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( Sep. 11th, 2008 11:20 am)
I decided to ante up and get the game. It is actually pretty fun creating things. I bet lots of other people with better 3D modeling can make better stuff. I have seen some very well put together animals. This is actually pretty fun. The game doesn't fully live up to the "hype" that they were building up, but it is a fun game regardless and is cool to mess around with building things and whatnot. If you have an account lemme know your name so I can add you. Mine is GeminiTempus as sharing the account with my brother.

EDIT: Yea I know about the DRM crap but I'm not gonna let that crap keep me from enjoying a game that is fun and interesting. I haven't gotten past the Tribal stage yet and cant' wait to get to civilization and space. :)
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 05:20 pm)
Well work today has been really sucky, and at one point we even had call ques in the 40's which really sucks. *grumbles* Last night I talked some with [ profile] thegreenarcher which was nice after working out and stuff. Worked out with my roomie and ate dinner at Cici's. I was called pretty much at the end of dinner which wasn't so bad, it was mostly Rick who wanted to hang with Teser as he and I recently hung out and ate at Golden Corral on like Thursday.

I did a few errands Thursday like mail off some letters, and a package. I also got a haircut and purchased a wireless router in preparation for getting a Wii and also to be able to play my new black Nintendo DS lite via the internet. I recently got some games via ebay Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I also got with that the 20th Anniversary collector's edition as I didn't have a DS before and stuff I didn't know about Portrait of Ruin and the special edition if you pre-ordered you get some very special stuff like a music cd with video game music spanning the 20years that the Castlevania franchise has been going on. *chuckles* It is one of the longest standing franchises of games ever.

Well enough on geeking out on games... I can't wait for work to be over as I am going out to a concert. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing tonight and along with [ profile] fuzzwolf and a number of other friends we bought tickets in advance and I missed out on last year's show and can't wait to be there for this year as I heard how awesome last year's event was. :)


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