Hey people, just letting you all know things are fine for the most part. I’m getting prepped for having company this coming weekend, but that isn’t the real reason I decided to post here. I wanted to give some exciting, and interesting information.

I just became an UNCLE! On 12/11/08 @ around 5:16pm. My younger brother (who is in Iraq currently) and his wife gave my parents their first granddaughter. This is also the first great granddaughter for my mom’s side of the family.

Other good news… My twin graduated finally over this past weekend. We spent the night in a hotel after getting off work on Friday, as his graduation ceremony was in a far off place Commerce TX at 8:30am Saturday. The ceremony was relatively quick compared to my own graduation. After things were over, we stopped off at the campus book store because this was the first time my brother had actually ever stepped foot onto the actual campus, having taken classes elsewhere more local. From there we had an awesome lunch at a local restaurant B.J.’s Brewhouse with some family that couldn’t make it and friends that were not able to make that gawd awful early graduation ceremony. Then after dinner spent time with friends as they live nearby where we were eating lunch. It was nice to hang out for a while as I’d been the one driving and stuff… It was a nice break.

Yesterday I went to the Arlington 2nd Sunday meet at a park after talking with a couple good friends I met at Oklacon, Imperial Lion and his mate Kurisu. I found there were a few other people that I kinda knew at the meet as well. It was most enjoyable and I wish I had brought my fursuit, but the head is currently out to be repaired. The only annoying thing is that a cookie was left on a seat that I didn’t see (left by someone’s kid I bet), and had to clean up my black leather trench coat. Other than that was a good meet and one I’ll have to return again to at some point, but with fursuit next time. I then went back to my apartment, had semi been hoping to chat with one or two people, but didn’t stay on long as I had plans that evening for a Christmas dinner planned out by [livejournal.com profile] celyddon.

The dinner last night was stupendous! It was all made by her as her present to us all. Other gifts were passed around. It was a really nice day in general, and had a nice end to it as well with that dinner.

I’ve also just had a lot on my mind here, some wish things weren’t so distant from some friends of mine, but then again there are varying levels of friendship and closeness and things of that nature. I’m going to try not to take things so personally as I believe can be said for many, and also try not to invest too much emotionally into things as some it only helps to just set one up for a fall, especially believing things are at a certain level when they aren’t, or having too high standards on some things (including people, friends, etc.). I know I tend to hold myself to a high standard, and a lot of times don't meet what I feel I should be capable of.

I end this with a quiz I took, and I really like my results. From here I go back to other things, might not be around much, but I want to thank everyone for their support. It means a lot.

Your Spiritual Number is Six

You bring communication and empathy into people's lives.

You are very open and understanding. You can accept difficult people.

Right now, your life is about being understood. You have trouble with your own vulnerability.

You end up playing the role of therapist in relationships, and it's hard to get people to ask about you.

You will take time out for those you love, even if you don't have much time. You can't help but be nurturing.

You are very responsible and ethical. You deliver on your promises.

Well it finally happened. I got my degree and graduated. I got up early, had my brother spend the night and drove up and picked up my grandmother who was needing to be taken to the graduation. We got there around 10:40am and we were the first to the reception. There was one graduation before mine @ 9am. I guess the reception is technically for "after" the graduation, but my mom wanted to be at the reception first before the actual graduation at 1pm to kind of "speed things up". My mom and dad got there shortly after we got there. They were supposed to pick up my grandmother, but had car trouble and I'm so happy that they got a rental car that same day and QUICKLY at that. I got my UNT Exes pin and some memorobelia. I had my picture taken by family there at the reception and after eating some "breakfast" which consisted of the free food at the reception I went to get ready for the graduation at 1pm.

I had to be at the colleseum at 12pm to get ready. I got in line between some nice ladies and while there it was pretty cool seeing other people I knew from a few other classes graduating, though the most interesting thing was how people had done designs on the tops of their hats. The only thing I did was put on a different tassle than the black one I got as with my graduation invites I got one that had my school colors. I was between two ladies that had done stuff to their hats and to my family I was easily found as I was between those two designed hats from afar. I know a few people from my job were there, but one person in particular I should've given my cellphone # as I was wanting my parents to meet her as at my current job she has been instrumental in me being able to get back to school while working. Maybe another time outside of work perhaps. In any case I do hope to list her as a work reference...

After the ceremony we went out to The Magic Time Machine. Before that though did hit the reception for a little bit just to converse with friends that weren't gonna go to the restaurant. Then met up at a gas station as some people didn't know how to get there and did a kind of car caravan to the place. We all got there and were sat in a room that was themed as a library. The place is very special. You walk in and the waitstaff are dressed as famous characters like Superman, Caesar, Jack Sparrow, and others as I forgot to mention ladies like Cinderella, The Tooth Fairy, etc. Every booth has a different theme. We were sat in "The Library" which I think is very appropriate for the occassion. We were served by Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (dressed in a half/half outfit and half makeup). He was quite cool and lots of fun was had by all. We had a veritable feast as 7 of the 10 that attended ordered the "Roman Orgy" that included bread, fruit, meat, veggies... It was a ton of food. Once we ate, we just talked and had fun. Eventually had to leave, but not before doing a little ddr me vs. my brother and the DDR machine wasn't working so well. I won though. :P (by technicality).

Eventually went home and that was the end of that... It was a good day. Now looking to the future and not sure what to do, but at least right now I don't have school to worry about. The sky is the limit though. Thanks to all for the well wishing. Now for Christmas stuff!

    P.s. I got my final grades in... So I made 1 A and 2B's... *grumbles* Not what I was really wanting, but it is acceptable... I was really pumped and thought I was gonna get higher... Ah well, cest la vie...
Well I got the final grade for my Global Marketing class. I was hoping for an A, and got close to it... I was just 2pts. shy of an A. I got an 88. I thought I had done some of the extra "credit" assignments and guess the first two tests getting 80's the final project just wasn't enough to get me that A. So I won't be going out with all A's like I was hoping. :/ *shrugs* Ah well at least I made a good go of it. I am at least hoping for 2 A's and 1 B... I'm gonna hope for that.

I walk the stage in two days... I'm just so excited. I'm also looking for jobs via monster.com, and also gonna use the career center from the campus. I badly want to find a better job and hope to get it soon enough. Something in the industry that I got my degree in. It isn't that I don't mind doing what I do now, but the stupid micromanagement and bs around the job is slowly getting to me.

Take care everyone and thanks for all the well wishings and everything. *hugs*
Well I have all my presentations done with and all classes pretty much over except for one that we have to turn in a written report after our presentation. So far from the way it feels out of the 3 groups for my Marketing Problems class my group did 2nd best as there was one group that blew the socks off everyone else... :/ At least ours was pretty good and our company rep liked our presentation. I do have good feelings about this class.

So far I think I have 2 A's. This class would make it 3 and I so want to end this semester with all A's. ;)

Tonight I go out to see The Golden Compass with friends. Then after movie I do some other writing on the report and then send that off. Good news is my schedule next week got changed so I can attend graduation. ^_^

Have fun everyone... Oh and go see this movie, and if possible see Stardust!
Well I found out that in my Business Policy class I got an A!!! ^_^ I barely made it getting 908 out of 1000 points, as one of my exams was a little lower than I would like but I got an A!. *jumps for joy* I also just recently got my graduation invites and will be mailing those off. I also found that I have possibly jury duty from around Dec 21 2007 - Jan 4 2008. *grumbles* I'm not happy about this, but everyone usually has to do jury duty at least once in their life... :/ Just horrible timing in my opinion.

I should be getting good grades in my other classes. I feel I'll be getting an A in my Global Marketing class, and also in my Marketing Problems class. So I'll be leaving this semester with a bang of straight A's hopefully.

If anyone is able to make it to my graduation I have to know by this Thursday Dec. 6th as I have to turn in a little form saying who all is going to attend. I just got the invites and will be sending them out. There is also a reception going on as well and that is the main reason I need RSVP's right now.

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( Nov. 7th, 2007 03:46 am)
In reference to my previous post... I need EVERYONE who wants one to get information to me by this weekend so the list can be compiled. Some of you who are overseas may receive them a bit late, but they are for keepsake anyway.

I haven't planned a party yet, but most likely it wouldn't be that weekend of graduation. I know some have mentioned of possibly coming down and would most likely set a party for the following weekend. I will just have to see what I can work out work schedule wise, as I don't have my December schedule.

Keep the contact info coming so I can get the list setup and all. :)


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