I know it's sideways but I uploaded this raw from my camera. Anyone know of a good program on a mac to edit and fix this I would love to know what I need to do. I just wanted to upload it to get it out there for you all to see!
And not get singed... That is something that I did last night actually. I will get to that part in a bit though... Work was just a normal day, and after it I went to a party held by a cool friend of mine that I used to game with and have hung out with on occassion, but normally only at the parties he's held. I'd love to try to hang out with him more often, as well as other friends. I hope we do keep in better touch. The party was a blast... I brought some nice vodka and others brought other alcoholic beverages of all sorts. There was much food and merriment. The party was kinda in celebration to an engagement that in everyone's opinion took far too long for him to propose to this lovely woman who he's been seeing for about 3yrs. now. So it was definitely "about time"! :P *chuckles* We even celebrated "Earth Hour" by dimming the lights for a bit too... Even google yesterday was black instead of it's normal white! :P

I found out that he still does that "Blues Dancing" and I truthfully need to find out where some of that is around here locally to just hang out and whatnot... They talked about some meet in Austin, but I don't think I'd go down there for dancing... I'd have to plan for other things, and there's a good fox friend among a few others I know in the Austin area and I have been meaning to visit at some point, but haven't yet... I'd rather visit for friends and not dancing, and I will at some point.

I met a lot of new people at the party, and one guy I met had his girlfriend who was just learning to spin poi and they brought some toys and because they brought toys another friend of mine rushed home and came back bringing his fire toys. Before the fire began I was helping teach her some... Perhaps our paths will cross again, but I can refer her to a much better teacher than I as I want to learn more moves from her... *chuckles*

Now onto the burning part! :P The part that you all have been waiting for... My friend brought a fire staff and fire poi, and after a bit of talking over things and making sure about safety I decided "why the hell not", along with the girl, who I was teaching, and her boy friend thought that I was "good enough" to spin fire... So I did... and it was my "First Burn"! @_@ I was definitely a little antsy and unsure of myself... I followed my friend's instructions on getting them soaked with fuel and then spinning off the excess. My friend started his fire up first and used his staff to light the fire poi. I stayed with some real basic moves and didn't even touch doing any behind the head moves or really anything over my head. I do have to say this... It was VERY fun! I can definitely see the draw to spinning fire. I was a little 'afraid' of the accidentally lighting myself on fire, but after actually spinning it I see the draw to those who do it. The sound of the fire spinning, the smell, and everything else... I think I will get myself some custom fire poi and begin spinning fire myself after this experience. That way I can do more tricks and be more confident while spinning fire... So now I can say... Yes... I have graduated to fire! ^_^

Pictures will be coming soon as there were pictures taken! :)

Speaking of fire... I hope that the birthday candles did not destroy the cake [ profile] pacerfox! :P *snickers* Bad joke, I know... I am wishing you a happy birthday and do hope we can hang out at some point outside of a con. :)
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 08:21 am)
After work on Monday I went to Prima Care near where I live to have the doctor give me a once-over. Seems even though I didn't feel I had a fever it was around 99 something, he saw some inflammation in my throat, and what I mentioned about my left ear. He prescribed some antibiotics which I've been diligently taking for the past two days, as well as I've still been taking Germ MD, drinking echinacea tea, and Mucinex.

I got home, after stopping off at CVS to pick up my drugZ ;P, and picked up a few other sundries... Made myself some tea and got quite a surprise when coming back to my living room at one point to find a certain fox named Lhexa sitting on my couch! I hadn't heard him come in, knock, or anything... It was quite a pleasant surprise I'll say that much... I think he got in as Guardian gave him a key a little while back. It was awesome having him here in the apartment once again. We talked a nice bit, I had some ramen, and took the antibiotics I was prescribed (as it says to take with food), and we talked a nice bit before my roommates got home. He spent the night as well.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, truth be told. Woke up, had some cereal, talked some with Lhexa and said goodbye to Guardian as he left for work. Had a nice talk via AIM with Damien actually, which was nice. Played some SSB:B (Super Smash Brothers: Brawl), some alone, and some battling against Lhexa, and did some of the single player cooperatively which was fun. Lhexa hadn't eaten, and before he arrived I had made plans with Amberlee to join her for a late lunch/dinner... So... I surprised her with bringing the fox along! :P So I was continuing to surprise people with bringing him along, even to the regular Tuesday meet. On our way out there I almost forgot my medication so we had to travel back to the apartment and ended up being a little later than I previously anticipated getting to the Italian restaurant. We had a good bit of conversing and generally fun conversations and realizations... Then after eating (and me medicating), we went to the usual Tuesday meet, albeit a bit early, but it was good to get there early and had a good time talking with Teiran & Fuzz (when he arrived home) before anyone else got there. Others started arriving, starting with Diddy (who I teased a bit by opening the door, hiding behind it so he couldn't see who opened the door), and then others started arriving like Damien, Sairo, Zapnut, Rei, Dylan, and unfortunately Savrin ended up being late due to his car having troubles, but he made it and all was good. We had fun playing some SSB:B and conversing... I think we played the game a little 'too' much as I would've preferred a bit more general talking, but everyone else seemed to have fun.

Then I took Lhexa home and crashed soon after, but not before having some tea. The only 'bad' thing that really wasn't so bad all throughout the day was that people were making me laugh up a storm, causing me to almost hack up a lung! :P *snickers* Not so much a bad thing at all as it did help me get my throat, lungs, and other passages free from mucus. :P I just had to also have a cough drop in the evening to help soothe my throat after so much hacking. :P

Today... I don't have anything planned at all. I think I'll get a $10 quarter roll for doing laundry and get that done... I know Lhexa will be going out and about and I do hope to have my brother over to enjoy battling him in brawl... I also need to get online and battle lots of my friends too! :P
I want to wish [ profile] tigeronstarfire a belated birthday as I wasn't paying attention to things and this weekend has been quite busy and hectic with two people coming in from out of town.

I also wanted to wish [ profile] beowulf_kennedy a happy birthday today as well and will be hanging with him and my brother after work. It is so sad they will be leaving Sunday morning so early, but has been great having him.

Yesterday was a regular day at work, nothing special... After work I picked up my friend Teser from his job (as his car is in the shop) and dropped him off at [ profile] savrin's place and went from there to The Cheesecake Factory in South Lake. We went there as a pre-emptive birthday dinner for Beo. It took a bit to find and I definitely got a bit frustrated when I tried calling my brother as I was running a bit late after dropping off Teser.

Dinner was great... I had a drink called a flying gorilla which was quite tasty. I had a turkey ruben, my brother had a huge salad, and Beo had some seafood/chicken pasta. After dinner we all had a bit of desert as one can't go to the cheesecake factory without having some desert. The desert happened to be breakfast this morning.

Last night though after dinner I went out to do some D&D gaming with my group of friends. For the most part last night the gaming session was fun, but it seemed near the end of the night that people started being f'tards. I just really hate how some people can't really seem to work as a team or work with others... I prefer to really "get into character" and have fun. Others don't seem to really understand how to properly role play it seems. During a session people may have a disagreement on what to do and some friendly BS'ing and all is well and good, but IMOP how downright rude a few were being last night definitely made me think about reconsidering gaming with this particular group of people due to people being very childish IMOP. I'm not going to go into details but am definitely not happy, and it wasn't with the GM. I'm gonna see how next session goes and make my final decision then... *growls* I've got much better things to do with my time and things I could be doing and hanging with other good friends, but I enjoy gaming and things of that nature, and easily can find another group or other things to occupy my time with.

Other than that... Just dealing with an annoying day at work with just non-stop calls in que and stuff. I can't wait to get off work and get home today to hang out with Beo before he leaves.
Yesterday was quite an eventful day indeed. Just a couple days ago I was told by my brother that his friend Beowulf would be in town and arriving on Thursday. I was definitely overjoyed at this as he is a very good friend of mine and so cool he was going to be in town, just the only snag was that this same weekend I also had my friend [ profile] cassen_grrrl coming in on her way to Mexico. The other big thing that happened was that here in Texas we had a very freak snow storm come through on a severe winter weather warning. I got to work just fine at 8am, and it was my short day so I worked till 12pm. I found out that Beo already got into town and had breakfast with my brother so I let him know when I got off and he was surprised I got off early so we made plans to meet at a Jason’s Deli near my apartment.

The weather was very trying to say the least. Around 12pm it was more wet rain than anything else, but while we were eating that rain turned to snow. I ate lunch with Beo and his friend Cebelius who drove him in. Those guys were driving for over 30hrs, coming down from Maryland. Cebelius has actually lived in Texas and had some other reasons for coming as he may be looking into trying to start up classes, Beo, wanted to visit my brother, and me as well for his birthday which is tomorrow. So yea this weekend definitely got jam packed in short order.

After lunch we stopped off at my apartment. I took Beo there as Ceb wanted to stop off at some of his stomping grounds and talk to some of his friends. He joined us an hour later. While at the apartment I showed Beo a number of things, and we exchanged interesting stories and then Ceb joined us, and instead of going to dinner with us he had made other plans which was fine as well. We watched other videos and I was totally surprised by his reaction at one point to something I wanted to show him, but hey… I guess some people are just a little “scared” of things… It took me a bit to get him to actually watch it as he at first thought I said something odd. *shrugs* He liked the vid and stuff and showed me a number of vids as well. Then he left for Denton and my roomie Bob got in and I invited him to go out to eat with us, which he did. My other roomie we invited, but he wasn’t able to attend, mostly due to the weather.

We had an awesome time as the restaurant we chose was the Magic Time Machine. I made the reservations originally for 8pm hoping that Cassen would be in on time, but her bus was delayed. My brother picked her up as he works in downtown Dallas and he waited for her and got to the place as quickly as he could. We got to the place at 8pm, and just waited for my brother. While waiting we walked around the place as every single booth has a theme. Some booths are small, some large. There are places like you can eat inside a lunch box, or a pumpkin, or themed rooms like the illuminati room. :P (one of my favorite rooms) We got seated around 8:20, after receiving a call from my brother that they were almost there. We were seated in a tiki hut that had crayons as posts as well as wooden posts and were served by Jack Sparrow, and we were visited by other fun characters in passing like the Mad Hatter, Wonder Woman, Sinbad, Napoleon Dynamite (who scared the heck out of Beo, along with the Mad Hatter), and Woody. The place is just an experience one has to enjoy at some point in their life and before I knew Beo was in town I wanted Cassen to experience this place and seems as though she had been wanting to after hearing me describe going here after my graduation.

Five of us split a Roman Orgy, which is a wondrous feast and they had a fanfare and the staff seemed to love playing with us and we joked back as the servers are supposed to “play” with the guests while “in character”. If I were to ever try for a part time job… I’d love to work there just for fun. *chuckles* We even had them sing happy birthday to Beo and Amberlee even though their birthdays aren’t until Saturday/Sunday, but since we were celebrating in general, might as well and they even sung their renditions of “the birthday song”. After dinner Amberlee left for home as she worked early at 6am and was thinking of calling in as with the bad winter weather the roads might ice over. The rest of us went back to my apartment.

At my apartment Cassen got to meet my other roomie. Then before I turned in we played a bit of Rock Band to have a bit of fun, and then Cassen crashed on my couch. I helped with getting her a cab as with my work schedule changing a couple weeks ago from 2pm – 10:30pm to 8am – 4:30pm I wasn’t able to drive her there myself as originally planned and the roads were not slick so I am here at work. I called her on my first break and found she had gotten into the cab and was on her way and by now should be on the bus and on her way to Mexico. She wants me to visit, and I will at some point, but I have a whole bunch of people I need to visit.

Beo is still in town and after work I’m gonna pick up my friend Teser from work and take him to [ profile] savrin’s apartment for gaming. I may be late as I will be going for dinner with Beo and my brother at The Cheesecake Factory, that they planned on going to tonight.

So far this weekend definitely turned out to be jam packed… that’s all I gotta say! I’ve not had a weekend like this in quite some time… Quite a lot of it off the cuff, something I’m not really used to and spur of the moment. I’ve managed ok, but *sighs* I don’t think I let my roomies know about these plans, and I thought I had when Cassen first planned coming through here on her way to Mexico staying the night… I think I may have gotten [ profile] guardlion mad at me… Perhaps I’m just over thinking… *sighs* If my head wasn't screwed on properly I think I'd even leave that behind sometimes... I can be such a scatter brain sometimes...

Other than that things have been going great! ^_^ The weather shaped up nicely after I got to work and stuff. I can't wait to get off... I have to pick up my friend Teser, since his car is in the shop. Then I have those dinner plans and gaming. Yea... definitely jam packed.
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( Mar. 5th, 2008 04:52 pm)
I got a whole lotta errands taken care of today. I mailed off a number of things like a letter to one of my aunt's, something for an ebay auction, and shipped off something to WhiteWolf for some fursuit stuff. I also returned RockBand and the stupid Circuit City right near me said yes I could return it, but had to purchase the new one at another store so I drove to the one in Denton. So I have the new set of instruments that I haven't opened yet. Had a good time though before doing errands talking on the phone. Had a good talk with someone very close and special to me. :)

So I'm back home and things... I'm gonna try out the new RockBand and see how the guitar works. Other than that the past two days have not been anything "exceptional", but not bad either. Yesterday had Amberlee over and we watched some Elfen Lied. Then later we got food at Ban Thai and went to the usual Tuesday meet. Nothing real special. I do rather enjoy hanging with friends... I'm working on finding other stuff to occupy myself with as well for sake of stuff to do really...

Oh and here is a funny meme thing I saw being passed around...
bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Toy

I don't think I'd ever charge for such, but this little quiz was a riot and funny to take. I probably got a lower score because it was me judging myself and I am a very harsh critic. :> In any case I'm gonna keep this short... Take care people.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2008 10:19 am)
I recently bought the game Rock Band for my 360 after being told by my brother and a few local friends to pick it up. I did so on Friday after work and brought my XBox 360 and stuff to [ profile] savrin's to play around after D&D gaming. Thanks to my new schedule I am now able to get back into table top gaming. I decided to be a paladin as from what our GM was saying we really needed one. So I bit the bullet and even though I don't like playing them I am one... I just don't like having to be "lawful good" and basically be an upright 'prink'...

After gaming I opened up the box and got out the rock equipment. It was me, Savrin, and [ profile] sairo who played for a bit, and then I went home. I didn't work yesterday which rocked. I had my brother over, and we played Rockband, but found that the guitar was having problems. While going to the usual Saturday movie meet we stopped off at Circuit City where I bought the game and I guess I didn't have my head screwed on right, and yes they allowed me to swap out the guitar, but when I went back to pick up the box that had the equipment it seems I picked up a PS3 one instead of XBox 360. *grumbles* So after the movie meet we weren't able to Rock with all of us... :/ Ah well... cest la vie.

After work today I will replace the guitar with a 360 one. I haven't heard back from AIG who I had an interview with on 2/26... I will get back to further looking for things via and other things... I may even look for a civil service or government job as well.
Today my car had problems and I called into work letting them know about it. Having a friend help me so as to not have to pay a dealership or some local nutjob charge me out the wazoo. In other news though I was able to hang out with friends today like one certain fox [ profile] lhexa who was in town. We spent a nice bit of time talking with my roomie and Amberlee joined us and we all went out to a nice monument in the local area... I may post pics that were taken on my FA... My brother showed up as well there and we had a great time. I even helped a family and took a few pics of the entire family and they in turn took pics of the group of us too which was nice.

After that we went back to my apartment so that Amberlee could get to work and from there just had a nice bit of fun chatting and playing of games. Some of which we all MST3K'ed, but it was all fun. Then we went to meet up with a group of friends at [ profile] fuzzwolf's place for a bit of a "birthday gathering" as his birthday is this coming Monday. Speaking of birthdays... I want to wish [ profile] bauske a happy one. Hope things were fun and whatnot.

The time at Fuzz's was fun, with everyone there chatting up a storm. It's so interesting how internet'isms can get into conversation and things of that nature. All in all the party was fun, and the cake was funny. Had good food, good company, and things of that nature. I will be starting my new schedule tomorrow and when I am at work I'll put the schedule up. I am not sure how long it will last, but hey it's better than what I have been working... It's currently 8am - 4:30pm, with Thursday being my "short" day of only 4hrs.

I hope to catch some people online and chat at some point, but with how schedules and time zone differences... It kinda makes things hard sometimes, but hey it isn't like anything that hasn't gone on before.

In any case, g'night peoples! Oh and thanks again for the birthday wishes again, even though it is after my birthday as well. :)
That is some how I really feel right now... *sighs* I'm not gonna go into any details here on my lj, suffice for those that I know care and do read it I haven't been in the best of sorts the past few days. Things have been just a slew of ups and downs... Some here and there as we are human beings we can be very emotional at times... Sometimes overly so. I'm just feeling rather defeated right now, like nothing I do will ever make things right for anyone, let alone myself... Though enough on this... It isn't like anything I do or say can change that has happened. All we can do is take what has happened, learn from mistakes made on our end, and even if some mistakes weren't made by yourself and move on...

I had an interview today with a company called Nationstar Mortgage. They do have a website... I scoped them out... I was actually called by a lady yesterday and setup the interview for today @ 9am. I got to the place on time, almost got lost on the way. I met up with the recruiter lady I spoke with and she had me go to one of their interview rooms right off the main lobby. She and I spoke a bit and she left the room at 9:11am... I waited around and nobody came to actually interview me... I waited over half an hour after 9:11, making that 9:41am and I left, telling the front desk receptionist that I could not wait any longer. I got home, took care of a few things, and while out to check the mail I come back to a voicemail from the hiring manager apologizing and she gave her direct telephone number. I haven't called it yet, not sure if I want to... Someone could've been courteous to me and at least let me know something instead of just waiting around. My time is very valuable to me and I changed my sleep schedule around for them. I may call them back and reschedule...

Work wise I go in today at my normal shift, but I plan on talking to my supervisor, and the manager over RMG as I was called on my birthday about earlier shifts and even told the person who called about me being part time and I was told that it was ok, only to find messages on my cellphone later saying... "oops... sorry", to that effect. I so can't wait to get away from here... *grumbles*

Last night had a wonderful dinner with the family at Outback. I was called by my older brother on Tuesday who wished me and my brother a happy birthday, though he wasn't able to make this dinner. It was nice... All in all things dealing with my birthday were pretty good. I want to thank everyone again for the lovely birthday wishes and everything... I was very touched and quite surprised to say the least. :)

Speaking of birthdays though I want to wish [ profile] uckticoonox a very happy one! You go you poi spinning tigger! I also want to wish [ profile] oats_a_plenty (Hyenagirl) a wonderful birthday as well. *hugs*

    EDIT: Well I sent an email off at work to the manager over RMG and someone came by my desk to talk to me. Looks like currently with my work I am gonna start working 8am - 4:30pm (No more 10am shifts available) starting this Sunday so at least that is a step in the right direction!
Work just showed me through another co-worker why I definitely want to get away... One of my co-workers had a payroll audit and seems perhaps here and there had messed up on her timesheets here and there, misquoted an hour or whatnot and they are taking away from this paycheck almost half! Her rent is coming up and after talking with her I offered to help with her rent as I know she would easily be able to pay me back later and truthfully I wouldn't be hurting money wise, and it would be helping a friend/co-worker. I was offering to write her a check right then and there... She said she may call me and I gave her my telephone number... I hope to hear back from her as perhaps she may not need my help, but I wanted to offer it in any case...

Some... I just wish I could do more in general... To help friends, and those I care about. It isn't about money, or anything like that... What use is money if not for yourself then use it to help those you can and who are in need.

Some... I am semi 'dreading' Tuesday... I don't know why... I can't wait for my day off, but truthfully it isn't like I'm gonna get what I really, really want this year anyway. Hell I'm not even sure what I want anyway. My main thoughts are on people who are in need... Not about me or what I really want.

EDIT: I was introduced to this bad "Within Temptation" last night by a friend and some this music video on youtube has some emotional imagery... I plan on getting music from them either finding it on itunes or finding CD's. Oh... and new icon. ;)

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( Feb. 17th, 2008 02:45 pm)
The past few days have just been fairly regular actually. Received some stuff I ordered from ebay, and did receive something from a new friend made @ FC. I was a little surprised especially considering only barely meeting the person. Though FC was truthfully the first time for me meeting quite a few people who I definitely hope to keep in better touch with and get to know better friend wise and such.

Yesterday was just another "SSDD" at work... I don't look forward to coming in, and things like that. The only "good" thing you could say was that my direct supervisor called me in for a "coaching" going over my month's stats, and looks like I'm doing well actually. Looks like I've been bringing down my AHT (average handle time), but still not happy about how work has been in general. I don't like the idea of having to brush off customers and get them off the phone in 13min. or less. At least it was a bit over an hour off the phones and we did talk about some interesting philosophical/religious stuff... Anything to keep off the phones... I so am looking forward to hearing back and getting interviews from companies I put my resume in with at the recent job fair I was at. I at least have one interview with one of the companies on campus February 26th. If they are the only ones offer me a job right here quick... I'd take it in an instant just to get away from my current dead end job...

I spent last night after work with friends at the usual movie meet that I've not really been able to attend with my current crappy work schedule. We watched Casino Royale. It was good hanging and being social on a Saturday night. Did get to speak lots with Amberlee on a few things. After the movie we did watch an awesome music video, and then I went home and played a bit more Lost Oddysey. If any of you are RPG fans and have a 360 I'd advise getting the game.

Other than that, can't wait for my "weekend"... I'm not sure about looking forward to Tuesday or not though... :P No real plans or anything... My schedule kinda makes things hard to plan around anyway, as does my brother's school schedule.
I've been helping some friends of mine who just moved into a new apartment unpack and stuff, and am in the process of getting everything packed for my trip to FC. This will be one's first time living away from home and I hope it will be a good learning experience. I personally feel that I lucked out getting with two very nice roomies. I think they will have some decent chemistry and that things will work out fine. I wish them the best and hope to see them often.

Now about FC... I'm not arriving till Thursday around 10am~ish because the plane atm is scheduled to arrive at 9:40, so giving time to get baggage and all will be in fairly early. Only problem I'm gonna have is the person I'm rooming with doesn't arrive till later so I may have to stash my stuff with someone till we get the room. Other than that, all is well.

I can't wait to see all my friends there and just have fun in general. I've been badly needing a vacation and lately have been more on the up side of things. Perhaps this is the start of something better? I don't know, but I feel things will be fine, and whatever happens this year that things will hopefully work out. It is still too early to write off this year in it's entirety.

Oh and a package I sent off overseas last Thursday, that arrived quite earlier than expected. I was hoping that it might take a 'little' longer as the recipient's birthday isn't until this coming Thursday. I received a pleasantly unexpected call from the recipient... Was good chatting and all. In any case I'm rabling... See people at FC ok! ^_^
Friday night after work I followed some of my roomie's advice. Get out with friends and such. So... I was called by a friend who wanted to hang out after work and go see a movie. I hadn't seen this friend in a while so I decided to do so. We met up at the theater and picked a foreign film called "The Orphanage". It was a really interesting ghost story to say the least. I liked it, and my friend was a little taken/freaked out by the movie as he said it had themes and elements that kinda really got to him. It was a cool movie none-the-less. We also stayed in the parking lot and just talked for a while as it seemed he really needed to get some things off his chest on dealing with some friends he knows and I tried giving my best advice to him.

I also want to wish [ profile] arakinuk a belated birthday and glad you made it here to the states fine. I'll see you on Thursday this week and all my other friends who are going to be at FC. Depending on how long I stay at my current job I'm looking at vacation stuff and definitely going to cut AC out of my trip schedule because I'd rather make a different trip instead, and have more time this time around. Though it depends on the job too and vacation time.

Oh and cellphone wise I've been very lazy and finally switched over to the Razr that was given to me... It was so annoying getting all the contacts moved over and I think I'm gonna get with Dylan about seeing how to sync things with my mac as I know my brother used his mac and razr together to transfer files via bluetooth. I want to thank people for the well wishing and want you to know that things are going ok, just taking things one step at a time here, and continuing to move forward.
I know I haven't posted anything with real substance so here has been what's been up with this wolf... I know the past few days I haven't really posted anything of note except for a few birthday posts. I've been kinda busy. I'm getting ready for FC, and been dealing with work and stuff. Yesterday went out with Stargazer and went car shopping with him. He's been looking at a Jeep Compass which looks nice and I could tell he really liked the car from the get go when he got in the driver's seat. Just little things like him touching the console, and stuff told me a lot. I guess buyer behavior class wasn't a waste! :P I also spend time with the usual Tuesday crowd which was nice. We watched some strange British comedies like Black Books (I believe it is called) and Spaced (which is quite weird).

Today I woke up late after being very late talking with a very close friend. Other than that hopes that I've had for 2008 being great have kinda been slightly dashed... With thoughts on the horizon of the homestead and company I've been living with for the past few years, and some other recent developments. I don't have really high hopes right now for 2008. I can't wait for FC though, as that will help being around friends and having fun because right now I definitely don't feel like a strong wolf. The past year I've just been living life as it comes... Just hoping for things to get better. I know that it will, eventually in time.

Songs can speak volumes and listening to them can evoke emotions, sometimes very powerful ones. Sometimes I guess I'm a romantic at heart... I at times have had a tendency to try holding onto things even long after things have been over. Hoping and dreaming... Hoping, even when the chances are slim... This is true friend wise as well as relationship wise. Here and there though, a few of my friends have said I have been a little 'bitter' or jaded lately. In truth perhaps I have been, because of all that has happened. I learned a lot, some very painful lessons of that to be sure. I've been kinda closed off and definitely not sure on letting anyone or anything that close to me again. I don't even know what I want, or what would really make "me" happy... I thought I did. I'm working on this, as it takes time.

This song goes out to all of you who have had friendships and even relationships. Here's to those of you in a relationship, if there is deep love there, even though there may be troubles, don't let those destroy what you have. Things can be worked out, even in trying situations. Just don't lose sight or lose hope...

In truth memories both good and bad are what help shape who and what we are. I will always treasure those that have touched my life, as some really special friends have been such a great bastion of strength for me.

Read more... )

In the end I don't really now feel these lyrics are proper, but wanted to post them as this was an extra track on a CD I recently got. I meant to post these lyrics before, but now is as good a time as any, though the music in my heart has changed some. This song came from a single CD as a bonus to the one song I wanted "Rule the World" by Take That, that was the final song from the movie Stardust. I currently don't feel like I can rule the world, but that will change in time. The world is not full of storm clouds and there are silver linings, even then... It just sometimes takes a while to see that things aren't that bad. As such life continues it's never ending flow, and we must all move forward...
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( Jan. 12th, 2008 03:09 pm)
To a UK hedgehog named [ profile] orona_red! :) Hope your day has been filled with lots of fun!
To.. [ profile] sky (Gwaland)! :) Hope it was a fun day and that things are looking up for you man.
Been back to the apartment after a real awesome party last night with friends. Met a few new people which is awesome meeting new people and making friends. There was good food, fun, and merriment had by all and even was surprised by some late arrivals. Watched lots of fun videos including internet oddities. Lots of laughs, and drinking, there were some memorable moments, but the best thing was just the fun time with friends.

I do have some things I want to accomplish this year though...

  • Find a new job

  • Play more music with my musical instruments

  • Learn more poi moves

  • Get in better shape

  • Find happiness?

I hope that this year will turn out to be a good one. For the most part even this past year was a semi-decent, excepting a few things. This is a new year with more possibilities to explore with the knowledge gained from this past year. I just hope that things look up like I envision... Just with some recent stuff at the homestead, things may not be as upward looking as I first thought, but this all remains to be seen.
Wanted to wish a cool dawg [ profile] xavier_rotts a cool birthday right before the new year starts. I also want to pre-emptively wish a big kitty friend of mine [ profile] ramsis a happy birthday when the new year begins! *hugs and stuff*

Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here's to hoping for everyone that 2008 is a prosperous and enjoyable year. I know I'm a little scared, yet looking forward to the possibilities that it may bring.

Happy New Year!!!

Can't wait to get off work and celebrate with friends
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( Dec. 28th, 2007 01:06 am)
I just got back from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert here in Dallas and all I have to say is that from last year when I saw it to this year it is even better than last year. I hear though from [ profile] teirandragon that he liked the light rigging from the first year he saw it. In any case the rigging in my opinion from last year to this year had a major upgrade with real neat LED light boards and even floor stuff that changed with some backgrounds. They still had pyrotechnics and even had a mini firework display at the end. They even said they had a guy from the band Queen there which was really awesome! I am so glad I went and it was lots of fun, minus the tiny little episode we had getting food before the concert. The 8 of us loved the show. If anyone hasn't seen one of their concerts live I highly recommend it!

G'night Everybody!
Any of you who enjoyed the predecessor on the Saturn will like this game as it is pretty much the same, just with new additions. I've been enjoying mostly the nostalgia of this game. It's currently been one of the many little games like Mass Effect that I've been getting myself into. If any of you have this game... Here is my friend code for this game for the "My Dream" portion of it... Come visit my dreams! :P


This seems to be different than just the Wii # of the system. For those of you who may not already have my Wii # here it: 0952-7304-9652-4067 is and I'll screen comments if any of you want to give me your Wii# and NiGHTS friend codes as well. ^_^
Well it finally happened. I got my degree and graduated. I got up early, had my brother spend the night and drove up and picked up my grandmother who was needing to be taken to the graduation. We got there around 10:40am and we were the first to the reception. There was one graduation before mine @ 9am. I guess the reception is technically for "after" the graduation, but my mom wanted to be at the reception first before the actual graduation at 1pm to kind of "speed things up". My mom and dad got there shortly after we got there. They were supposed to pick up my grandmother, but had car trouble and I'm so happy that they got a rental car that same day and QUICKLY at that. I got my UNT Exes pin and some memorobelia. I had my picture taken by family there at the reception and after eating some "breakfast" which consisted of the free food at the reception I went to get ready for the graduation at 1pm.

I had to be at the colleseum at 12pm to get ready. I got in line between some nice ladies and while there it was pretty cool seeing other people I knew from a few other classes graduating, though the most interesting thing was how people had done designs on the tops of their hats. The only thing I did was put on a different tassle than the black one I got as with my graduation invites I got one that had my school colors. I was between two ladies that had done stuff to their hats and to my family I was easily found as I was between those two designed hats from afar. I know a few people from my job were there, but one person in particular I should've given my cellphone # as I was wanting my parents to meet her as at my current job she has been instrumental in me being able to get back to school while working. Maybe another time outside of work perhaps. In any case I do hope to list her as a work reference...

After the ceremony we went out to The Magic Time Machine. Before that though did hit the reception for a little bit just to converse with friends that weren't gonna go to the restaurant. Then met up at a gas station as some people didn't know how to get there and did a kind of car caravan to the place. We all got there and were sat in a room that was themed as a library. The place is very special. You walk in and the waitstaff are dressed as famous characters like Superman, Caesar, Jack Sparrow, and others as I forgot to mention ladies like Cinderella, The Tooth Fairy, etc. Every booth has a different theme. We were sat in "The Library" which I think is very appropriate for the occassion. We were served by Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (dressed in a half/half outfit and half makeup). He was quite cool and lots of fun was had by all. We had a veritable feast as 7 of the 10 that attended ordered the "Roman Orgy" that included bread, fruit, meat, veggies... It was a ton of food. Once we ate, we just talked and had fun. Eventually had to leave, but not before doing a little ddr me vs. my brother and the DDR machine wasn't working so well. I won though. :P (by technicality).

Eventually went home and that was the end of that... It was a good day. Now looking to the future and not sure what to do, but at least right now I don't have school to worry about. The sky is the limit though. Thanks to all for the well wishing. Now for Christmas stuff!

    P.s. I got my final grades in... So I made 1 A and 2B's... *grumbles* Not what I was really wanting, but it is acceptable... I was really pumped and thought I was gonna get higher... Ah well, cest la vie...
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 03:13 pm)
Here is my conreport! Sorry for the delay. Enjoy people! Read more... )
I got back just fine as you all can see and this is my long overdue post. ;)

Note: Sorry to Jill on Saturday, while trying to get in suit, and on Monday morning.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2007 02:41 am)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a great one. I kinda get two... I had one with friends Thursday, and will be spending time with family today. I will post about my MFF trip. I do hope that I get to see pics of me while dressed as Jack Sparrow, and hopefully vids of me spinning and the FVS (Furry Variety Show) that was done of Friday.

Be well and don't shop too hard today ok! :P

Oh... and happy hatching day to my great dragon friend... [ profile] goggremlin!!! :)
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( Nov. 7th, 2007 03:46 am)
In reference to my previous post... I need EVERYONE who wants one to get information to me by this weekend so the list can be compiled. Some of you who are overseas may receive them a bit late, but they are for keepsake anyway.

I haven't planned a party yet, but most likely it wouldn't be that weekend of graduation. I know some have mentioned of possibly coming down and would most likely set a party for the following weekend. I will just have to see what I can work out work schedule wise, as I don't have my December schedule.

Keep the contact info coming so I can get the list setup and all. :)
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( Feb. 6th, 2007 03:00 pm)
For your viewing pleasure... I found a repository of photos taken of me at the con when I decided to pose in front of a "professional" looking setup in the upper lobby area of the con. I've never done this before and wasn't sure what really to expect or what kind of poses to do or anything... :P

Click here for photos!

Enjoy Everyone!

Unfortunately [ profile] arakinuk didn't get some recognition as I think I signed up with my name and his name didn't get put on the roster. Here is me making sure he gets recognition as he is in a few of the pictures. I think I also mentioned in my previous post I believe this happened around Saturday evening.
*chuckles* Interestingly enough that is what my friend [ profile] teirandragon stated to me during our usual Tuesday night meets over at his and [ profile] fuzzwolf's place just this past Tuesday. Making an analogy of my life. I've never watched much of the show, but from his description of me and my life being a little like Ross... Well... *shrugs and chuckles* He can have his opinion, though it is funny which is why I felt like mentioning it here. He and I talked a nice bit away from the regular goings on as we tend to here and there. Though at times he likes to play his online MMORPG crack (City of Heroes/Villans & World of Warcraft), and was just talking to him some while he was gaming. The meet was nice and all and even [ profile] loiosh_de_talto was there which was a nice suprise as the last I saw him at one of those meets was a while back, though he was at the NYE party. It was a lot of fun, though I think my brother probably has already started college and that was why he wasn't able to come. I'm gonna be posting my school schedule and today am going to be on my first break trying to get that all sorted and the Letter of Credit issue with the Verison Tuition Assistance Program.

Yesterday talked some with one of my managers and also the head over scheduling and things look to be pretty good. I'm gonna be switching to part time and there is going to be a change in my benefits unfortunately, but that is a small price to pay. Heck I'd be willing to pay for my benefits as currently they've been "free" as in since starting I've never had any deductions out of my paycheck for health, vision, or dental insurance. So technically that has been almost like a pay bonus in and of itself working here with Verizon. Now on to the part time thing... It looks like by April they will be offering other part time positions so I won't be the only one and the good thing is that I'll be the highest seniority person in that pool of schedules so I should get my days off... Now my hours on the other days is what I'm worried about, but I gotta take the good with the bad. *shrugs* Nothing much I can do there.

I'm not happy with coming in today @ 7:30am and getting off @ 6pm. These 10hr. days at least are going to stop soon and will be dealing with college and stuff. Once I get off work today though it'll be off to Scuba Toys for a dive hood before I get home... I also bought some new slip on shoes and some spray-in conditioner from Aussie as with long hair and the fursuit I found that others with long hair use spray conditioner so that's what I'll need. I also recently received in the mail a new G-Shock watch as my previous one got busted when I was in Virginia last October, and stolen while at work... I'm currently waiting for some sock poi I bought off E-Bay and some glowing sock poi from Home of Poi, and glowsticks from
At least that is what I am hoping... I was just called and asked to work voluntary overtime tomorrow and I was like F*@$K THAT! Screw them... *sighs* I am going to enjoy myself tonight with the company of friends. I'm gonna head off to [ profile] teirandragon & [ profile] fuzzwolf's apartment for a party. This is going to be fun... I'm bringing a fruit & cheese platter as it is a "pot luck" thing.

I'm off now, take care everyone...

Oh... and...


Now I am completely done with family stuff, well until like the 1st of the year after some new years party fun stuff with friends. My father's side of the family is wanting to hold a gathering on Jan 1, but I'm not sure if I really want to go to that. A lot of my family on that side work retail in some form or fashion, upper end, and other things and unfortunately I've dealt with working retail too and I know the perils... Last night hung out with my cousins for a little family get together, unfortunately with working I missed seeing my grandmother and my older brother and his wife. I still did have a good time. Heck we even watched another version of a "Christmas Carol"... So this holiday I saw like 3 versions... One from way long ago, I think in the 1930's, another that was called Scrooge, a musical with Albert Finney (this version of a Christmas Carol I feel is the best), and then another last night with the cousins that was I think in the 1980's but nowhere near as good as Scrooge... *shrugs* They could've done so much better, but meh...

The gathering was fun and spending time with family is always enjoyable as I don't spend time with them as often as I would like. Other than that things are going ok for the most part. I even showed the family some of my spinning tricks I've learned with my beanbag poi that I got from Scarborough Faire. They were very impressed, though I still need to learn more fun tricks and stuff. That and I also need to practice in suit before FC after learning new tricks...

Still this Christmas even though it hasn't been the best was still ok overall... Yea there are things I wish were better and whatnot, but *shrugs* Not much that I can really do on those ends. I need to worry about what I can fix and not what I can't. In any case I wish everyone a good rest of 2006 and can't wait to have fun with friends and ring in 2007!

    P.s. I also can't wait for stuff I ordered in the mail from some places. Got some glow sticks and other things... ^_^
The post you all have been waiting for... My MFF post... ;) The con was a ton of fun that is all I have to say, but if you want the nitty gritty details... Read more... )
All in all I had a very good vacation except for the luggage bit at the end. I picked it up last night after work. I drove last night to be with the family. Stopped at a WalMart and did try finding a Wii and the lady in electronics tried finding any WalMart in the area that said they had some. We called around and unfortunately nothing. :/ I’ll get one eventually.

So there you have it, my con report!
Last night went out with a group of furs including [ profile] fuzzwolf, my brother, Guardian, Gwaland, Daiul, Amberlee, and a few others meeting up with a good friend that used to live here in Texas that was just in visiting. [ profile] spiketxtyger! :) It was good seeing that kitty, though the last time I saw him was at AC earlier this year and he had pink hair and he shaved all that... *chuckles* It was definitely a bit of a change not seeing him with pink hair. We ate at a Dickey's BBQ and enjoyed talking and socializing. It it sucks that he is not here in Texas, but *shrugs* Ah well cest la vie. As long as he is happy with where he is at now I think in North Carolina. He was in Washington for a bit, and also living in Florida.

Before we ate it started to rain so we ate inside, though after eating we all decided to go out to a movie. We decided to go see The Covenant. The movie wasn't all that bad, but neither was it all that great. Male witches with powers... The movie does have some neat special effects and may be a cult classic. I do have one word to describe it...

Globtastic! :P

Go see the movie and you'll see what I mean. *chuckles* It was a b movie at best and probably better to see on DVD and not needing to pay big bucks to see it on the big screen, but going out and being with friends was the main reason to see it and no real big blockbusters were out... After the movie just came home nothing all that spectacular. I can't wait for work to be over and go home... I'll need to kick my butt into gear and make sure to work on school stuff as I got my first exam for both my online classes coming up on 9/28.

I'm going to try to be better on updating my journal but no promises there.
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( Sep. 9th, 2006 12:19 am)
Here is my MFM con report... Sorry that it took me so long to write it up... I've been a little busy and stuff. I haven't even unpacked fully yet. :/ For more read below!
Read more... )

In short... I LOVED THE CON! :) It was very fun... But if you read all the details you're really know why. ^_^


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