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( Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:32 pm)
Hey everyone. I'm going to do my con report a little differently. I set up my thoughts kinda in outline format. I'm going to apologize ahead of time as I met a whole lot of people, and memory is a little foggy after the con and stuff. I'd love for people to message me, here through LJ, possibly give me contact info so I can keep in touch with everyone. I've been rather busy after the con. Read more... )

So that is my con report in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed. I know I may not have mentioned everyone by name and stuff, please forgive my bad memory and stuff. I do hope to see you all again very soon at another con. I hope to keep in touch with new friends made, and hope to keep in better touch with everyone in general. Hope you all enjoyed my report. ^_^
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( Feb. 5th, 2007 08:44 pm)
Ok… Here goes, my overdue con report. I do warn you all it is going to be very long and I will save those who don't want to read and put the thing behind a cut. I do hope people do read it as I put a lot of work and making sure to try to put in all my memories of this awesome con into it. I've been told that at times I can be a little wordy and perhaps could write a novel and at some point I probably will, especially involving my character's past and background history, but until that time I will practice my writing using this journal and putting down my memories… And without further ado…

Read more... )
Sorry for the LONG wait… I think though with the level of detail it's worth it. If you are willing to read the whole thing. I’ve just been so busy with work, and going to part time, and dealing with school and group projects. I hope you go through it and find the youtube links to cool videos. I guess those are little rewards you get for reading the whole thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the con, even with the little bits of drama that I had. I can’t wait for next year and hope to keep in touch with all the wonderful friends I made. ^_^ *hugs to everyone*

    P.s. If anyone has pictures of me in/out of suit (especially glowsticking) please let me know or send me pictures! I’d appreciate it


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