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( Apr. 16th, 2007 01:57 am)
Here lookie at these videos... I finally decided to get me a youtube account.
    EDIT: This is me in these videos even though it's dark people...

FMA - Spinning. To the FMA first Japanese opening. I was using my blue sock poi as I could do 'spirals' around my hands that I can't do with my new toys.

FMA - Spinning 2. This was to another song from FMA, one of the ending themes. This was spinning with one of my new toys, a "Dual Poi" with two light sticks per "string".

Naruto - Spinning. Another new toy, oggz poi. This is me spinning to one of the later openings of Naruto. I love this song and this was one of my best vids spinning wise.

Hope you all enjoy watching these videos.
Well I just received in some new glow toys that I purchased off of I bought some single poi with single straps, some double poi, and some oggz poi. All in all I'm very happy with all that I purchased as I've bought some street lights LED spinning sticks and I'm still not the best at spinning and broke one of my earlier ones. I bought these from this site as the streetlights are encased in tubes to protect them if you accidentally smack the lights together. They hold up pretty well, but one little flaw I'd say would be that the tops and bottoms need to screw on to make sure they stay on as a couple times while spinning I hit them together and the bottoms came off, and one time with the double poi the top and the top separated and the tubes went flying. One of the blue streetlights now won't come on. :/ It's in tact and may see if Rick might be able to fix it. They all look real cool, though the best of the bunch are the oggz poi with their rechargable base stations. I'll have to change the straps on them, but I'm fairly pleased with these things. ^_^

Had my brother and [ profile] lhexa over. We played some with the wii, and did try getting Lhexa to play but sometimes he seems more content watching people go at it and stuff. At some point though I'll have to to pick up two party games... Rayman: Raving Rabids, and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves as my brother owns those and I'm kinda waiting for the prices to go down on them.

I'd love to go tonight to hang with Dylan and [ profile] savrin and everyone else, but have school work I need to work on. I have a couple of power point presentations I need to work on. One is due this Tuesday. I'm also needing to re-word my parts for my CRM class group report. I went to the professor last Thursday and things are getting there as he said, when we sent him a rough draft he totally ripped us apart, but looks like things are coming along. I've also got my final for my CRM coming up on Tuesday as well.

I so need me an animated icon of me spinning either one RL with my fursuit, or perhaps a flash animated icon or something. If any of my artist friends would like to help me out I'd be more than willing to commission for an icon like that. :)


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