Well I got the final grade for my Global Marketing class. I was hoping for an A, and got close to it... I was just 2pts. shy of an A. I got an 88. I thought I had done some of the extra "credit" assignments and guess the first two tests getting 80's the final project just wasn't enough to get me that A. So I won't be going out with all A's like I was hoping. :/ *shrugs* Ah well at least I made a good go of it. I am at least hoping for 2 A's and 1 B... I'm gonna hope for that.

I walk the stage in two days... I'm just so excited. I'm also looking for jobs via monster.com, and also gonna use the career center from the campus. I badly want to find a better job and hope to get it soon enough. Something in the industry that I got my degree in. It isn't that I don't mind doing what I do now, but the stupid micromanagement and bs around the job is slowly getting to me.

Take care everyone and thanks for all the well wishings and everything. *hugs*
Well I found out that in my Business Policy class I got an A!!! ^_^ I barely made it getting 908 out of 1000 points, as one of my exams was a little lower than I would like but I got an A!. *jumps for joy* I also just recently got my graduation invites and will be mailing those off. I also found that I have possibly jury duty from around Dec 21 2007 - Jan 4 2008. *grumbles* I'm not happy about this, but everyone usually has to do jury duty at least once in their life... :/ Just horrible timing in my opinion.

I should be getting good grades in my other classes. I feel I'll be getting an A in my Global Marketing class, and also in my Marketing Problems class. So I'll be leaving this semester with a bang of straight A's hopefully.

If anyone is able to make it to my graduation I have to know by this Thursday Dec. 6th as I have to turn in a little form saying who all is going to attend. I just got the invites and will be sending them out. There is also a reception going on as well and that is the main reason I need RSVP's right now.



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