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( Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:35 pm)
I got my car back today and all is well so far. I haven't heard anything back from my insurance as the kid and his parents tried contacting me about a week ago wondering "who was going to take care of their car" after my insurance company had gotten to the point of declaring fault and deemed it as their insurance takes care of them, and mine take care of me. Truthfully I wanted to say on the phone "since you don't have insurance let me call the police and see what happens then..." I didn't, but some I think I should have. *shrugs* Ah well... Hind sight is 20/20.

The damage to my vehicle was less than $1000 and things of that nature. They even did some detailing inside my vehicle... I just now have to clear out my trunk as some of the things I had in the backseat got put in the trunk for them to clean the inside of my car. So I now have my lil blue car back. I'm still thinking of getting a new car at some point, but have been putting the decision off for a while... I wasn't wanting to get strapped down with a car payment and things of that nature.

I had fun the past week, went fire spinning at one point and did some swimming at a pool party and also after gaming last Friday. It's been over 30days since my left eye was fixed so I can now swim! ^_^ It's not summer without swimming you know. Met [ profile] shadow_stallion's mate which was cool and their house is very nice. I hope to own a nice home at some point, just now will have to decide later on where, and all those other things. Had a decent weekend as well, had a talk with someone very close and really came to a few realizations that kinda sadden me... Enough on that though...

I also found out George Carlin died... :/ He was a funny man indeed. His loss was echoed a lot by people on my friend's list. Oh and happy belated and future birthdays to people as I've been kinda out of touch with things.
Last night at gaming was full of buying "stuff" with the loot we got from the last number of gaming sessions. It was good to just hang out some with friends. :)

Oh... and for those of you needing a laugh... I present you with... THIS!

This made me laugh my @$$ off! *snickers* Hope it helps to brighten someone's day!
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 02:18 pm)
Work today was horrid right from the get go. When I first got in @ 8am, we had over 250+ in queue and it seems there was some kind of outage, but I bet most calls were being routed to our center. I couldn't believe my eyes at that... *grumbles* No use in really whining about it... I just gotta take calls one at a time and all that... Speaking on work though... I’ll be starting my new schedule this Sunday with weekends off. working 12pm - 8:30pm most days, and working 39.5hrs a week... :/ Lame, but hey at least I'm not working mandatory OT like the full time people... I like having a life thank you.

In other news… today is also my last day of taking the steroid drops for my left eye. Since I got off @ 4:30 yesterday I hung out with Storm for a while. He was nice enough to offer to pick me up at my apartment after me helping drive him home a few times. We had a few hours before our usual Friday night D&D gaming session so we went to a mall and tried going to a gaming store that I bought some dice at a number of months back and turns out the store wasn't there anymore and closed. :( Quite lame, but at least I knew the direction of the store and where it SHOULD have been. *shrugs* I guess I'll have to find another store to pick up dice and stuff.

Gaming last night was pretty fun, nothing out of the ordinary, though the fluff was getting over being sick from getting con crud from A-kon. Other stuff I've paid off the LASIK surgery and after today I can start swimming! I've also been putting together a project with my brother for another fursuit that is going to be "just for fun" with a group called the [ profile] drinkfoxes... ;) Will have to see what comes about with this as I've been working with [ profile] joecifur on this...

So that's kinda what's been up. I've also been kinda wondering about some friends of mine as I haven't heard from a few in quite a while... Hope things are going ok.
I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my friend [ profile] atmanryu! Hope things are going well for you. Have missed talking and hope to keep in better touch. You have been missed my scaley friend.

In other news... My little brother is in town! He and his wife both are in the army and are in on leave. I had lunch with them and some other family on Tuesday and enjoyed time afterwards with my grandmother and great aunt before hanging with the usual Tuesday crowd.

I also had my younger brother over to my apartment. Haven't had him over in forever. Had him over Wednesday night, he and his wife. We watched the newest Studio Ghibli film that I had recently received in the mail, along with a few other anime titles/series.

I also had a very nice dinner Thursday night with my immediate family, excluding my older brother and his wife. So it was me, my little brother, his wife, my twin, and my parents. We ate at a very authentic Spanish restaurant called Cafe Madrid. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed good food before my younger and his wife had to leave... They are both in the army, have been married for over a year now. I semi envy my older brother and younger brother in some respect... I worked yesterday and went gaming and we tried out the new 4th edition things that have been put out on the internet for people to try. It was pretty fun actually.

Today I've just been working and it truthfully hasn't been too horrible today call volume wise. I was talking with my mother on the phone during a break. I won't be able to join my family for Easter, because I work... I wish I could be there with them, but can't unfortunately. The only real big thing that did get on my nerves though, was my mother started laying into me on finding a someone... *sighs* More specifically, a lady to settle down with... I just really wish sometimes that particular topic/subject wouldn't be brought up... Granted it's been a while since her last bit of "hinting" (more like hitting me with a shovel)... I've been with guys and girls... I'm bi... I'm just, still kinda right now unsure on the whole 'relationship' thing in general... *lowers his head*

Not gonna go any further there...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter early! Be mindful that after today though that the easter bunny hates you! :P *snickers*
I want to wish [ profile] tigeronstarfire a belated birthday as I wasn't paying attention to things and this weekend has been quite busy and hectic with two people coming in from out of town.

I also wanted to wish [ profile] beowulf_kennedy a happy birthday today as well and will be hanging with him and my brother after work. It is so sad they will be leaving Sunday morning so early, but has been great having him.

Yesterday was a regular day at work, nothing special... After work I picked up my friend Teser from his job (as his car is in the shop) and dropped him off at [ profile] savrin's place and went from there to The Cheesecake Factory in South Lake. We went there as a pre-emptive birthday dinner for Beo. It took a bit to find and I definitely got a bit frustrated when I tried calling my brother as I was running a bit late after dropping off Teser.

Dinner was great... I had a drink called a flying gorilla which was quite tasty. I had a turkey ruben, my brother had a huge salad, and Beo had some seafood/chicken pasta. After dinner we all had a bit of desert as one can't go to the cheesecake factory without having some desert. The desert happened to be breakfast this morning.

Last night though after dinner I went out to do some D&D gaming with my group of friends. For the most part last night the gaming session was fun, but it seemed near the end of the night that people started being f'tards. I just really hate how some people can't really seem to work as a team or work with others... I prefer to really "get into character" and have fun. Others don't seem to really understand how to properly role play it seems. During a session people may have a disagreement on what to do and some friendly BS'ing and all is well and good, but IMOP how downright rude a few were being last night definitely made me think about reconsidering gaming with this particular group of people due to people being very childish IMOP. I'm not going to go into details but am definitely not happy, and it wasn't with the GM. I'm gonna see how next session goes and make my final decision then... *growls* I've got much better things to do with my time and things I could be doing and hanging with other good friends, but I enjoy gaming and things of that nature, and easily can find another group or other things to occupy my time with.

Other than that... Just dealing with an annoying day at work with just non-stop calls in que and stuff. I can't wait to get off work and get home today to hang out with Beo before he leaves.
Just going through the motions some days. The past couple of days Monday/Tuesday have been loads of fun. My friend [ profile] laceaurora was in town on his long road trip to his final destination in Canada.

On Monday I got off work and immediately went to go eat out with them at Romanno's Macaroni Grill. Once we were done eating we went back to [ profile] fuzzwolf & [ profile] teirandragon's place. There we kinda had fun, talked a lot and then had Damien and his mate Sairo come over. Had fun just talking and whatnot. Lace did bring out his Hookah, which was kinda cool. It seems Damien and Sairo know their hookahs as they have gone to clubs/hookah bars or something. I've only done that kind of thing socially anyway, one time when one of my little brother's friends had brought one over to my parent's place of all things. I can't believe my parents didn't throw a fit! :P Eventually my brother showed up and then Lace and I broke out our fursuits. I had Fuzz bring mine from the Sunday movie meet as I worked and didn't want it to be left in the car while I worked. Pictures can be found on Fuzz's LJ. It was fun just having fun in suit. That was like one of the first times I've ever suited outside of a con, though obviously Lace is quite used to things like that. :P It was fun and everyone had a ball of laughs. Lace spent the night and stayed an extra day which was cool and I made sure Tuesday to try to spend as much time hanging out as possible.

Tuesday I went to school for my morning class @ 9:30am. I got out around 10:50 and had breakfast afterwards. I then got in touch with Teiran about when to meet up as my second class the professor had some emergency happen so I didn't have class. I would've skipped the 12:30 class, even when told not to... I wanted to hang with Lace as much as possible since he stayed another day. Teiran took the day off to spend with him. He said to come around 1pm - 1:30, and with the extra time I had I went and picked up the limited edition of Halo 3 that I had reserved at the local Circuit City. I reserved it there as I had gift certificates that I won from work and the only electronics store they had was them... I would've preferred Best Buy, but oh well. I picked up Halo 2 as well, because they were having a 1day sale on it. Then went home, dropped off the game, and picked up some fursuit stuff for repair to give to Amberlee. Then went over to Teiran's apartment. We watched the movie Lady in the Water that Teiran hadn't seen. Then just hung out and talked, waiting for the usual Tuesday gathering crew to arrive. Not everyone showed tho... :( Ah well, cest la vie. It was a smallish meet, but hey it was still awesome. There was a little drinking, and just fun camaraderie. Lace did get into suit again and hammed it up. I kinda wish I had my full suit that night as well, but ah well... Eventually had to go to bed as the meet lasted longer than usual. Then was in the parking lot talking some with Amberlee for a bit. Then went home.

Skippable, just random thoughts on stupid stuff )

In any case, hope the rest of you are having fun out there.

Oh and for those of you who added me to XBOX Live, thanks. I do hope to play games with some of you soon! ^_^ I did have my first time playing online with an aussie tiger friend [ profile] darkentiger and a few of his friends. Played a nice bit of Halo 3 actually. It was lots of fun.


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