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( Feb. 29th, 2008 10:48 am)
Just wanted to wish a very special birthday to [ profile] grey_jackal! ^_^ Yours only "technically" comes once every 4yrs. so have yourself a birthday celebration that makes up for the other lost 4.

I can't wait to get off work today and enjoy time with friends and things of that nature. Hope everyone else has a good weekend as well.
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( Aug. 15th, 2007 11:03 am)
All I have to say is that yesterday was a day of many treats. Something I'm definitely not used to. I had some great company over in the form of Amberlee, and my brother (after his job interview thing). I also called a wonderful UK kitty. Went over possible group costume ideas for next A-kon with my brother and Amberlee. We went out and saw the movie Stardust. All I have to say... is that if you have not seen this movie.......


It is that awesome. My friends who saw it before me said it was a bit like Princess Bride and in truth they were right, except Stardust has less comedy, but in truth it is so very VERY awesome. I am just amazed with this movie and so impressed with it. I so can't wait to get the movie on DVD and hope that it does become a timeless classic like Princess Bride. ;) I'd also like to see Stardust get popular like Pirates of the Caribbean.

In truth now I really want a costume like Tristan's, but that can wait. *chuckles* I'm still just in awe of the movie and wanting it out on DVD like right now. It was that good of a movie. I have much <3 for this movie.

After the movie I finally up and got myself an Apple computer. I bought a Mac book Pro. I got the 2.4Ghz 15" screen one. Basically the top of the line right under the 17" one. I didn't want one THAT big. I've been looking into getting a mac for a while and finally decided while I'm still in school to take advantage of the student discount. On top of that I also replaced my 80gb ipod and am getting a $200 rebate on the ipod.

Then I hung out with the regular Tuesday crowd over at [ profile] teirandragon & [ profile] fuzzwolf's pad. Had lots of fun there, we all read from one of the most horrible books ever written, had some laughs, then went home. At home my brother and my friend Dylan have been helping me out with this computer. I've had 'some' training with mac's where I work, but only knew two minor things. Now I'll get to learn this OS and really say I know mac's!

That is all... *goes to fiddle more with his mac*


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